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Trick or Treat: Best and Worst

by mypetsandi


It is finally this time of year when all Neopets, young and old, wear their creative costumes and visit each other's Neohomes, hoping for a delicious treat. There is a wide selection of all the good and bad treats that you might get. From fruit flavoured dragees to caramel coated organs, treats in Neopia are countless. Before you start devouring whatever is inside your trick or treat basket, you should know that not all treats are sweet and yummy. In fact, some are downright nasty, not to mention poisonous. So to save you a trip to the pharmacy, I decided to make two lists. The first list counts down the top ten sugary delectable treats, while the second counts down the ten most disgusting, sometimes hazardous treats. Let us start with the good.

The best:

10-Candy Peas:

So what if it is "a vain attempt to recreate a pea pod". It is still a delicious collection of fruit flavoured sugary candy that will satisfy any candy connoisseur.

9-Crispy Pumpkin Chips:

Yum! It's crunchy, it's healthy, and it screams Halloween! All this goodness is packed in an attractive blue and orange bag. You can eat it completely bland, or you can try it with a wide array of dipping sauces. I would recommend the Cream Cheese Dip, because the sourness of the cheese complements the sweetness of the pumpkin chips.

8-Toffee Classic:

This thing has no expiration date! That's right, you can keep this in your pantry for years and it will stay gummy and sweet. With three different flavoured layers, this treat is sure to please even the grumpiest Neopet!

7-Chocolate Covered Peanuts:

Wow! Multi-coloured drops full of chocolaty goodness! And to top it off, there is a surprise peanut in the center of each drop. Enjoy these colourful sweets with friends and family, or just eat them alone and savour every single piece.

6-Bat Cookie:

What is crunchy, sugary, and has a pair of wide spread wings? The Bat Cookie, of course! And to add the Halloween zing to it, the creator decided to include a leathery ingredient in the recipe so it would feel as though you really ARE eating a bat.

5-Candy Corn Classic:

Halloween is just not the same without it! An all time favourite, the Candy Corn Classic has become a popular symbol of this spooky season. And did we mention that, just like the Toffee Classic, it does not have an expiration date?

4-Pink Spooky Popcorn:

The perfect treat for all the girly girls out there, this bag of popcorn has been dyed candy pink especially to please your princessy taste-buds. Even the bag is pink! And since it is Halloween, a cute little skull is drawn on the bag to add an edge to this otherwise unscary treat.

3-Magic Ghost Marshmallows:

How cute! Smiling marshmallows that just beg to be eaten! And if they deem your Neopet worthy of their magic, they might even nurse him/her back to health! Maybe your Neopet should be painted ghost before eating them.

2-Edible Plushie:

Are you tired of seeing your Neopets eating their plushies, and then giving you the "it's so cute I could eat it up" excuse? Well, worry no more! With the Edible Plushie, your pet can devour their new playmate with you being concerned about their health problems (yes, eating plushies can make you sick).

1-Army of Undead Cupcakes:

Everything they touch turns into even more adorable cupcakes! Can you imagine having your own everlasting stock of cute little cupcakes? Just be careful how you handle them; you do not want to turn into a cupcake yourself.

The worst:

10-Mouldy Cheese:

Yuck! Blue cheese may be tasty, but green cheese is definitely not! And to think someone actually paid for this. Oh, and by the way, there are little grubs burrowing in this chunk of dairy; enjoy!

9-Undead Celery:

That's what you get for not eating your vegetables. That plate of celery you threw in the garbage bin has found its way back into your life and is seeking revenge. Will you be unlucky enough to get it as a treat?

8-Brain Tree Muffin:

A yummy chocolate muffin with a couple of delicious sour cherries on top. But here's the thing, the frosting is made out of pulsating brain chunks. Where do you think they get these cerebral sprinkles? I know, let's ask the Brain Tree!

7-Finger Sandwiches:

Raw Grundo fingers, sandwiched between two slices of stale bread, make for some bone chilling appetizers. Watch out for this icky hors d'oeuvre or you might find yourself choking on a couple of phalanges.

6-Undead Apple:

No one wants to receive an apple for Halloween, let alone an undead one. Even more vicious that the Undead Celery, this zombified fruit will bite into you as soon as you touch it. I hope you know a cure for Neowarts.

5-Chocolate Coated Eye:

A fresh chewy eyeball, coated with a thick layer of melted chocolate. If you think the chocolate makes the eye taste better, you are so wrong. It is the eye that makes the chocolate taste worse.

4-Crunchy Snotball:

This lump of snot has been lying around for so long that its colour is starting to fade. Well, at least it is not gooey like most of the other treats on the "worst" list. Maybe Meuka would enjoy it.

3-The Stuff:

You might get a generous scoop of this thick slime in your trick or treat basket. What it is made of remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: it doubles in size every day. So eat it no matter how bad it tastes, because if you don't, it will eat you.

2-Millipede Lollypop:

So what! You are so brave, you have eaten countless Grubburgers. Well here's the thing, grubs aren't poisonous! But, you guessed it, millipedes are. This lollipop can actually get you a five months stay at the Neopian Hospital. You won't be cursing Jhudora's lollipops after tasting this abomination.

1-Hair Stuffed Maggot:

How is this not labeled as gross food?! I mean, what were they thinking stuffing a maggot with hair? This nasty thing shouldn't be given as a treat, but as a trick instead. As if the maggot alone wasn't disgusting enough, they had to stuff it with hair? How are you even supposed to chew and swallow this much hair? You would keep coughing hairballs hours after eating this nasty tidbit.

Unfortunately, we have reached the end of our countdown. Happy Halloween everyone and good luck trick or treating. And remember, STAY AWAY FROM THE HAIR STUFFED MAGGOT!

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