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Ghost Bopper Guide

by coraire


Ghost Bopper is a relatively simple game; all you have to do is, not surprisingly, 'bop' the ghosts as they appear. However, as with all simple games, there are a few obstacles in your path. Below is a brief description of the changes between each level, of which there are 13 in total. Each of these levels lasts 30 seconds and you can get an idea of how much time you have left by looking at the moon that travels along the top of the screen; the further it is to the far right, the less time you have remaining.

Level 1

When playing the game, it is best to use the number pad to the right of your keyboard; trying to play without it will make it very difficult. In level 1, the controls will be simple enough to follow. If a ghost appears in the top left grave, you use the number in the top left to bop it, which is the 7. If it appears in the middle, you would use the middle number, which is 5. Nice and straight forward. Three things may appear during level 1: the ghost Greeble, which you hit once to receive one point, gold coins which will give you 20 points, and hearts, which give you an extra life (assuming you don't already have the maximum of 10). You can lose a life by failing to bop a ghost, or by bopping an empty grave.

Level 2

Level 2 is almost identical to level one, only there will be an additional petpet, the ghost Faellie. You must bop this twice to get rid of it, but it will also give you two points.

Level 3

Level 3 has the same controls, both of the petpets, gold coins, and extra lives, but also has skulls. Bopping one of these skulls will lose you a life, so it's best to avoid them. If you ignore them, they will rise up away from the grave, just like the other ghosts and items.

Level 4

This level brings with it a keyboard change. You will want to rotate your keyboard 90 degrees anti-clockwise in order to make the game as easy as possible for you. This will mean your top left corner ghost is now bopped by pressing the 9, but with your keyboard rotated this should be easy enough to get used to (despite the fact that your keyboard is in a weird position). Another change in level 4 is the addition of treasure chests. These give you 10 points if you hit them and will always have either gold coins, or an extra life inside of them, which you will then have to hit to collect as usual. There is never anything bad inside a treasure chest, so it may be easier just to bop it twice so you don't risk missing what is inside.

Level 5

Same controls as the previous level will be used for Level 5. Something you may notice is that the only petpet this level contains is the ghost Faellie; you won't see the ghost Greeble for the rest of the game. But this is all right, as it means you get more 2 pointer petpets instead. You also will start seeing a Pink Kacheek from this level onwards. You will lose 2 points for hitting it, so just ignore it and it will raise up from the grave.

Level 6

Keeping the same controls again and just one change on this level. There is a new petpet, a ghost Deaver, to bop and this time, as I'm sure you've guessed, you have to hit it 3 times, but it also means you get 3 points for every one you get rid of.

Level 7

Time for a keyboard change. There, unfortunately, isn't an easy way of doing this one. Move the keyboard back to its original position. Now the middle row is exactly the same as it was originally so if a petpet appears anywhere along the middle row you can just hit the corresponding key. However when one appears on the top row, you have to hit the key in the same column as it, but on the bottom row. So when in the first level you were hitting the top left ghost with the 7 key, you now use the 1 key. The reverse also applies, if a ghost appears in the middle at the bottom, you use the key in the middle, but at the top, which would be 8. This may take a bit of getting used to, but once you've done it a few times it will become a lot easier.

Level 8

Controls are the same as Level 7. The only change to the game this level is the addition of another petpet, the Ghost Ona. This requires 4 bops to get rid of it, but it also gives you 4 points.

Level 9

This is exactly the same as the previous level; nothing changes this time, yay!

Level 10

It's a been a few levels since we last changed our keyboard, so time to do it again. This time move your keyboard 90 degrees clockwise, meaning your top left corner will be the 1. No need to worry about hitting the top row when the ghost is on the bottom row this time. If the ghost is in the bottom right, you hit the key in the bottom right, which in this level will be the 9.

Level 11 & Level 12

Exactly the same as level 10, I'm sure you will be relieved to know.

Level 13

This is the final level. Controls are back to normal as they were in levels 1, 2 and 3. You still have all of the petpets/items popping up as you did on your last level and you will hit those as normal; however, there is one addition. Skeletons carrying numbers! This may take a bit of getting used to but once you are you'll want lots of these skeletons. They only take one hit to get rid of, but are worth five points! However, nothing is ever as simple as it seems and with these you don't hit the number on the keyboard that is in the same position as them. Instead they carry cards with numbers between 1 and 6 on them. If it is carrying a card with the number 4 on it, then you have to hit the number 4, simple enough after a bit of practice.

List of items and effects

Heart – This will give you an extra life, assuming you don't already have 10.

Gold Coins – These will give you 20 points.

Treasure Chest – This will give you 10 points and will contain either a heart or some coins.

Skulls – Lose a life.

Pink Kacheek – Lose 2 points.

Ghost Greeble – 1 point

Ghost Faellie – 2 points

Ghost Deaver – 3 points

Ghost Ona – 4 points

Skeleton – 5 points

So there you have it. You've reached the end of the game, congratulations! There is no avatar to gain from this game, but there is a trophy and I actually find it one of the easier flash game trophies to acquire with a bit of practice. On the first of the month you usually need around 1300 points to get a trophy, but sometimes less, and sometimes more. Obviously the later on in the month it gets, the more points you will need. Once you have practised the game enough that you hit all of the ghosts it pretty much becomes a game of luck if you want the trophy, the more gold coins and treasure chests you get, the better the chance you have at a trophy. Good luck!

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