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Choosing the Right Sweets: Chocolate Edition

by snoopyj1


You walk in the entrance of Neopia's Candy World, the tantalizing aroma enveloping you. You stare upon the pink-tinted jars, the aisles filled with your reflection. At last, a much-needed visit to the candy store! But what to buy?! Gummies, Chocolates, and Cake fill your mind, and suddenly, you want to buy the entire store. Well, fear no more, because I'll teach you everything that you need to know in order to pick the right sweets to make the biggest impact.

The Top Ten Chocolates

#10: White Chocolate Lupe

Price: 150 NP

Mmm, it's time for something sweet. And what better way to satisfy it than with a Chocolate Lupe Biscuit? White chocolate, that is. This little tasty treat can satisfy any craving you have for chocolate, and at just 150 NP, it's hard to pass up the deal. I have to say that things are best simple, but it's even better if you use your own icing from home! Yum yum. It goes perfectly with your other Neopet-shaped Cookies. But if Lupes eat Chia cookies, do Chias eat Lupe cookies?

#9: Chocolate Coated Candy Cane

Price: 666 NP

This cocoa-infused treat is one of the few surviving holiday candies. It's perfect for Winter, where you can pack some of these as a gift by itself! Even better, you can buy a box for yourself, and enjoy the delectable quality of these sweets. And don't forget to buy the Chocolate Candy Cane Recipe Book! But don't leave these out; they can melt quite easily. Try it frozen, too!

#8: Cream Fill Chocolate Koi Biscuit

Price: 1,331 NP

With this one, you can definitely say that the Breadmaster has outdone himself! The delicious cream inside the warm biscuit is taken fresh from Kau Kau Farms of Meridell Plains. The biscuit is perfectly dipped in chocolate and baked until it's crumbly and brown. It's even in the cute shape of a Koi! Lucky for many chocolate fiends, this snack is always in stock at the Bakery--just say the word.

#7: Fudge-Smothered Eclair

Price: 896 NP

Looks like just another Chocolate Eclair. Beware, those with weak stomachs! Actually, it's more of a Quintuple Super Deluxe Extra Large Too-Rich-To-Eat Chocolate Eclair. The inside of the pastry is hand-covered in chocolate by the Crumpetmonger, who then pipes in fresh chocolate pudding into the eclair. After sealing up the holes with chocolate chips, she covers the top of the eclair in chocolate, which is drizzled with more chocolate. Then, the eclair is baked in a magma of molten chocolate, and garnished with chocolate shavings. If you're lucky, you might get a wafer, which is made of frozen chocolate. Served with chocolate milk.

#6: Chocolate Scone

Price: 1,729 NP

Whoo, another one of the Crumpetmonger's creations. Fortunately, this one isn't too chock-full of chocolate. The bakers have managed to create a simple joy: a moist scone, lightly dusted with chocolate powder and powdered sugar. It's the perfect treat to go with some Borovan after a long day. The chocolate inside just melts the right way, and it has a few chocolate chips inside to give a little bite. For those of you who know the secret password, you can order the scone in *Gasp!* a non-chocolate version.

#5: Chococherry Pancakes

Price: ???

Just because chocolate's sweet, it doesn't mean it can't be a fun breakfast addition! Add some pizzazz to your boring ordinary pancakes by adding a splash of cherries and gobs of molten chocolate with chocolate chips! The pancakes are fluffy and light, and don't make you feel sick. This breakfast time dessert will add some color to any drab breakfast. The secret? Canned cherries and chocolate syrup! Shh. It's a secret to everyone.

#4: Swirly Chocolate Milk

Price: ???

When regular chocolate milk's got you down, you can count on this Swirly Chocolate Milk to bring you back up. With an extra helping of chocolate pieces, the drink was able to melt the chocolate slowly, creating the unique marbled texture. The smoothness of this milk complements the refreshing flavor that emanates from this beverage. In fact, I'm *gulp* drinking one right now. Ahh! Have some with a brown straw!

#3: Neotruffle

Price: ???

Exquisite and extravagant, you might expect these Neotruffles to be sold in a gourmet chocolate shop. However,you can find these decadent morsels in just about any candy store. But that's no reason to underestimate them, of course! With a smooth, luscious flow of chocolate on the inside, it's the perfect contrast to the shell of chocolate on the exterior. Topped with a dollop of chocolate, you'll find yourself buying these again... and again... and again. Unfortunately, these truffles have been in high demand recently, and they are now hard to find.

#2: Coco Pumpkin

Price: ???

Ah, another snack fit for the holidays. It's not anything special if you don't like pumpkins, but if you enjoy them, then you'll enjoy these confections. Small pumpkins grown exclusively in the Gypsies' Camp are flavored and then drizzled with chocolate! Baked in small batches, it retains its crisp exterior, while having tasty spiced pumpkin chunks crammed inside! For those of you who want a change any time of year, but it's waaaaay better on Halloween!


And my final choice is...

Chocolate Neodrops!

Price: 380 NP

Bet you didn't expect this, did you? As they are cheap and easy to get down, you may be mislead into thinking that you shouldn't be buying these Neodrops. However, these chocolates are truly good as a simple bedtime snack. The secret to these seem to be out in bookstores across Neopia now! You can create your own just by taking your favorite Neodrops and dipping them in Chocolate! While this treat is very simple, you can enjoy it and feel good about it, too. It's sugar free, and a happy addition to any dessert!

So there you have it. My list of the top ten Chocolates in Neopia. I hope you can go out and buy all of them to try for yourself! Next time, we are discussing... Pastries! Join me next time as our quest for the greatest Sweets continue!

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