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50 Things to do While You Wait for a New Plot Step

by greenleaf333


Hey there, all you plot fans!

Are you anxious for a new plot step to come out, but it feels like weeks since the last one came out?!

Well then. *places a "list of things to do while you're waiting for a new plot step" paper on the table*

1. Stomp around chanting "NEW PLOT STEP-NEW PLOT STEP" outside TNT headquarters.

2. Try a more calming activity such as entering the Art Gallery with a picture of plot characters.

3. Enter the Plot themed Random Contest for a chance at an avatar.

4. Dress your neopet up as one of the Plot characters.

5. Write your own version of the plots ending and then force your friends to listen to you read it to them.

6. Train your pet for possible upcoming battles; those enemies are unstoppable!

7. Come up with a play in which you are the character Xandra and rule the group shouting, "Watch oooooooooout".

8. Call up movie producers to make a movie of the Faeries' Ruin plot because you think it's so amazing that it puts you to tears.

9. Dress up your real life pet as the Hanso character and make it your sidekick.

10. Make stuffed plushies of the Zealots and practice battling on them.

11. Save up money to buy NC cash so you can participate in the Castle Nox Corridor of Chance portion of the plot.

12. Play some of the many creative games TNT has created. By the time you know it, you might be past 200 games in your game count!

13. Work on obtaining the frustrating avatar scores for various games, and then cry out when you are only a few points away but lose.

14. Take your chance at some of the luck games and then scream out, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" when you win 10k.

15. Spend hours explaining to your parents why you need premium because Neopets is that awesome.

16. Click around hopelessly for random avatars, and instead stumble upon an amazing item!

17. Complete the Altador Plot since you need the trophy for it (and might I mention, an avatar!).

18. Count down the seconds until you can play a game for a high score in hope you'll get a trophy.

19. Play Key Quest shaking your head at the nasty quitters, and then rejoice when you win a paintbrush or map piece.

20. Send in an editorial question with the phrase *hands TNT cookies" or something along those lines thinking it gives you a better chance of your question being chosen.

21. Rant about how the Snowager is a super mean snake that will never give up the avatar.

22. Write out a special *Neo checklist* and pin it on your wall to see every morning.

23. Buy a high speed computer just so you can say, "Hahaha, you restockers!". Then sell your newly acquired item.

24. Play some Sakhmet Solitaire, and some Cellblock.

25. Play Invasion of Meridell just to get pumped for the real deal... the Zealots!

26. Buy a paint brush and paint your pet a lovely color.

27. Feed some hungry kad, and do a good deed. ;) You may just get an avatar in return!

28. Read countless books to your pet in hopes of the Book Award.

29. Feed your pet delicious gourmet foods in hopes to be part of the gourmet Food Club, but your pet refuses because you fed it too much.

30. Re-read and re-re-read the chapters of the plot up to this point in preparation for a possible pop quiz.

31. Join the search for the elusive Wishing Well avatar (or be lazy and hope someone comes up with a solution).

32. Save up millions of Neopoints and then go on a chocolate shopping spree. *cough*

33. Shake your head at the Fountain Faerie for not visiting you in the however many years you've been on Neo.

34. Work on your trophies to become one of the Elite Neopians.

35. Stare in awe at expensive neo items you want but sadly cannot acquire.

36. Stock your shop with items you hope to sell.

37. Go through your over-filled Safety Deposit Box in hopes of finding some treasure you never knew you owned.

38. Trying your skills at restocking but sadly fail and shake your fist yelling, "You darn 1337 restockers! Yar!"

39. Make a list of things to do while waiting for a new plot step, thinking intently about what was not covered here.

40. Think of funny jokes that only you'll laugh at, and then tell your neopet those jokes, watching it stare at you.

41. Make a wish at the wishing well in hopes of a Snorkle Snout/Bag of Peanuts.

42. Spend hours finding the perfect petpet for your neopet, and then have your neopet refuse the petpet.

43. Spend months trying to attach a petpetpet to your petpet, and then realize that it disappeared from your inventory due to a horrible random event.

44. Practice your typing skills on the neoboards, with no abbreviations!

45. Help worthy Neopians with their questions. There may be a time when you need help and that same person might just answer your question!

46. Count all the MSPP and BGC related boards there are.

47. Enter your beautifully customized neopet in the Beauty Contest and then ask Neopians to vote for you.

48. Send in fifty editorial questions begging TNT to release a new plot step.

49. Hire a cute baby Acara to tempt TNT with virtual cookies and brownies for a new plot step.

And finally!!!!:

50. Sit patiently and wait for TNT's next genius idea for a new plot step that you know is worth waiting calmly for.

So, before you go crazy waiting for a new plot step, take a look at these steps and before you know it, a new plot step will be out! If you somehow manage to complete every step on this list, congratulations! I encourage you to make your own list so even more people can test their patience. Enjoy the rest of the plot, fellow Neopians!

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