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Kat's Halloween Reads

by bittersweet52


Halloween is a time for spooks and scares, as well as sweets. This Halloween, after you go trick-or-treating, why not settle down for a few scary stories while you munch on the night’s collected sugary booty? Kat has chosen 20 Halloween books for you to look into this season. Most of them you can buy at bargain prices either at the recently remodeled Magical Bookshop or through user shops. However, there is one super-special book at the end of the list that may put a dent in your bank account!

(All prices are courtesy of the Shop Wizard JubJub, and accurate as of the 5th day of Collecting, Y12.)


Title: Haunted Mynci

Shop Wizard Price: 900 NP

Comments: The price of this book has dropped recently due to its being a prize as part of the Xandra’s Library task in The Faeries’ Ruin plot. I’d definitely recommend you get a copy while the price is low. Haunted Mynci is a collection of short stories all featuring ghost Myncies as the main characters.

Spook Factor:

Title: Ghost Stories

Shop Wizard Price: 1,000 NP

Comments: Classic ghost stories, especially suitable for anyone new to the genre. This volume comes with a recommendation from the Esophagor himself.

Spook Factor:

Title: Spooky Korbat Stories

Shop Wizard Price: 1,100 NP

Comments: Korbats are a favorite species around this time of year. Throw in an extra dash of spine tingling and you’ve got a real winner.

Spook Factor:

Title: Spooky Kau Story

Shop Wizard Price: 1,100 NP

Comments: A simple story, great for beginning readers. The main character is a Halloween Kau.

Spook Factor:

Title: Spooky Skeith Adventures

Shop Wizard Price: 1,200 NP

Comments: Perfect for younger pets, fun for all ages. Who doesn’t like a good pop-up book now and then, even when you’re over 2,000 days old?

Spook Factor:

Title: Ghost Techo Tales

Shop Wizard Price: 1,200 NP

Comments: Spooky short stories; a fun and easy read. Especially recommended for Techos!

Spook Factor:

Title: Spooky Food Ideas

Shop Wizard Price: 1,300 NP

Comments: If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party, this is a must-have book. Countless ideas on how to create delectable Halloween treats out of ordinary ingredients you probably already have sitting around the house. (I’ll be expecting my invite in the Neomail!)

Spook Factor: n/a

Title: Korbat Halloween

Shop Wizard Price: 1,350 NP

Comments: Definitely Halloween-themed, but not as firmly rooted in horror as many other Halloween books. Korbat Halloween is more of a popular fiction novel with a Halloween setting.

Spook Factor:

Title: Spooky Stories

Shop Wizard Price: 1,400 NP

Comments: Sold in hardcover only, this is an excellent volume for its price. Classic Halloween stories organized by theme: ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires, and pumpkins.

Spook Factor:

Title: One Scary Night

Shop Wizard Price: 1,500 NP

Comments: A simple plot told in a chilling way.

Spook Factor:

Title: Famous Tonu Ghosts

Shop Wizard Price: 1,600 NP

Comments: More a biography than a horror novel. Recommended for those who aren’t a huge fan of horror stories, but would still like to read a Halloween-themed book, be able to learn a little something, and still get a slight shiver down their spines.

Spook Factor:

Title: The Legend of Count von Roo

Shop Wizard Price: 1,700 NP

Comments: You may be familiar with Count von Roo’s sleep schedule, if you often frequent the environs of Roo Island. However, you may not know the history of Count von Roo himself and how he came to reside at his Roo Island coffin. Reading this book could help you find out. But the insight you gain may not be worth having nightmares for the rest of your life...

Spook Factor:

Title: Edna

Shop Wizard Price: 1,700 NP

Comments: Are you one of those many people still trying to obtain the elusive Edna avatar? The book description says it all: "Who is she, where did she come from and why is she so grumpy?" Reading this book can help give you some new insight into Edna and the way she works. You mean just pick up a few hints on how to have a better chance of earning that avatar from her when doing her quests at The Witch’s Tower.

Spook Factor:

Title: Mystery of Halloween

Shop Wizard Price: 1,800 NP

Comments: An interesting book written by the Brain Tree. Provides a new perspective about the origin of Halloween, and includes quite a few historical facts previously unknown that have since been proven to be quite true.

Spook Factor:

Title: Haunted Diary

Shop Wizard Price: 2300 NP

Comments: A truly creepy book to read. My skin was crawling even as I turned the pages. You can almost feel the book thinking about you, and yet... where would a book keep its brain?

Spook Factor:

Title: The Ixi Ghost Legend

Shop Wizard Price: 2,300 NP

Comments: A must read for all Ixi owners and their pets! This is the legend of how it all started. It may be fiction, but if you’re even considering using a Ghost Paint Brush on your Ixi, I’d read this book first. It may cause you to think again.

Spook Factor:

Title: Halloween Ruki Tales

Shop Wizard Price: 2,500 NP

Comments: The original mummy story! Follow the adventures of a Mummy Ruki as he makes his way through the Haunted Woods on Halloween. And find out how he meets a Mummy Baby petpet along the way.

Spook Factor:

Title: Witchcraft Spells

Shop Wizard Price: 2,800 NP

Comments: Written by Edna, a perfect companion book to Edna (mentioned above). The book is a collection of recipes. Some turn out to be perfectly delicious and relatively normal Halloween-themed treats. Others read like true witchcraft spells, with strange ingredients and obscure methods. Purposefully printed in Edna’s original handwriting, the most potentially powerful spells are completely illegible.

Spook Factor:

Title: Revenge of All Hallows Eve

Shop Wizard Price: 18,000 NP

Comments: A rarity-101 book given out exclusively in a Y11 Trick or Treat Bag. I’ve included it in this list because of its superb cover art, as well as its scare factor rating. Purchase and read with caution.

Spook Factor:

Title: Miss Prissy Kacheek Halloween Tales

Shop Wizard Price: ---

Comments: For elite readers only!! Another rarity-101 book, this rare volume was originally obtained by redeeming a $15 Neocash Card during Halloween season of Y11. As of the 30th day of Gathering, Y12, there are only three copies available through the Trading Post. Estimated price through outside sources values this extremely rare book at around 3 million NP.

Spook Factor:


So pick up a few of these great books at your favorite local bookshop this weekend. Remember, prices will only go up as the holiday-season encroaches! And might I recommend picking up a few extra night-light bulbs on your way home?

Happy Halloween!

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