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Which Evil Neopets Villain Are You?

by xox_cloud_xox


Over the years we have participated in many plots. You may ask - what makes these plots so great? Well, it's the villains of course! There have been some great (and slightly crazy...) Neopian villains here at Neopets and what better time to discuss these villains than during Halloween!

Do you have plans for Neopian world domination? Or are you just trying to find out which Neopets villain best suits you for your Halloween costume this year? If you answered yes to either of these questions, complete this quiz!

1. Where do you live/would like to live?

a) In your castle in the Haunted Woods.

b) You don't need to live anywhere - you and your minions are spread all over Neopia!

c) High above everyone else in your own personal cloud.

d) In your space station on Kreludor.

2. Who is your worst enemy?

a) As much as you can't stand Lupes, that annoying little Wocky, MAGAX: Destroyer, sure knows how to make you angry!

b) Your only enemy is happiness in the world.

c) Illusen.

d) The Space Faerie.

3. What is/was your favourite Neopets plot?

a) The Faeries' Ruin plot, of course! Puzzles, comics, battles, intrigue... What more could you want?

b) You have no time for Neopets plots. The only plots worth participating in are those you've created yourself for the downfall of Neopia...

c) Plots? Pfft. Go fetch me a plushie paint brush!

d) It *would* have been Return of Dr. Sloth if it hadn't been so rudely cancelled...

4. What is your favourite weapon?

a) Your Noxious Blade, which shows Lupes who's boss!

b) Who needs weapons when you have an unblinking stare?

c) Your highly sought after wand.

d) Any high tech weapon you designed yourself - like a ray gun or laser!

5. What type of minions do you have/would like to have?

a) Ghost, Alien, Zombie and Mutant neopets are the type of minions you like!

b) Everyone is your minion - they just don't know it yet...

c) You like to manipulate petpets into doing your bidding... No one suspects those cute little petpets!

d) Grundos might be a little dim but they're useful minions!

6. What is your favourite Neopets game?

a) Anything but MAGAX: Destroyer!

b) Meepit Juice Break - JUICE!!!!!

c) You've heard Jhudora's Cloud is a really fun game...

d) Advert Attack and Neverending Boss Battle - hooray for advertisements and Battlecruisers!

7. What neoboard do you like to chat on the most?

a) The Faeries' Ruin Neoboard - you like to know what is going on in the current plot so you can always stay one step ahead!

b) The Avatar Chat - you shall become popular amongst the masses and when they least expect it you will launch your Neopian world domination plans!

c) The Quests Neoboard - you like to know what the other faeries are asking for...

d) Evil Things and Monster Sightings Neoboard - it's the place where all your minions hang out!

8. How old are you?

a) People don't really know how old you are - and if you were honest, you would probably admit to not knowing either!

b) Nobody knows... One day you just appeared...

c) Never ask a woman her age!

d) Hundreds of years old... Your scientific discoveries have kept you around for a long time!

9. How would you get information out of someone?

a) Use magical artifacts.

b) Stare at the person/neopet until they crack.

c) Yell them into submission! How dare they hide information from me!

d) Use special scientific equipment to extract the information.

10. What is your strongest asset?

a) Your scheming abilities...

b) Being able to lure someone into a false sense of security... And then manipulate them into doing your evil bidding...

c) Your beauty, of course!

d) Your intelligence.

The Results:

Mostly As: You are Hubrid Nox! You prefer to be alone and scheme up in your castle, overlooking the Haunted Woods. You have a fascination with artifacts and magic and wish to use them in your path to Neopian domination! Your arch nemesis is MAGAX: Destroyer, but as a Chia you can't help but also have a strong dislike for Lupes - those nasty neopets have been tormenting Chias for too long! This Halloween, get out your cape, put in some fangs, and show Neopia who's boss!

Mostly Bs: You are a Meepit! There is a lot of mystery surrounding you and what you are capable of. You are cute, but your cuteness is merely a mask over the evil that lies underneath. Just by staring at someone, you can reduce the strongest Grarrl into a puddle of tears! This Halloween, dress as cutely as possible to reflect your meepit-like evil personality - this way you can lull the masses into a false sense of security. Once they are under your spell, get them to bring you as much juice as you like! MEEP!!

Mostly Cs: You are Jhudora! You may be vain and have a short temper but you also have a lot of intelligence! How else could you have a day dedicated to you and thousands of Neopians doing quests for you daily? You're sick of goody-two-shoes faeries and want people to recognise you as the evil mastermind that you are! This Halloween, get out your wings and some purple and green hair dye - it's what all the cool Neopians are doing nowadays!

Mostly Ds: You are Dr. Sloth! You are known for your great mind and numerous dim-witted minions. You like to live out in space because you feel safe to do as many scientific experiments as you want without interruption! You are the most well-known Neopets villain and are very pleased that there are avatars, plots, games and a day all dedicated to you! This Halloween, get out that evil lab scientist coat, hair gel, and green body paint!

From meepits to Dr. Sloth, Neopets is surrounded by some great villains! This Halloween, make sure you pay tribute to these great characters by dressing up like them, coming up with some evil plots of your own or even pledging your allegiance to one of the evil masterminds! While we do love our Neopets heroes, we can't help but appreciate the crazy, grandeur surrounded and vain villains of Neopets - without them we wouldn't have the Battledome or some great games and items! So this Halloween - give credit where credit's due - to the villains of Neopets!

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