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My Visit To The NT Office!

by mikugumilove


Ever wanted to see what the Neopian Times office looked like? Well, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to sneak a peek in when I went to seek consulting from an editor, who I thought would give me constructive advice and criticism. What I saw was... well, why don't you read about my -- lovely experience.


     First Impression:

     Today was the day I was going to present my series to the Neopian Times for the very first time. It had taken a lot of confidence, and many, many days of locking myself in my room, doing nothing but writing. I walked down the smoothly paved sidewalks to the NT Neopia Central office to meet an editor, who happened to be a close friend of my sister's petpet. When I arrived, I looked at the giant building, which was surprisingly old-fashioned looking, with granite Weewoos in the corners, and cold stone everywhere else.

     I heaved with all my might to open the door, and then walked inside.

     "Wow," I said in a voice that was louder than it should have been.

     Everyone turned around to see me, and I blushed so much my face was redder than an angry King Skarl. The Bruce at the front desk shrugged it off and smiled at me.

     "What do you need help with, sweetie," the Bruce asked me.

     "I'm here to see James, the editor. You see, he's going to review my story, ma'am."

     "Let's see... James." She looked through her giant book of editors. "Ah! James is located in Office 10B, located on the 10th floor. It's the second office to your right."

     "Thank you, ma'am."

     "Call me Jessie, sweetie." She smiled.

     As I walked to the elevator that moment, my heart was racing a mile a minute. I was very confident, for I had spent so much time on it. I told myself to relax for a few seconds, or my self esteem would plummet. And before I knew it, the elevator music stopped and it was replaced with a beep, which opened the doors to my destiny.

     I took a deep breath, and took a big step outside into the corridor. I speed-walked to the office, and knocked.

     "Wee-woo," answered a voice from behind the door.



     I shrugged and opened the door. Now what I saw then really irked and confused me.



     I spun around to see a small, white Weewoo,sitting in a giant office chair. What was this all about? Was this really my editor? I didn't know whether to consider this as a joke or get angry and storm to the front desk.

     I chose Option 2.



     "So when I walked in, there was a Weewoo sitting in there, with no sign of my editor," I said in a firm tone to Jessie the Bruce.

     At first Jessie laughed. Hard. I turned red with anger. Why was it funny that my editor was a Weewoo? Actually, I kinda see her point, but anyway, back to what happened.

     She wiped her eye and stopped laughing. "Sorry about that. You should have gotten something in your Neomail telling you about the budget cuts."

     "What budget cuts," I snapped.

     "Due to low funding, we had to cut editors that wanted pay. Turns out, Weewoos will edit stories for free!"

     She started laughing again.

     "Is there anyway I can get an editor to read my series?"

     "Unless if you want a Weewoo, no," she chuckled.

     I stormed off to the cafe for some lunch.

     When I walked into the cafe, the amazing architecture and decor deceived me. I made my way over to the buffet part of the cafe and loaded my plate to the top. You see, when I'm angry, I tend to eat lots... After topping off my lunch with an ice cream sandwich, I got to the cash register, which was manned by a bored looking teenager-punk Xweetok. I stood in front of her for what could have been two or three minutes before I had to snap my fingers in front of her face and shout at her.

     "Hey! Are you going to help me pay?"

     "Sheesh," she groaned and punched in the keys of the cash register and snapped at me, pointing at the total screen. "Hello? It says your total right here, so pay up!"

     I was not in the mood for grumpy Xweetoks now, so I took out the 1,500 NP that was due and slammed it down on the counter.

     "I don't appreciate your attitude, missy," I growled.

     "I don't appreciate workin' here, but here I am, so I suggest you sit down and eat."

     I took those words like a slap in the face. I would go see the front desk after eating my lunch.

     Now the cashier's attitude wasn't the only thing that was bad at this cafe. I took a first bite of the sandwich I had purchased for the main course of my meal.

     "Yuck." I spit my bite out on the floor.

     The grumpy cashier rushed over to my table reluctantly.

     "What's wrong now?"

     "The sandwich your cafe serves was moldy!"

     "Well, nothin' much I can do about that." She smirked.

     "Why not?"

     "Listen, lady, either you can get a refund, or shut up and eat!"

     I quickly got my refund and stormed off to the front desk for my second complaint today.


     Comment/Complaint Desk:

     "What I'm saying is that your cashier has a serious attitude!"

     "Okay, call down, sweetie."

     I growled at her, not in the mood for flattery.

     "Okay, sweetie, the only thing I can do for you is tell you to go to the Comment/Complaint Desk located on the third floor, right as you walk out of the elevator. You can consult someone, and they will take care of the problem." Jessie smiled.

     "Fine." I stomped my way to the elevator and went up the third floor.

     When I got to the Complaint Desk, I was shocked and angry to see who was manning the desk.

     "You again?"

     "Yeah, I work here from 3-5."

     I couldn't believe it! It was the same jerk who had been my cashier at the cafe.

     "Okay, well, since it can't be helped that you're here, I'm here to file a complaint against you!"

     "Fine. Here. Fill out these forms, and return them by 5 o' clock."

     I looked at the giant stack of papers and then glared at the Xweetok, giving her the evil eye. All she did was smile.

     Okay, first question of 1357. Wait, 1357 questions? I sighed. I was going to be here longer than I wanted to be.

     After what seemed like hours, I had finally finished the horrible, long survey.

     "I finished." I jumped in the air and looked at the empty desk in front of me.

     Wait. The desk wasn't supposed to close until 5:00. I looked at my gold watch. 6:24? How had it gotten so late? I had arrived at the Complaint Desk at 3:00 sharp! I sighed. I would just have to take the elevator to the front desk and complain for the third time that day!


     The Terrible End of That Terrible Day:

     When I arrived at the front desk, I saw no one there! Ugh!!! I carried my paperwork of complaints and stormed to the revolving door that led outside to the hustle-and-bustle of Neopia Central. I tried at the doors. Again. And again.

     "Don't tell me I'm locked in!" I screamed at the ceiling.

     I hunted for my neomail device in my cluttered purse and to make my luck even worse, it was gone! I soon realized that I had left it at home, charging! Could my day ever get worse?

     "Hey, what are you doing here?"

     I turned around to see the person I really didn't want to see -- the cashier.

     "I got locked in because you didn't tell me that the desk was closing!"

     "I told you that you had to give me the forms by 5! 5:00 is when the building closes, dimwit!"

     "Well, the doors are locked! Did you know that, dimwit?" I mocked her voice.

     Her eyes got big, and she silently walked to the doors, which she tried with all her might to pry open, but with every attempt that was full of effort, she failed every time.

     "Of all the people that I had to get locked in with, why did it have to be you," she yelled.

     "Hey, I'm not happy about it either!"


     And that concludes my visit to the Neopian Times Office. As you can see from my review, whatever you do, when it comes time to turn in your story, do not, under any circumstances, go to that office. Of course, unless you want Weewoo editors, sassy cashiers, closed complaint desks, and getting locked in a cold building for a whole night.

     If you choose to visit the office, please, for your own health, look out for those new Meepit cashiers....

The End

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