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Your Guide to Neopet Cleanliness

by mango_mango101


When you take proper care of your pet, people are able to tell. Wow, they will think to themselves, what a clean and happy little Neopet. They must have an amazing owner. However, if your Neopet has never had a bath, they will also be able to tell. Ew, they will think, wrinkling their noses in disgust, how repulsive. That pet has obviously never been bathed before. The owner of that pet should be ashamed.

We all know what kind of hygiene care we have given our pets up until now. Owners that would fall into the first category, keep up the good work. You don’t even have to finish reading this article. But owners that would be a part of Group #2, there’s work to be done. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

So now that you’ve decided to start paying closer attention to your pet’s cleanliness (which I dearly hope you have), I’m going to introduce you to 20 of the best products in Neopia for keeping your pet clean. Let’s start with the basics, shall we? That would be a bath tub.

Disco Bath Tub

As far as bath tubs go, the Disco Bath Tub isn’t bad. Solid, pale pink porcelain and printed with cheery yellow flowers, it provides an atmosphere of happiness while your pet is bathing. The only downside is that it has no visible faucets, but who knows? Maybe there’s a secret panel on the side that houses the faucet! How cool would that be?

Bubble Bath Tub

Very functional, and not too bad on looks, either. This could fit in with any style of bathroom, really. It has a nice sloped edge for your pet to lean back on, and might I add this model does include faucets. All in all this is worth your Neopoints if you want your pet to stay squeaky clean.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Scented Hearts Flower Shampoo

In addition to being pretty cheap, this shampoo gets the job done and leaves your pet’s fur smelling girly and sweet. I wouldn’t recommend this shampoo for a male Neopet, but it is very popular with females.

Raindrop Shampoo

If you’re looking for a more masculine scent, Raindrop Shampoo is a good choice. However, it works perfectly well for females, too. This shampoo is great for athletes because it goes deep to remove dirt and sweat. It will make your pet smell nice and clean.

Watermelon Conditioner

This fruity conditioner is very effective in getting the tangles and snarls out of even the most matted fur. Clinically proven to give fur luscious volume and silky smooth textures!


Bar of Soap

This is the most basic you can get. With a nice, minty smell and a fresh clean feeling afterwards, the Bar of Soap is great for any pet. It’s cheap, too, unlike some of the other 10,000 NP+ products out there. Great for owners who are on a budget.

Lavender Soap

Mmmm, smells so sweet! As you can see, it is positively radiating with sparkly goodness. Rub some of this goodness on your pet. Not only cleans, but moisturizes, too! What more could you ask for?

Oral Hygiene

Starry Toothbrush

A basic model, this toothbrush is highly successful in brushing those hard-to-reach places. Its starry pattern makes brushing teeth fun! Well, sort of.

Faerie Toothbrush

The addition of wings on this toothbrush assist in scrubbing teeth free of any plaque. Any faerie-fanatic pet will enjoy having this in their bathroom!

Vanilla Mint Toothpaste

For the pets that can’t decided between two flavors, Vanilla Mint Toothpaste is an excellent choice. Helps protect against Neogitus and freshens breath!

Kazeriu Toothpaste

Your pet will have a noticeable difference in oral hygiene after using this toothpaste. After one use, teeth will be sparkly, strong, and white! Works for any and every pet.

Tooth Faerie Mouth Wash

Approved by the Tooth Faerie herself, this mouth wash is guaranteed to get rid of any leftover plaque that you may have missed during brushing. Has a nice flavor as well.

Cherry Dental Floss

Remove any unwanted food particles from in between your pet’s teeth with this fruity floss. Not too costly and lasts for a long time.

Other Hygiene Products

Soft Rainbow Brush

Gentle on tangles, this brush is a tear-free guaranteed way to keep your pet’s fur soft and smooth. The star handle is really quite nifty, isn’t it?

Faerieland Comb

If you really want your pet’s fur to be completely tangle-free, the Faerieland Comb is an excellent choice. It really works hard to make your pet's fur fabulous, plus it looks really nice. The lavender sparkles add quite a lovely touch.

White Lotus Glitter Lotion

Flower scented, sparkly, moisturizing... This lotion has it all! You can kiss dry skin goodbye forever with White Lotus Glitter Lotion. It may be a bit on the pricey side for lotion, but totally worth it to get your pet the smooth skin he/she has always wanted.

Space Faerie Lip Balm

How else did you think the Space Faerie maintains such smooth, unchapped lips? This lip balm will be sure to soothe even the most chapped lips. This is definitely a smart investment in your pet’s cleanliness.

Usul Exfoliating Brick

Scrub away dead skin with this amazingly efficient exfoliating brick! Your pet will feel clean as can be after using it, and hot pink is an extremely “in” color, I hear.

Cucumber Mask Cream

After a coating of this, your pet’s face will be fresh and renewed. It’s a really great buy, trust me. Who needs fancy spas when you can buy this mask cream and do it yourself?

Fyora Nail Clippers

Yes, fingernail care is an extremely important part of cleanliness too! Take time to trim your pet’s nails every week with these fabulous clippers. Queen Fyora would be proud.

Now that you understand the seriousness of keeping your pet clean and you have been exposed to some top notch products made especially for doing so, you can go and try it out yourself.

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