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Hip Halloween Habits

by valikthebuilder


Also by akikins

This Halloween, when trying to pick out a costume for your pet, why not show everyone how hip-happening you are? That is to say, show that you are aware of contemporary happenings in Neopia – dressing to match the times is dressing to impress! A Dr. Sloth costume may have been new and exciting several years ago, but the idea is now tired, as is dressing your pet as Fyora, the Space Faerie, Hubrid Nox, Rohane, and many other famous Neopian faces. In this article, I will present to you several great ideas for costumes which are very contemporary and which have not been overdone! I can promise you that when your pet is at a Halloween party surrounded by dozens of Fyoras, Eliv Thades, and a couple of Balthazars, they will definitely be the center of attention!

Faeries Frozen in Time

Remember this year, at the end of the month of Gathering, when all of the faeries were mysteriously turned to stone? Well then, why not pay homage to this memorable event by dressing your pet up as one of the stone faeries? Definitely a more unique costume idea than the overdone regular faerie, this is perfect for the pet who still wants to have a classic costume, but with a modern twist! For this costume, you can pick out any grey dress for your pet and use face paints to dab grey paint over their pelt, scales, or skin. Make sure that you are using non-toxic paints! Make sure to find them a grey wig to complete the outfit.

If you want to take it to a higher level of costume epicness, you should definitely pick up a pair of Stone Faerie Wings from the NC Mall. They aren’t all that great for flying, but they will definitely give your pet’s costume the authenticity that you seek. One word of caution for this costume idea: stone paint brushes will not paint your pet stone! So before you dish out a chunk of your points to buy one of these brushes, thinking that it’s the easy way out, please take my advice and try out several different shades of grey face paints. You’ll be able to give your pet the effect of stone shadows and highlights, and it will be much more unique than simply using a paint brush!


If you were a follower of the fifth Altador Cup tournament, you’ll know that the Lost Desert team played their hardest this past year, their sheer grit and determination earning them the Cup! Although the whole team played excellently and demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship, a team is nothing without a strong captain. This is why, if you pet would like to show off how strong and sporty they are, dressing up as Leera Heggle, captain of the Lost Desert team, is the perfect bet! To pull off this outfit, you’ll simply need a Yooyuball outfit all decorated in Lost Desert’s shades of blue and gold. If you cannot get your hands on some actual Yooyuball equipment, it would work just as well to use clothing paint to paint your pet’s favourite T-Shirt, and then use some foam padding to create shoulder, elbow and knee pads.

If your pet is a fan of the Altador Cup in general, and they have a favourite team, let them decide which player they want to dress up as! They can be “Wizard” Windelle of Meridell, or perhaps even Loryche of Tyrannia. Whichever player your pet decides to emulate, their costume idea is sure to be a hit with all of their friends. Don’t think that dressing up as the Slushie Slinger Waitress is a bad idea, either! Different pets have different preferences, and you should let your pet celebrate the Altador Cup however they like.

Caves, caves, and more caves!

Hannah and the Ice Caves, as well as Hannah and the Pirate Caves, have both been popular Halloween costume themes in the past. Although these costume ideas are rather classic, why not give your pets a modern edge? The third game in the Hannah series was recently released – Hannah and the Kreludor Caves! This idea is perfectly timed, as many of you probably still have your Spaced Out wearables from the Style Showdown. If your pet was not chosen as one of the finalists for that site event, fret not, for these items are perfect to reuse for this cool new costume idea. All your pet needs are a round helmet, a nice space suit, and a rocket pack! Note: You may want to substitute the rocket pack for a toy version, as you wouldn’t want your pet accidentally flying away and ending up stranded on Kreludor for real.

Your pet can dress up as Hannah, even if it is not a Usul. Skeith Hannahs and Korbat Hannahs have pulled off the look beautifully in the past; your pet can surely do it too. If you really want the authentic Hannah look, you can fashion your pet some ears out of construction paper or soft fabric. There are endless possibilities with this look.

My personal recommendation for a background would be a lovely NC Mall item called Kreludan Scenery Background. Unfortunately, this item is retired, so you may have to trade for it to get your hands on one. However, it is well worth it! If you are looking for a cheap Neopoint alternative, and your pet is somewhat of a jokester, Kreludan Grundo Slippers are a great choice! Your pet is sure to be comfy all night, and these cute slippers can be worn by all species.

Hopefully, these unique costume ideas have inspired you to try something new this Halloween. Although it is always fun to wear something classic, never close your eyes to the unique and exciting possibilities that exist all around you! If your pet is adventurous and loves trying out new things, suggest one of these costume ideas to them. They’ll be so grateful to you once they come home from partying or collecting candy, bragging about how many compliments they got on their one-of-a-kind costume which you created. Teach your pets to be trendsetters, and not to follow in anybody’s footsteps – starting this Halloween!

Note: Remember to check all of your pets’ Halloween candy before allowing them to eat it, and make sure that they are not walking about at night alone. Halloween is a lot of fun if we all do our part to keep it as safe and enjoyable as possible. Have a great time!

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