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10 Things the Meepits Don’t Want You to Know

by starry_pride


The Meepits are evil, secretive creatures. Wouldn’t it be incredible to get into their personal lives? Well, join me on the tour of 10 Things the Meepits Don’t Want You to Know. These aren’t just secrets! These are the Meepits’ secrets! I’ve been working for the Meepits for quite a while, as a minion, but I’ve escaped, finally. Now let me start sharing quickly before I get kidnapped.

10. The neopoints thrown into the Wishing Well dump out into Maraqua - Of course the Meepits wouldn’t want you to know this! I considered keeping this a secret, myself. Imagine how many neopoints I could get! But Neopia has the right to know... the Meepits are hoarding the neopoints thrown into the Wishing Well. No wonder the Meepits don’t have their own Maraquan color! Those poor Maraquans are living in fear that the Meepits will attack their Neohome while on an expedition to get neopoints. Anyways, the Wishing Well used to have a pipe leading to the Rainbow Pool, but those Meepits wanted neopoints. They couldn’t access the Rainbow Pool secretly, there were just too many Neopians armed with paint brushes. So they played around with the pipes, they’re the masters of Meepit Juice Break after all, and they rigged it up so it would drop the neopoints in an underwater cave. Why Maraqua? Because it’s genius! No one would find them, there are so many caves down there! The Neopian Police have been alerted, don’t worry, so thieves... don’t get any ideas!

9. Meepits have a soft side – That Meepit Plushie you saw in the Plushie Palace? That was no plushie. That was a real Meepit! Some of them hang out there, cuddling the plushies when no one’s looking. Others have the self-restraint to only play with toys in their hideouts, though. But trust me, those Meepits aren’t all fangs.

8. Turmaculus works for the Meepits – This is a secret because, well, the Meepits wouldn’t want to get people thinking they had to get others to do their dirty work. But sometimes they do. The only petpets that get eaten at Turmaculus are enemies of the Meepits. Meepits need Turmaculus to eliminate these certain burdens. So if you’re desperate for the avatar, go on and get your petpet to dump a Spooky Shake on a Meepit’s head. The next time you visit Turmaculus, that poor little soul is a goner.

7. Draiks no longer exist – A while ago, a certain accident went wrong, removing Draiks from the face of the planet. But this could not be. The Meepits who had a mountain of now-empty Draik eggs wanted that profit. Since they couldn’t convince a species to get into the eggs for them to sell, they had to resort to drastic measures. They got the lower-ranked Meepits suited up as Draiks and shoved them in the eggs. They put them back into circulation, and made loads of neopoints. Now, with our more advanced technology, the Draiks are robots, creations of the Meepits.

6. Meepits and Feepits used to be friends – They got along quite well for a while, but when one certain little Feepit refused to buy Medicinal Soap for a poor Meepit suffering from Neomonia, the Meepit went into a boiling rage and attacked the Feepit. They started to brawl, and found it to be fun. The Petpet species started to do it all the time, first friendly, but then it grew into fury. What was a way to pass time at first turned into a competition to declare the superior Petpet species.

5. Meepits can blink – The blank stare of the Meepits had become so famous, the Meepits were enjoying it. They loved seeing the unsuspecting Neopian squeal in terror at the sight of the Meepits and their lack of blinking. With a lot of practice and staring contests, not blinking became a natural attachment to the Meepits’ lives. But, indeed, they are able to blink, unlike the rumors going around that their eyes are frozen from their cold hearts.

4. The Meepits invented the Baby Paint Brush – They first did it so they could steal lollypops from the babies they created, but a wandering Lupe found one of these paint brushes. Fascinated, he used it on himself. When seen, Neopia was in awe! But the Meepits could not let the world find out that they had created something ‘cute’ and ‘cuddly’. They had to shut themselves out from the outside world, or else they could be accused of creating such a horrid thing.

3. Pink is not their true fur color – The Meepits used to have rainbow fur. It was a brilliant display of wonderful colors! But when the Meepits turned to the dark side, they could not stand to be rainbow, such a cheerful color. So they went to Jhudora, begging to become a more evil, dark, color like her. With a cackle, she turned them pink! Jhudora had fooled the Meepits, making them an even worse color. The Meepits could not let this secret get out; they wanted the reputation for being the most clever living things in Neopia.

2. The Meepits made the Meepit Juice Break game – They claim, in threatening letters, that it was The Neopets Team that created the game. But the truth is, the Meepits had. They did it for the wonderful, tasty Juppie Juice. But they could not have Neopia thinking they would bow down to juice, such a happy thing.

1. Jelly World exists – The number one conspiracy in all of Neopia! There is a Jelly World! I followed a Meepit there! All this time, they’ve been hiding out there, stuffing their faces with all the jelly you could ever find while poor pets starved in the pound! Cruel! Perhaps we can get the pound moved over there so all pets will always be bloated. It would be great!

Well, there you have it. Don’t tell the Meepits who told you these things, they might- *gets dragged away by Meepits*

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