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Winning at Wicked Wocky Wobble!

by mattdoyle622


Hey there! WHOA, don't drop that stuff! *helps you balance*...You ok?... Ok, sit that stuff down and come listen! If you want to get a shiny trophy, you must study these useful hints. Pull up a chair and meet the star of our little game, Mr. Wallace the Wocky!

Meeting Wallace the Wocky!

A Wocky named Wallace has a problem – he's obsessed with collecting junk! If he happens to walk past a jumble sale, he can't help but pick up a few things, whether he needs them or not. His friends have had to go as far as keeping the existence of the Igloo Garage Sale a secret from him, for his own good. Unfortunately, while exploring in the forest one day, Wallace found a tree that seemed to be raining junk from its branches! He didn't know to whom the items belonged or why they were being dropped, but nonetheless Wallace couldn't keep himself from grabbing the items. Wallace is now in a difficult situation, though – how will he ever get that teetering tower of someone else's trash home? Use your mouse to help Wallace balance his leaning pile of junk. Don't let the items fall, though, or else it'll be game over!

Getting Prepared

First off, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Using these techniques sometimes can test your patience, so get your mouse and hand in a comfortable position as your wrist may start to ache!

I recommend turning your mouse pad vertically. This gives your hand more room to move down, as the game seems to slowly make your hand do so.

Also, I advise the television be turned off and no listening to music! Once the tower gets to 8 items, balancing will require all the attention you have!

OK, here we go.

I recommend turning the sound and music OFF; it helps me concentrate. Click "PLAY". As soon as you do this, I recommend going from one side of the screen to the other, and test your boundaries so you know them all too well.

Items & Strategy

There are the following items in the game:

Twirly Fruit - Oranella - 11 points each

Spiky Orange Murex Shell - The Ixi Adventure - 22 points each

Garlic Jubjub Plushie - Speckled Jetsam Plushie - Mutant Jubjub Plushie - all worth 35 points

Illusen Plushie - Taelia Plushie - Ixi Heroes - all worth 50 points

And then there are special flashing items.

Sun Tan Lotion - Wind Up Illusen Doll - The Golden Journal Vol. 1 - all worth 80 points

Harffel Fruit and Flaming Evil Coconut - both worth an AMAZING 111 points.

As items begin to fall, be cautious. Every point in this game is crucial, so think about what you want to catch!

The first two items you should catch should be a shell and wocky book. This can also be two shells or two wocky books. Your third item should be ANY plushie. So, after three items you should have 79 points.

Ok, I cannot stress this enough. After catching these three items, ONLY catch the FLASHING items.

These meaning the Sun Tan Lotion, Golden Book, Wind Up Illusen Doll, Flaming Evil Coconut, or Harffel Fruit.

Do NOT catch anything else. No plushies, no twirly fruits, no anything else *pokes the word NO*.

You see, after the three items, this now becomes a waiting game.

You HAVE to wait for the flashing items, since they give more points and will take up less quantity in your wobbling stack!!

So my point being, you can struggle with balancing twelve items and only have 450 points, but have eight items, with five of them being worth 80+ and have at least 479 points!! OOOO, sounds nice, doesn't it?


Now when it comes to the actual balancing part, things get messy! First off, when balancing, moving forward will make your items shift BACK, and moving back will make your items shift FORWARD.

So remember this, when an item is on the left side of your screen and you are on the complete other side, slightly move forward, making your stack go slightly forward, then INCH your way to the item. As soon as you catch it, keep going, but FASTER, then all items will go back safely!

Are you starting to get the idea on balancing?

Another helpful hint is what I call the shuffle. Move the mouse back and forth rapidly and the items will/should stay perfectly in the middle!! This helps A LOT! Also know that when moving to the right... when you get to the tree... it tends to kinda "hold" you for like half a second so make sure to be careful not to lose your balance!

Overcoming Obstacles

Now we come to a problem.

Petpets are troublesome and can never leave people alone, so alas they give us a visit time to time (You would really think the Petpet Protection League would teach them to leave us alone while balancing all these breakable things in our hands!).

The petpets are a Warf and a Drackonack! What a weird pair of petpet friends!

Well, the petpets start to come after you have caught THREE items!

The Warf will always come in from the left side of your screen and the Drackonack will always come in from the right side of your screen. They stay for around five seconds, and do not move. This means if you run into them, say bye bye to your items, because you will drop them!

Now little Warf and Drackonack think they are fooling us, but HAHA, they are not! There is a simple strategy to beat these little pests.

When the petpets begin to come, they only stop where they meet with you.

So, if you see the Warf coming in from the left side of your screen, run to meet him as fast as you can! As soon as you meet him, he will stop and then you go back having much room to balance.

You see if you didn't, the warf would come all the way to the tree and you would be trapped, having no room to balance!!! The same goes for Mr. Drackonack! If he comes in from the right, immediately run to the right and stop him so you have the majority of the left side to balance on!

Practice Makes Perfect!

OK, so get to wobbling! Do not be upset if you do not get a trophy the first day or so you play. Practice makes PERFECT!

Always remember that in everything you ever do, and if you find you are not as good in this game, I am sure something on Neo will make use of the talent EVERYONE has for something!

Well, that is the game that we call Wicked Wocky Wobble! I have had so much fun sharing my Wobbling techniques and can only hope they benefit at least one player.

Take importance to these tips and soon enough you will have a shiny new trophy! I hope everyone has some wonderful wobbly fun!

*nervous* I think I got it *wobbles* AH... ok... wait... I got it... wait *shuffles to the front*.... *wobbles*... *CRASH*... NOOOOOO...

and so the practicing continues... - mattdoyle622 -

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