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Ugga Drop Guide

by o0seagaru0o


Well, hello there! Welcome to my guide for Ugga Drop!

This guide was made to help YOU achieve a score so high that it will be the cause for other Neopians to look at you with admiration and even ask for your autograph! And, even better! You could sell your autographs and make millions!

Oh! I’m sorry, it seems like I’m missing the point. What I was saying is that I will help you get a score high enough for a gold trophy in the game, yes! Shiny, precious gold!

“But I’ve never played that game before! It seems impossible!”

Not at all! I’m here to help you, and I’m sure you will---

“You don’t understand, what I meant is that I live in a deserted island uncharted by any map! I have no way to find a computer and play the game!”

Oh... I see... Well, then I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were... Hey! Wait a second! How are you reading this if you have no computer?

“Oh... well... I... hum...”


Anyway I’m missing the point again. What I mean is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re good at games or not. This game just requires a bit of practice and some patience.

Let’s start with the basics:

Game and Controls:

You are a Tyrannian citizen who loves extreme sports, and as such you’ve organized, along with your fellow Tyrannian friends, a skydiving competition.

The controls are very simple. You move with the arrows left and right. Press spacebar once to jump and then again to unfold your parachute. That’s all! Really!

Levels and Stages:

There are five Stages with five Levels in each of them. So there are twenty levels in total.

In order to get the maximum score (therefore getting a gold trophy) you need to be the first to land safely on the ground in every single level. This is very important and it’s the whole point of the game, since every time you land first you get 2000 points.

20 (Levels) * 2,000 = 40,000 (Max score)


There are five characters you can be, each with a starting jumping position; these are: (from left to right) Kacheek, Wocky, Scorchio, Meerca, Usul. You cannot choose which character you're going to be. However, if you want to play with a different character, just restart your game and try again.

Coins and Power Ups:

There are two power ups in the game:

Super Slime- The more you raise its level, the faster you will fall.

Quick Draw- The more you raise its level, the faster your parachute will open.

“But how do I earn these power ups?” -You might say.

Well! Wonder no more and remember you have no computer on that deserted island!

*cough* I mean, wonder no more as I’ve got the answer!

When you’re falling, you will see that there are numerous coins mysteriously floating in the air...

“Wait... how can they float in the...?”

As I was saying! These silver coins have a purpose. You need them to buy power ups. Each power up costs 500 coins to buy, and you can raise its level up to three. However, you can only buy one level of each power up every time you clear a stage. So you’ll need at least 1000 coins to buy the first two when you finish stage 1, then another 1000 coins when you finish stage two, etc...

Don’t worry, they are easy to collect and you get a 200 coin bonus every time you land first!

Slow Jumping and Safe Landing:

Now, the game is pretty simple and you can learn how to play it in a second.

However, it gets a bit tricky since you need be the first to land safely in every single level!

“Hey! You’ve already said that phrase!”

I know I have, but it’s only to remind you how important this is.

Every time a level starts there will be a countdown, starting from the number three. When the word “GO” appears on your screen, press the spacebar to jump.

You have three lives in the game. You lose a life when you land on mud or when you land too fast on the ground, crushing it. Be really careful not to be hasty on this; if you press the spacebar before “GO” appears, you do a False Start. You don’t lose a life but you lose something worse, 200 points. This might not seem a real shock, but consider this: you can't achieve the maximum score if you lose 200 points. So be very careful!

Another factor is the mud. And I’m not here to discuss its fascinating composition or its prehistoric features. I’m here to warn you about its dangers.

“Come on! Mud? Dangerous?”

That’s right! Mud is dangerous. If you land on mud, you will lose a life and will have to do the same level again. You do not lose any points, though.

So, now that I have covered the basics, let me tell you some helpful tips that will ensure you a shiny trophy:

1. Mud is almost always found around the middle right part of the floor. So I always choose to play with the character that is the farthest to the left. That is, the Kacheek. Of course you can win with every single one, but it will be safer and easier if you use a left jumping character.

2. You need coins. However, they are not worth one of your lives. So if you see a great deal of coins, but you know they are close to a mud area, avoid them. Believe me; you will have enough coins for every power up.

3. Never be hasty about jumping. If you do a False Start, you automatically lose your chance to get a trophy. It’s best to play it slow and steady.

4. If you think you won't be the first one to land safely, then you must lose a life either by crashing on the ground or landing in mud. This way you don't lose any points and you can try the level again for the maximum score

5. In Stage 4 (Last stage) you shouldn’t worry about coins, since you won’t be able to buy any more power ups; there’s no real need to collect them. Just focus your attention on slow jumping and safe landing.

Now that I have given you all my knowledge you should head to the games section and start playing right away!

Just remember that practice is the key and if you're having a hard time, chill out a bit, listen to music, etc... games are for you to have fun!

If you have any questions feel free to neomail me, but not now, though; I'm leaving soon. I want to find a rather annoying, “lost on an island” Neopian...

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