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Hunger Relief

by mypetsandi


Neopets are in constant need for food, but not many owners cater to their needs. I admit, food can be rather expensive sometimes, and Battledome items are way cooler than Neggs and Juppies, but this does not mean your Neopets must live out their whole lives on an empty stomach. I wrote this article to help you solve this ordeal once and for all. Here are a few reasons why your beloved Neopets should always be bloated.

1- The Healing Springs:

A lovely Faerie named Marina resides on a cloud outside Faerie City. There are a couple of calm streams of water within the cloud, known as the Healing Springs. Neopets come to her from near and far seeking the Springs' magic, which is activated by Marina herself. Most of the time, she will nurse you back to health or grant you some hit points, but if you are lucky, she might make your Neopet bloated and save you a trip to Hubert's Hot Dog Stand.

2- The Lab Ray:

You are probably wondering what the lab ray has to do with food. Well, your Neopet's colour might become Chocolate, Jelly, Biscuit, Custard, Mallow, Strawberry, etc... Now, when your Neopets bite their nails, they would actually be consuming something quite edible. And since their nails will grow back, you will never need to feed them ever again.

3- The Yellow Growth:

This item is labeled as "gross food". It might not be tasty, but it is edible and free. To get some, you simply have to wear the same socks for three months, and then harvest your crops from between your toes. And since this growth looks like a miniature pineapple, your Neopets would never know the difference (at least until they taste it).

4- Plenty of fish in the sea:

If you ever visit Old Maraqua, make sure you stop by the Underwater Fishing Vortex. There, you can catch some tasty fish for your Neopets. If you are lucky, you will even find some treasures in those waters. So enjoy the everlasting stock of fish that just roam in the vastness of the sea.

5- The Army of Undead Cupcakes:

They are a bunch of happy cupcakes that present an eerie similarity with the Esophagor. They are mentioned here because they have the amazing ability to turn anything they touch into cupcakes. So if you buy only one of these cupcakes, you are actually buying a infinity of cupcakes. An appropriate slogan would be: "Buy one, get a billion for free!"

6- Earth Faerie quests:

Have you ever been visited by an Earth Faerie asking for an item? You ignored her, didn't you? Well, you shouldn't have. You could have just rummaged in your Safety Deposit Box and fetched her the item she wanted. She would have thanked you by making one of your Neopets bloated. Oh well...

7- The Everlasting Apple:

It might be expensive, but it is well worth its price. You can bite into this apple all you want, but it will never become smaller. The part you bit off will grow right back. So buying one Everlasting Apple will save you from constantly buying food, seeing that it will last you and your Neopets a lifetime. How 'bout them apples?

8- Chias:

If you own a Lupe, then I have great news for you. Lupes love nothing more than feasting on Chias, so the best way to satisfy your hungry Lupe is to create a Chia via Create-a-Pet. However, it is preferable that you choose an alternative way to feed your Lupe, unless you want to be hounded by the Chia Protection Association.

9- Grarrls and Skeiths:

If you own a Grarrl or a Skeith, then you are one Lucky Neopian. Their eating habits are very bizarre, but what do you care? They will literally eat anything. If you throw them a Green Bori Plushie, they will eat it. Try giving them a Wooden Blocking Shield, and they will devour it with great appetite. Be careful, though, as they tend to eat their Petpets sometimes.

10- The Grarrl Saliva Soup:

There is another bonus for owning a Grarrl. Make him/her spit in a bowl, boil their saliva for two minutes, and you have a tasty brew for the whole family. So each time you run low on food, make sure your Grarrl has a mouth full of Saliva.

12- Dirt, sand and snow, oh my! :

During my travels to Meridell, Terror Mountain, and the Lost Desert, I discovered that some Neopets thrive on delicacies fashioned completely out of dirt, sand, or snow. If your Usul's stomach starts to rumble during a desert raid, just scoop up some sand and shove it in her mouth. If you are headed to the top of the mountain and your Kyrii starts complaining of hunger, just throw him a snowball and have him eat it. Did I mention you could do the same with dung?

13- The Soup Kitchen:

I have no idea how she manages to do it, but the Soup Faerie has an endless stock of soup. But you must not have a Neopoint to your name for her to feed your Neopets. And if you manage to lie your way inside her cozy little restaurant, she will serve you some "invisible" soup. Don't mess with the Faeries.

14- Continuous Meat:

It is a plate of meaty goodness that never ends. This might be the only situation in which you cannot tell your Neopet to finish their plate, because it would take an eternity.

15- The Giant Omelette:

Under the blazing Tyrannian sun sits a giant egg. It is cooked by the heat of the sun, and every day, thousands of Neopets come to get their daily dose of eggy yumminess. It is renewed every day, so you can send your Neopet daily to eat some omelette and just forget about the food store.

16- The Giant Jelly:

In a faraway land made totally out of jel- *gets carried away by Meepits*

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