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What Kind of Candy Would You Be if You Were a Candy?

by poogleluver345


A recent survey shows that 99.9% of Neopians just like you love candy. The .1% that don’t are either allergic or just plain crazy.

It has come to my attention that lately, with Halloween in mind, many of you have been wondering what kind of candy you would be if you were a candy. (At least, I hope you have.)

Well, put yourself in a chocolate bar’s shoes. You are made in a factory, stamped, sealed, shipped off to the Chocolate Factory, where you sit on a counter and wait to be bought. Now, if your rarity is 90+, you are lucky (or are you?), but most of the other candies must wait until they grow their own gardens (mold, in other words. Wait, does mold even grow on candies? Oh, well. You know what I mean).

The candies that get purchased are then crammed into somebody’s MOUTH, or given out as treats on Halloween. Either way, you are almost guaranteed to get eaten. If not, you are tossed in the trash can, or left in the attic to rot.

Umm, let’s forget about the depressing life of a candy right now. The whole point of this long, boring article is for you to find out what kind of candy you would be if you were a candy. *ahem* A long title, yes, but a worthwhile subject, don’t you think? *dodges flaming pitchforks* Fine! Okay, you know what? If you have something against quizzes, you can leave right now!


Yes, yes, this article is, in fact, a QUIZ. So go fetch a piece of paper or something and a pencil. Here’s how it works: Answer each question as honestly as possible, because I will know if you don’t. *cackle* Using your pencil, write down the letter beside the answer you chose on your piece of paper. Do the same for the remaining questions. When that is done, scroll down to the bottom of this article. Then count up the letters, finding out which letter you picked most. Match that letter to the letter at the bottom. If you get a tie, pay a visit to the very, very bottom. There you will find a tie-breaker. Hopefully this breaks your tie. Otherwise, you will just have to choose which candy you want to be. That said, let’s start!

1. What is your favourite type of candy?

a. I like the hard stuff. You know, jawbreakers, gumballs...

b. Chocolate, yo.

c. Cotton candy. Mmmm...

d. Anything rainbow and delicious.

e. I’ll eat pretty much anything.

2. How do you feel about sports?

a. As long as you get to tackle people, I’m cool with anything.

b. I’m pretty good with Yooyuball, if I do say so myself.

c. Uh, I’m not so great at sports. I don’t mind them, though.

d. As long as it doesn’t involve water, a ball, a bat, or a net, I love sports.

e. I’m pretty cool with just sitting around and watching people play.

3. What’s your favourite Neoschool subject?

a. Recess, because you get to tackle people.

b. I’m too cool for school!

c. I like social skills, because I am very social. :-)

d. Fashion is the only subject I don’t fall asleep in.

e. Maths, science, history, everything!

4. What’s your favourite part of Halloween?

a. I like how you can just randomly pop out at little kids and you don’t get in trouble for it.

b. Trick-or-treating, duh.

c. Giving out candy. ;-)

d. I like the costume part, because after all, that is my specialty.

e. I just love scary stuff and the whole Halloween spirit.

5. Um... sorry for asking this, but what’s your favourite colour? (This is important! Kind of.)

a. Red! *evil laughter*

b. Blue. It’s so chill, y’know?

c. Yellow. I find it a very peaceful colour.

d. Uh, pink.

e. I don’t have a favourite. I love the whole rainbow!

6. Your favourite avatar?

a. Grarrl Warrior. Muahahaha!

b. Number Six, because I am awesome, and so is he.

c. Soup Faerie.


e. Colorful Korbat. The avatar just screams me.

7. Neopet?

a. Skeiths, Jetsams, Grarrls, and the like. They’re tough. My kind of pet.

b. The really popular guys, like Shoyrus, Kacheeks, and Kougras.

c. Mostly the unpopular guys; Rukis, Ogrins, and Kikos.

d. The normal looking ones, like Unis, Eyries, and Wockies.

e. The more exotic kind, like Draiks, Krawks, and Lutaris. Really, though, all Neopets are cute.

8. Board to chat on?

a. Battledome. I take pleasure in beating people up.

b. Really awesome places like Fan Clubs and Avatars/NeoSignatures.

c. Help. I enjoy helping my fellow Neopians.

d. Ugh, why would I want to chat with a bunch of random strangers? Gross!

e. I like Role Playing the most, but all of the boards are awesome!

9. How many pets do you have/want?

a. Just one. I mean, hello? I need a pet to beat people at the BD with!

b. Two at the most. Just my two little pals and me.

c. Four! The more, the merrier?

d. None.

e. Any amount, but since the only number left is three, then I pick three.

10. What’s your favourite Paint Brush?

a. Anything that makes me look tough and cool. Like Darigan or Pirate.

b. All the new trends – Transparent, Woodland, and Relic.

c. Baby. I mean, come on, you gotta love babies!

d. Um, like, Pink and Faerie?

e. The multicolored kind – Disco, Rainbow, and Island.

Congratulations! You have finished this really long and boring quiz. Or did you have fun? Either way, you made it to the finish. Now you know what to do. Count up those letters and find your result!


You are a gumball. You have a hard shell, making you look tough. Inside, though, you have a soft and chewy filling. Come on, admit it! We all know it’s true.


You are a chocolate bar. Yes, pure, dark chocolate. You are, like, the coolest person in the world. At least, in your own eyes, you are. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Self-confidence is key, right? Anyway, you’re not such a bad person, so people like just letting you melt in their mouths. Mmmmm, tasty. I mean, the candy. Not you.


You are cotton candy. You’re a very generous, kind, and loving person. People take you for granted, but you evaporate quickly and quietly before they can say “delicious”.


You are a gumdrop. Judging from your answers, you are most likely girly. Therefore, you are small and chewy. You must always look your very best. You probably hear the phrase “I could just eat you up!” directed toward you a lot.


You are a lollipop. You’re a very interesting person. You have many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. People love to be around you, because you have a spot for each and every person on your Neofriend list.


Answer the following question.

11. If you could live anywhere in Neopia for a year, where would you live?

a. Moltara. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty hardcore place.

b. Krawk Island. It’s popular and awesome.

c. I’m quite fine where I am, thank you.

d. I would have to say Faerieland, because it’s, like, the only sanitary place left.

e. Neopia Central. They have a little bit of everything.

Hopefully, you are happy with your results. If so, feel free to drop me a happy Neomail. If not, feel free to drop me an angry Neomail, which will be deleted. Thanks!

And remember: be nice to your candies, because they have had very hard lives.

Happy Halloween!

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