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Advanced Key Quest Mini-Game Strategies Part 3

by mastertrainer9750


There are some more in-depth strategies to several of the Key Quest Mini-Games that can be looked into at far greater detail. If there is a particular Mini-Game that you don't like because you cannot figure out how to do it, then this is the guide for you. Almost guaranteed to at the very least make you THINK you are getting better.

This week we will be looking at three more Mini-Games in more detail and they are Fruit Picker, Petpet Pamper, and the Halloween favorite Ghastly Guzzler. Next week there will be further discussion about many of the other Key Quest Mini-Games.

The first of these Mini-Games to be discussed will of course be Fruit Picker. This is the Mini-Game where you have to pick assorted fruits and drop them into the appropriate baskets. The basket that you SHOULD be putting fruits into is the one that corresponds with your player color that you select at the beginning of the Key Quest game. The options in order are: Yellow, Blue, Green, and then Red in a four player game. Basically just drop the fruit into your basket if you want to earn points in the game.

Advanced Fruit Picker strategy:

Okay, now to explain some fine points about this game...

Game Start: The first player to get a fruit into their basket earns an extra one point! Yes, one, uno, a.k.a. the number 1. Not a lot but if you and your opponent are completely neck and neck then that one point really is the difference between winning and losing. One way to ensure that you get this point is to move the mouse continuously until the the game actually starts and then quickly get a berry into your basket... how should you pick a berry? Well, that is about to be explained if you were just a little more patient.

Main Strategy A: The main way to play is to simply "clip" off all of the fruit above your basket and let it drop in on its own accord. While this is the preferred strategy of the majority of players and you can earn quite a bit of points by using this strategy it does have a major drawback. Many berries spill out of the basket by bouncing out or by landing on the edge of the basket and rolling off. An important thing to keep in mind is that berries can't be picked up after they have been released and thus no additional points can be made from the lost berries.

Main Strategy B: The other main strategy is to click on a berry to clip it and drag it into your basket. Too slow for you? Consider the fact that you are ensuring that every berry you clip off you score points for instead of dropping several off on the ground or even in your opponent's basket! Yeah, that's right, those berries can bounce right on over to your opponent's basket by using Main Strategy A. Taking those extra seconds may seem like a waste, but if you are quick about it, then you should have no issue raking in big points with this strategy.

The next Mini-Game that we will be looking at this week will be Petpet Pamper! This is the game where you have to clean that filthy Red Meowclops. Why is it filthy? Why, it seems that you sprayed water in the dirt all around it with your crazy spraying and it splashed mud all over it. Wait! That wasn't you who made all that mud... I guess we'll let it slide... this time!

Advanced Petpet Pamper Strategy:

Important things to know: You control your hose by moving the mouse and clicking the left button on said mouse, not the one at your neighbors. You are going to want to watch your points as you are hosing down the Meowclops, because if you stop earning points on a patch of dirt, then you need to move on to a new one. If you have a fast computer, you have a major pro and a major con! Oh, you wanna know what they are? My, aren't you the picky reader.

Pros: The pros to having a fast computer is that you can score more points if you are spraying the same patch of dirt as your opponent. The reason for this is due to the fact that it registers better that you are spraying and awards you more points then them.

Cons: The major con to having a faster computer is that the Meowclops moves... a LOT! This makes focusing on the dirt all over the Meowclops very challenging. The easiest place to spray is on the Meowclops's chest, so if at all possible aim there first and then the torso/body.

The third and final Mini-Game we will be discussing this week will be the Halloween appropriate Ghastly Guzzler. This is the somewhat challenging Mini-Game where you have to aim the mouse and click... Got it? Good! See you next week! Wait? What?? You need a better explanation... picky picky. Okay, well, to break it down for you, this is the Mini-Game where you aim food at the Esophagor's mouth. At twenty points per item consumed, it seems easy... right?

Advanced Ghastly Guzzler Strategy:

Aiming is Everything: In order to really be good at this game, it helps to have a pretty fast computer; however, it is not absolutely necessary in order to ensure victory. When the Esophagor opens his mouth, click to send food flying at him! Most people click on the Esophagor's mouth; however, this often makes food miss and you get no points. Instead, click just behind the Esophagor as though you are trying to throw it behind his head and you should score yourself more points. By aiming behind the Esophagor's head, you don't get as many, or even any, dropped food, which means more food.

Spew Time: When the Esophagor turns green, it means he is gonna spew all over the place, but there is good news! If you don't want to spoil that nice new sweater that your mom... er, your roommate just bought you, then all you gotta do is quickly press the duck symbol right over your head! You duck and then not only do you avoid losing that mint condition sweater, but you also avoid losing ten points. That's right if you get hit by the Esophagor's spew, then you lose a whopping 10 points!


Some closing notes I would like to add is that no matter how a strategy may seem to be fool proof, the best way to test it is to go out and try it for yourself. Don't just take my word for it; apply these strategies and hopefully you would have gained at least something from everything I have shared today. Until next week, may your Key Quest conquests be many!

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