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Advanced Key Quest Mini-Game Strategies Part 2

by mastertrainer9750


There are some more in-depth strategies to several of the Key Quest Mini-Games that can be looked into at far greater detail. If there is a particular Mini-Game that you don't like because you cannot figure out how to do it, then this is the guide for you, almost guaranteed to at the very least make you THINK you are getting better.

This week we will be looking at three more Mini-Games in more detail and they are Flower Frenzy, Berry Blaster, and Petpetpet Snare. Next week there will be further discussion about many of the other Key Quest Mini-Games.

The first of these Mini-Games to be discussed will of course be Flower Frenzy. This is the Mini-Game where you have to sit there and watch square pads of stones with flowers in them light up and make some noise, and you click them in the order the light up and make their respective noises. Here is the basic generic strategy for playing this Mini-Game. The rocks light up a nice bright yellow, making it easier to spot which one has lighted up! When you click on a flower correctly, it lights up in a nice bright white; however, if you click incorrectly, it is a nasty bright red. This Mini-Game is essentially Techo Says, so if you are still struggling even after reading this, then head on over to the game room and play Techo Says for a while and then you should be able to do this game, no problem.

Advanced Flower Frenzy Strategy:

Okay now for the fun part! Advanced strategy for this actually rather pleasant Mini-Game. Here is the basic summary of what is needed to guarantee a win most of the time: fast computer, fast mouse, and a quick wit. Here is a run down of what you need to do:

Game Start: Wait a second or two after the game started before you click your first square that lit up. For some reason, if you click it the moment it lights up, it doesn't register, so give it a second; that way you don't waste three-four seconds your opponent could be using to rack up more points.

Mid-Game: When you have completed the fourth click and are now watching the pattern for the fifth click, all you have to do is click the first four correctly and then purposely click wrong on the fifth flower. This is to get you up to 200 additional points! (That would bring you well above the normal game cap of 1400).

Game End: The main thing is that you want to have successfully completed the seventh set before times runs out. If the Mid-Game strategy doesn't work for you because you still can't beat the seventh set, then you need to start doing the Mid-Game strategy a round sooner. If you find yourself almost beating or actually beating the eighth round, then you need to wait an additional round for the Mid-Game strategy in order to completely maximize your scoring potential.

The next Mini-Game that we will be looking at in greater detail will be Berry Blaster! This is the game where all those berries grow on the tree and you have to shoot them to make them explode! You can rack up points quickly by taking out whole rows of berries in a quick succession before your opponent takes advantage of that good looking line of berries. Okay, well, looks like we have this game covered... what? No? You still want to hear the advanced strategy? Okay, I guess since you really wanted to hear it, we will just have to discuss it.

Advanced Berry Blaster Strategy:

Game Main Point: Click the berries before your opponent has the opportunity to blast them away! Even if you don't get as many points with this strategy, if your opponent gets fewer points due to not having any berries to blast, then you will still win.

Know your Berries: Berries come in three varieties, each with different perks. Purple Berries are worth one point! Red Berries are worth two points! Grey Berries.... well, Grey Berries are worth three points... look at you establishing a pattern!

Follow the pattern: Berries tend to spawn in a pattern so that the player can more easily blast them away. A good habit to get into is to only click the Grey Berries unless you have blasted them all and then go for the remaining red berries. Your opponent may rack up more points here by aiming for the more abundant Purple Berries and Red Berries; just remember, though, that they have to click twice for every one time you click.

The third and final Mini-Game we will be discussing this week will be Petpetpet Snare. This is the somewhat challenging Mini-Game where you have to sit there and use your mouse while staring at a computer screen.... time for advanced strategy? Couldn't agree with you more.

Advanced Petpetpet Snare Strategy:

Looping Petpetpets: In order to really be good at this game, it helps to have a fast computer; however, it is not absolutely necessary in order to ensure victory. In order to loop the Petpetpets, you will need to make a polygon of some kind around one or more Petpetpets. Triangles only have three sides, so you may want to stick to that shape. Once in a while you may see a tetrahedron; however, you shouldn't get your hopes up. If you do ever see a tetrahedron in this Mini-Game, congratulate yourself for having a computer so slow that your opponent actually managed to pull off such an outrageous shape.

Key Points to Higher Points: Loop the Petpetpet species in the box in order to achieve a Perfect Loop and score more points! Keep in mind that once all of the Petpetpet species in the box have disappeared, then the species will change. If there are no Petpetpets left to collect, then more will spawn! If there are two of the same species close to each other, then loop both at once and score even more additional points! Make your loops really small as this completes them faster. A small tight triangle right on the Petpetpet you want to capture will work just as good as that octagon shape you are working on... well, maybe the triangle is just a LITTLE faster.


Some closing notes I would like to add is that no matter how a strategy may seem to be fool proof, the best way to test it is to go out and try it for yourself. Don't just take my word for it; apply these strategies and hopefully you would have gained at least something from everything I have shared today. Until next week; may your Key Quest conquests be many!

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