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Top 12 Apple Treats!

by xoxkar


During the beautiful months of Autumn, the trees become bare as they lose their vibrant leaves, the air becomes cool, and the dark nights start to arrive. It's the time of year when we start to wrap up in our warm scarves and gloves before we go for a walk around town. When the coffee shops are full with guests who crave a savory hot drink, and when roaring fireplaces are lit, you know Autumn has arrived. During the months of Autumn, there are many delightful seasonal fruits available on the market, apples being one of them! Apples are delicious on their own, but can be even better when used to create a baked delight, or as a finishing touch to a festive meal. On those frosty days, we all fancy a nice warm delight, and the heavenly smell of warm baked apples coated with spices and sugar will easily put a smile on anyone's face and satisfy those cravings! There are many varieties of apples, and many uses of them. So I have dedicated this article to some of the most scrumptious apple treats that are sure to please!

Apple Rigamaroll

This delicious treat is perfect to come in to after a walk around town on crisp Autumn day. This rigamaroll is best served warm. This dough is not only light and fluffy, but also has a very unique sweet flavor to it. As a finishing touch, this delight is topped with cinnamon-sugared apples, and a drizzle of thick caramel sauce.

Apple Soup

This unique apple soup may sound strange, but the taste is delightful! This soup is made from apples, cinnamon, and fresh custard that have been pureed so the soup is perfectly smooth. And last but not least, this scrumptious dessert like soup is heated up. This festive soup is even served in a charming apple shaped bowl, and it even has a lid you can close to keep your soup hot!

Apple Tart

What could be better than a slice of this heavenly apple tart with a cup of tea in front of a crackling fireplace? This delicious shortbread crust is filled with three layers, the first layer consists of thinly sliced apples that have been mixed with sugar and spices, then a layer of thick rich cream is poured over the apples, and the last layer consists of apples that are carefully arranged to make this tart look as good as it smells.

Baked Apple with Custard

Nothing will warm you up like this baked apple on those cold frosty afternoons. This savory apple has been cored and sprinkled with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The apple is then baked until soft. Once baked, a generous dollop of thick hot custard is poured into the apple. This apple delight tastes remarkably similar to an apple pie!

Caramel Apple Bundt Cake

This wonderful bundt cake is a perfect cake to serve on a cold Autumn evening when your friends are over, as this cake serves six. This luscious golden vanilla cake has been topped with fresh slices of juicy red apples, and a generous amount of rich caramel sauce poured on top!

Jetsam Apple Cake

This delicious rich chocolate and apple sponge cake is the perfect treat to satisfy your chocolate craving. This light and fluffy cake has been baked to perfection, and then topped with a generous amount of apple icing. A carefully crafted edible strawberry jelly fin has also been added for decoration.

Caramel Apple Mince Pie

This tasty caramel apple pie is a step up form the traditional apple pie. This pie has a crisp buttery flaky pastry crust, that is filled with sweet delicious chunks of red apples. The caramelized juices from the apples mix with the creamy caramel sauce when baking, which gives it an aroma that will make your mouth water! This pie is great with fresh whipped cream.

Healthy Apple Pretzel

Most pretzels are made with dough; this unique pretzel, however, is made from a baked apple! This scrumptious delight is a healthy alternative to all other pretzels, and tastes just as good! A sweet strawberry icing has also been drizzled on this pretzel, along with a handful of baked nuts. This pretzel has even been carefully shaped to resemble an apple!

Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches

These charming delicate sandwiches are perfect to serve when you are hosting a tea party for your friends. Two pieces of fresh baked french bread are used to make this tasty sandwich, along with a delicious layer of thinly sliced tart red apples, and a layer of sweet candied walnuts. As a finishing touch, the crusts are cut off to make these sandwiches nice and light. These sandwiches are great served with a cup of herbal tea.

Apple Strudel

This tasty strudel is the perfect Autumn dessert to have with a cup of coffee. This strudel has a sweet, light, and flakey pastry that is filled with delicious chunks of fresh seasoned apples, raisins, butter, and sugar. As this strudel bakes, the juices from the apples caramelize which gives this strudel a thick juicy filling. This strudel is great served with scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream.

Deluxe Toffee Apple

Deluxe is right! This delish toffee apple is a favorite of all. The freshest, juiciest, and largest red apples are picked to make this treat. The apples are cored, and a small mix of butter, sugar, and cinnamon is poured inside to keep the apple moist, and flavourful. Once baked, the apples are dipped into a pan of hot toffee sauce, and then rolled in a bowl of finely chopped nuts.

Candy Apple Latte

This creamy mouthwatering latte is a great drink for when you fancy something toasty warm, and deliciously sweet. This delectable latte is made from fresh ground medium roast coffee beans, along with sweet caramel syrup that has has been stirred in, and a small splash of apple extract. As a finishing touch, a generous amount of fresh whipped cream has been poured on top, along with two spicy cinnamon sticks, and two slices of sweet juicy apples.

Go ahead and treat yourself to an apple delight today!

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