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The Snowager, Guard of a Great Treasure

by hallie035


The Snowager guards his treasure the whole day. He only sleeps for three hours. If you visit him in those three hours, you could steal his treasures or wake him up. If you wake him, he will blast you and your Neopets, or he might just go back to sleep. You go to the Healing Springs after you’ve run away and you try to heal your pets. The faeries recognize you, and they aren’t happy. They think you shouldn’t visit the Snowager and let him harm your pets. But you keep doing this, because you want the treasure he’s guarding.

Because of this treasure, I made a list of all the things the Snowager could do to you. I also give an explanation about it. It’s just a basic list. I know most of those events are not what you wanted. Maybe you would do it differently than the message tells you. Maybe you would have tried to steal something even if you heard the Snowager moving. You don’t know how your pet feels, though. Maybe the Snowager makes an awful sound when he moves, which can only be heard by Neopets. So, this is what could happen.

You carefully walk in and pick up an ‘item’ from the pile of treasure, and then run for your life!!!!!

This item can be different. It could be a scratch card, or a plush toy or a weapon or something else. It’s different for everyone. You can either sell this item or use it. Maybe you want to save the item for packrat. You can do a lot with it. Do you think you can use the weapon on Snowager to get you that avatar? Well, you can’t do this. You can’t go to the Ice Caves and attack him. It would be nice if you could. If you have Snowager as a Battledome challenger, you could use the weapon to beat him.

The Snowager moves slightly in its sleep... you decide to run in case it wakes up!

You get nothing from this event. It won’t harm you either. Some people may think that he’s still sleeping. They think they still have a chance to get something. This is where the Neopets come back in. Who knows how they feel. They probably don’t like to see the Snowager. He is a big creature, and they are small. They could be scared. They see him moving, and run away in fear. You, as their owner, should go after them and make sure they’re not scared anymore. This does mean you’re running, but not for the Snowager. You’re running for your pet. There is no proof that the Snowager scares Neopets, but it is possible.

The Snowager awakes, looks straight at you... then moans and goes back to sleep. You were lucky.

You get nothing from this one, just like the previous event I explained to you. This would scare you too. You see that big creature looking at you. He looks mad because you interrupted his sleep. You decide to go so he can fell asleep again. You might wake him up if you try to steal his items now. This one doesn’t need explanation; it’s obvious you would leave, right? If not, read further. I believe there are people who think that sleeping is sleeping. If the Snowager is sleeping, you try to steal his treasures. Now think about yourself. If you just woke up because someone came into your room and you fell asleep afterwards, wouldn’t you wake up if that same person tried to steal something from you? I think you would wake up.

ROOOOAARRR!!! The Snowager rears up to you and fires an icy blast at you and your Neopets!!!!

Now you have done it. You made the Snowager mad. He fires ice at you. Your Neopets lose health. You want them to be safe, so you run away with them. You run to the Healing Springs. The Faeries look at you. You take good care of your Neopets when you bring them there. But they think otherwise. They know you have come around the time Snowager is sleeping. They know you tried to steal something from him. They do help you, though. Probably because they think you didn’t know. That you went to the Ice Caves because you wanted to explore. They think you didn’t know that Snowager lived there and could harm you. After you visited the Healing Springs a couple of times because of Snowager, they won’t believe you anymore. I can’t prove what the Faeries think and believe about you. I’m just trying to make you understand.

ROOOOAARRR!!! The Snowager rears up to you and fires a MASSIVE icy blast at you and your Neopets!!!! Oh no!!!

You’ve done it again! You made him angry. He fires more ice at you. You get hurt, run to the Healing Springs and get healed. The Faeries ask you to stop visiting the Snowager. They don’t want to see all those Neopets that are hurt by his ice blasts. You ignore them. You want that treasure. Until you have it, you’ll visit the Snowager every time you can. If you have the treasure, though, you will stop going there. Your Neopets have been harmed enough. Don’t look at me like that. You don’t believe this Faerie story, do you? It’s just an example of what they could think.

This is the end of this Snowager guide. You now know what the Snowager could do to you. You know about his dangers, and generous actions. You might not have the treasure yet, but believe me a lot of people don’t. the treasure is rare and safely guarded by the Snowager, and he doesn’t want to lose it. It’s his secret treasure; he stores it on a random place.

No Faeries or Neopets were harmed when writing this article. Also note that the stories about mad Faeries and Neopets feelings aren’t based on real events. They are based on what I think could happen.

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