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Interview with Members from The Faeries Ruin Plot

by bedbugz


Kyanites, a blue Poogle, recently found a job at the Neopian Times. She is currently an intern and this is her first job. Although an important job like this one where members of a current plot are interviewed usually goes to experienced reporters, many neopets have gone down with bad diseases such as ugga ugga. As Kyanites is in perfect health, she has been chosen for this important assignment. She is hoping that she will do well on this job and be allowed many more later.

Interviewer: Kyanites

Interviewee: Members in the Faerie Ruins Plot

Interview Setting: Various, but mostly near the Haunted Woods

(Start of Interview)

Interview with King Jazan

Kyanites: Hi, I’m Kyanites from the Neopian Times... May I ask-

King Jazan: Can’t you see that I’m busy right now? Go away before something... unpleasant happens to you.

Interview with King Altador

Kyanites: Hi, This is Kyanites from the Neopian Times. I just want to ask you a few questions about the troubli-

King Altador: Sorry, as you know, all my time is taken up by the petrified faeries. I’ll answer all of your questions after they are rescued. (King Altador brandishes his sword and looks around menacingly as he looks around for danger.) In fact, little Poogle, you should go home. The villain who turned the faeries to stone is at large and you could be turned to stone as well.

Interview with Xandra

Kyanites: Hi, I’m a reporter from the Neopian Times. What do you think about the faeries being frozen?

Xandra: It’s all that good-for-nothing thief’s fault! He sneaked into my library and stole the artifact that caused the whole mess. I tried to blast him several times but failed. Why, if I ever see that scoundrel again, I will not let him get away again. I will call the Neopian defenders on him and make sure that he doesn’t get out until he has a long grey beard. How dare he steal my artifact? And he didn’t even steal one. He stole several very valuable objects that I was examining. Just thinking back makes me steam. (She blasts the wall and starts to throw books in anger. At this point, Kyanites slowly sneaks out.)

Interview with Hanso

Kyanites: Hi, I’m Kyanites, a reporter for the Neopian Times. I recently interviewed Xandra and she said that the faeries being turned to stone was your fault. Do you agree?

Hanso: Not at all, my dear. Every man has got to make a living and it’s just my misfortune that the artifact I sold was used to petrify the faeries. It could happen to anyone.

Kyanites: But not every object has the power to turn all the faeries at the faerie festival of stone. You knew that the artefacts that Xandra has are powerful, so you deliberately went there to steal them.

Hanso: But the artefacts were begging to get stolen. They were lying carelessly on the floor where anyone could take them. There were no alarms or guards and Xandra did not even make a good effort to take back the artefacts. In fact, thousands of Neopians could steal those artefacts with ease.

Kyanites: Umm... (Kyanites feel guilty because she knows that it is easy to steal the artefacts as she did so herself in the plot step. Suddenly, Kyanites hears a loud SMACK as Brynn punches Hanso in the arm.)

Brynn: Stop talking and start working harder to save the faeries. Despite you denying it all, you caused this mess and you better help to solve it. Even though Xandra did not protect the artefacts well, it’s not her fault that a dirty thief decided to break into her library and take her things. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Interview with Brynn

(Kyanites perks up as she listens to Brynn’s explanation. She decides that it is a good time to interview Brynn.)

Kyanites: Hi Brynn, I am-

Brynn: Sorry, I don’t have the time to talk now. I’ll be glad to answer your questions later. I really need to watch over this slippery Ixi before he causes more trouble. (Brynn glares at Hanso.)

Hanso: Aww, I wouldn’t do anything bad. I’m not evil, you know... I just want to make a nice profit and retire in style.

Brynn: Enough! Stop talking and start working. (Brynn drags Hanso away.)

(Kyanites scribbles furiously. Now that was an interesting interaction, she thinks.)

Interview with the Skeith Guard:

Kyanites: Hi, I’m from the Neopian Times. My name is Kyanites. What can you tell me about the plot so far?

Skeith Guard: Er... Umm... I dunno much. The king just dragged me here and told me to help. He also told me that I was not supposed to eat any of the stone faeries even though they look delicious. But I’m thinking about pouring some barbeque sauce on one of the many Earth faeries since there are so many of them and no one will miss one. And maybe an Air one....

Kyanites: Ahh, it’s okay. Thanks for the information. (She backs away rapidly.)

Interview with the Draik Guard:

Kyanites: Hi, Kyanites, a reporter from the Neopian Times. Do you know if anything new has been happening with the plot?

Draik Guard: Sorry, I don’t know much. I’m newly hired and still getting used to things. I used to be a pampered Draik before my owner decided that I needed to earn back the NP that he spent on me and lent me out to be a guard.

Interview with Hubrid Nox

Kyanites: Hi, I’m-

Hubrid Nox: How did you find me? I thought I was well hidden. I guess I need a new hiding spot. (He taps a button, and dirty trapdoor appears. He jumps in and disappears. The trapdoor looks scary so Kyanites does not follow. That type of reporting was left to brave Lupes and Krawks. )

And finally, Interview with the faeries

Kyanites: Hi, I’m Kyanites from the Neopian Times. I know you can’t talk but it wouldn’t be right not to interview you girls since I’m interviewing "Faeries" Ruin characters. Anyways, that pie that isn’t stone looks delicious. Mind if I take it? Interviewing is hungry work!

Faeries: Silence... (but Kyanites somehow feels glares...)

Since there’s no answer, I’ll just assume that I can have it. (Kyanites take the pie and gulps it down in one bite.) Delicious!

End of Interview

Kyanites finished typing in her report and turned it in first thing in the morning. She hopes to find her article in the Neopian Times. If she sees the article in the news, it means that she has succeeded and may be allowed more important assignments in the future.

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