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Wraith to the End: A Faeries' Ruin Battling Guide

by stoicjohn


Attention, Neopia: In the event that additional Battledome challengers are released as part of the current Faeries' Ruin plot please note that the Battledome Chat will not be here; we will all be in the Battledome battling the new plot challengers and will not be available to assist you with Battledome related questions or concerns. Please take this pamphlet on Battledome Plot Battling to assist you while we’re gone and remember to keep the chat hall tidy and good luck with the plot.


Congratulations! You may have noticed some changes around the Battledome; don’t be alarmed because this is a good thing. The most obvious change is that your regular Battledome challengers will not be available to fight during the duration of this plot; they’re just as interested in saving the faeries (or possibly not saving the faeries) as the rest of us and are busy elsewhere. This means you will not be able to fight the Meerca Henchmen or earn any Battledome related avatars until the plot is over, which gives you time to focus on these special plot challengers. When the plot is concluded and the pie has been saved, then your old challengers will return.

War! What is it good for?

You may ask yourself why you would be interested in battling these special plot challengers in the first place. First and foremost: because they are there. Once the plot is over and the last spectre is vanquished, no one in Neopia will ever get to challenge them ever again. New players who missed this part of the plot will only know about these super cool challengers because people like you took the time to challenge them. Having a rare plot challenger in your Battledome record page is as good as any trophy.

Second, there’s the potential for trophies or avatars. The Battledome challengers are part of the Plot, so they will probably be linked to the prizes and recognition that are given out when it is finished. You wouldn’t skip a comic or puzzle during the plot so don’t think about skipping out without battling either.

And a new part of this plot that TNT has never tried before are item drops. Once you’ve reached the Cap Limit, the wraiths and spectres will drop little prizes; this is to encourage you to keep battling into the next tier even if you’ve already reached the cap limit needed for the getting prize shop points. TNT picked these items wisely, so take advantage of them. Sure, you can sell them for a tidy profit, but you might consider using these codestones or faeries to train your pet a little so you can battle longer.

Cap Limits and Tiers

There are a certain number of bad guys you need to defeat for plot points; this number is called the cap. Once you’ve reached this number (say 50 wins against the Shadow Wraith Minions), you won’t gain any additional plot points. Don’t worry, this is a good thing, as it keeps us from feeling like we can’t sleep while there are plot challengers in the Battledome. You’ll get these plot points when the plot is over and the prize shop is opened, so reaching the cap limit on these challengers is probably just as important as finishing one of the plot puzzles.

After you’ve reached the cap for the challengers, you still want to pay attention to the tiers because you can earn some prizes for that also. The wraiths attacked in tiers of 750,000 challengers; if you helped by defeating just one of those wraiths, then you “Qualified” to get the tier prize. That being said, don’t max out on the challengers right away; save at least one potential win for each tier so you can collect some more goodies.


NO! A Vengeful Scroll or a Turnip Tonic will not make your pet stronger. There are no shortcuts to training, so don’t accept gifts from strangers that could damage your pets; you need to stick to training with codestones and dubloons at the training schools on Mystery Island and Krawk Island. Strength, Defence, and Endurance (hit points) help the most during battling, so you want to focus on improving those stats instead of Agility. There are some weird exceptions, but generally speaking having higher strength will help your pet do more damage and having a higher defence will make their shields stronger. And remember that everybody else is training just like you, so prices will increase; plan ahead and you won’t have to pay too much for your codestones.


A good Battledomer never sells their set, so you have nothing to worry about, right?


OK, ok, so you need some weapons. Please remember that not everyone is trying to rip you off by raising the price of weapons. It’s just that a lot of people just like you are looking for weapons too, so they’re buying up all of the cheap ones before you get a chance. If someone is asking way more than you can pay for a weapon, just look for an alternative that’s cheaper.

The most important part of your set is going to be your two main attackers. The first recommendations you’ll hear from most seasoned Battledomers are going to be Voidberry Potion and Prickly Potion because they will help you do bigger damage against opponents that are stronger than you. If you pick these, you’ll want two of whichever one you can find. Other than those two potions, there are lots of low-price but strong weapons to get. Remember that a majority of the weapons in Neopia are pretty worthless in the Battledome, so you’ll want to be smart about what you buy. Scarab Ring, Bone Sceptre, Obsidian Dagger, Unstable Slime, Pumpkin Launcher, and Flaming Log Launcher all do great damage for their price. If you have a little more NP to spend, then consider Ice Club, Stone Club, Rainbow Scroll, Pike Pike, Golden Compass, Scuzzys Comb or Ramtors Spellbook for your attack weapons.

Now you want to think about “rounding out” your weapons and making them into what we call a “set”. Your set starts with your main attackers, but you need to have other items like shields, healers, and bombs. If you just have a few hit points, then Slime Potion is great (it heals 10); Greater Healing Scroll, Helm of Recovery, and Blue Scorchstone each heal a good amount of hit points. If you need more than that, you’ll want to start looking at species healers like the Elephante Unguent (only works for Elephantes). Greater Healing Staff is a good weapon that can help “freeze” your opponent for a round and you’ll want plenty of shields. Scarab Rings help defend, but Leaf Shield, Patched Magic Hat, and Sophies Magic Hat are always good for defence and hopefully you saved that Downsize! that you won for fighting the wraith. Also, you probably won’t need to take any stealers like Purple Sticky Hand into battle; we’ll talk about that later in this pamphlet.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Always shop smart and use your Shop Wizard when searching for Battledome equipment to make sure you get the best deal.


Notice that the Healing Springs are closed because of the whole faeries turned to stone thing? That’s going to cause you trouble in the Battledome. If your pet is defeated by a plot challenger, they will need to heal before they can fight again. With the Healing Springs closed, you will need to keep some healing potions on hand. Much like training and weapon prices, if everyone is buying potions, then they’ll get the cheap ones before you and the prices will go up; make sure you plan ahead and don’t waste too many NP healing. Find alternative ways to heal; did you know that your pet can sometimes recover hit points from eating food? Pteris also get extra healing from eating Worm Nuggets. Sometimes really despicable challengers can even poison your pet, so be prepared with a quick Worm Nugget or medicine if that happens during this plot.


In addition to removing the regular challengers during plots, TNT makes a couple of other changes. Usually stealing items will not work in the Battledome, so if you have a sticky hand or Heavy Robe of Thievery equipped, you might not actually see them when you get into a battle. Go ahead and unequip them for now and make room for a more useful weapon. Hubrids Puzzle Box (the most powerful bomb in Neopia) also tends to be deactivated during plot fighting; especially in this case I don’t think Hubrid Nox would appreciate you using his own weapons on him. Don’t worry, they will start working again when the battle is over.

Fight hard and don’t get turned to stone. We look forward to seeing you back on the boards when the plot is done. Good Luck.

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