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Tales From Number Five: The Three Faeries - Part Two

by rider_galbatorix


Elizabeth would have pinched herself if she hadn't been petrified by terror. She was almost sure she was dreaming. She had never seen, let alone met the Queen. Yet, she knew all about her. Then, she remembered that the Queen punished disobedient faeries very cruelly. One had even been turned to stone.

     She knew that she was in very deep trouble. She could only hope that Queen Fyora would be merciful this time. Then, Queen Fyora said,


     "What? Fyora said that Jelly World exists? That's downright impossible," Master Vex said.

     "Sorry, that wasn't part of the story. I've gotten a habit of screaming it out loud now and then."

     Master Vex looked like he wanted to smack the old Lupe, but decided against it. It turned out his story was getting good.

     So, Number Five continued on with his story.

     Now, what Fyora really said was this,

     "Thank you." To Elizabeth's utter bewilderment, she smiled.

     "W-what?" Elizabeth stammered. It amazed her that she could form a single word.

     "Ah, so modest. Of course you know what you've done. I was on my way to business, when someone attacked me. It was an assassin, and a skilled one at that. He made sure to knock away my staff first, so I was disconnected from most of my power. I believe he was also protected by some dark magic, probably from a dark faerie. He was about to strike me with a dagger when that boulder fell down upon him. You had obviously seen that and knocked it down." Queen Fyora said all of that very quickly, but Elizabeth caught on a few words. The one thing that she could register calmed her down a little; she wasn't in any trouble.

     "Thank you, brave faerie," Fyora added. Now, Elizabeth knew she didn't deserve this praise; after all, that was a mistake. But a part of her told her not to tell the Queen the truth; after all, no one knew what really happened, and that had to mean there was no harm in twisting the truth.

     "Now, I believe you should be rewarded," Fyora said.

     "No, I really don't deserve a reward." This time, Elizabeth was completely honest. She was just happy the Queen wasn't mad at her.

     "Don't be so shy, take it." She held up her hand, and a blue staff appeared. It was unremarkable, except for the jewel on top of it. Elizabeth stared at it; the inside seemed to swirl. It was beautiful, almost as if she was looking into the depths of the sea, and the tides were swirling around. She was sure this was no ornament; it would definitely have some power in it.

     "I see, you've noticed the jewel. It is the jewel that truly gives this staff power. This is the most powerful healing staff in existence. Not only can it heal an entire army, cure any disease that afflicts a neopet, but can also create potions and elixirs that heal, not to mention a few weapons as well." She handed the staff to Elizabeth. "Now, this staff belongs to you. Use it wisely."

     "But really, I don't deserve something like this."

     "Nonsense. Karma deems that you deserve a reward like that?"

     "Who's karma?" Elizabeth asked. Fyora thought that she was joking, but looking at her face she could tell she was actually confused.

     "Karma is not a who, but is a general law of the universe. If you do good, good things will happen to you. Do bad, and the likewise will happen." Elizabeth thought that that was a little ridiculous; after all then the Soup Faerie would be rolling around in mountains of gold. Still, it was best not to contradict the Queen.

     Then, Fyora left and Elizabeth was left with the most powerful healing staff in the world. An idea quickly formed in her mind on what she was going to do with it.

      * * * * *

     The next part of our tale takes place during the night. Faerieland does look nice in the night, not like the Haunted Woods or places in Neopia Central where you're very likely to get mugged. However, this part was on the outskirts of Faerie City, a place anyone who was decent avoided; there were always tales of theft and robbery here.

     In the cover of the darkness, there was a faerie walking without the slightest hint of fear. When she stepped into the moonlight, it was obvious why she was unafraid. She was a dark faerie.

     But she wasn't just a normal dark faerie. Anyone could recognize those green streaks down her hair. She was Jhudora, a faerie reputed for extremely powerful dark magic and acts of evil even back then.

     So, it happened that she had had some 'business' to do. The kind of business that one does not go on to in the middle of the day. It had been a tiring day, so she started to munch on a chocolate bar. After finishing, she threw the wrapper onto the ground.

     This, unfortunately was spotted by another faerie. It wouldn't have meant much to another faerie, but this was an Earth Faerie. Earth Faeries are extremely touchy about the environment; littering is usually equivalent to high treason in their eyes.

     Now, this faerie was not a normal one either. Like Jhudora, she also had streaks of green through her hair. She was an extremely powerful faerie, and had come to investigate some shifty happenings in the outskirts of the city. She was, as anyone would expect, Illusen.

     Now, these were the days before their age-old rivalry, before they kept asking for items and giving around quests to random neopians. This was the day they first laid eyes on each other.

     Illusen, stepped out of the shadows where she had been hiding. She said, "Stop, dark faerie."

     Jhudora veered around and glared at Illusen for two seconds. Two things came to her mind, that this faerie had followed her, maybe seen her do magic, and had to be eliminated. So, rather than speak, she shot an extremely powerful blast of dark magic at Illusen.

     Illusen was surprised, but then she quickly retaliated by sending a very powerful blast of Earth magic. Both of the spells met in mid-air, making a giant orb of power.

     Meanwhile, close by, unknown to the battling faeries, was Elizabeth. She had just bought the cloud, and was checking to make sure that it was all right. She was going to use it to heal neopets for free. In that way, she would become just like the Soup Faerie. She would be famous all across Neopia. And another thing, she would remember her grudge against the Academy for years.

     So, in other words she was so immersed in her dreams and fantasies, she didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to the battle going on quite near her. She just continued to run her hands down the staff, her most precious possession.

     However, it would not be so for long. You see, Elizabeth had lied to Fyora. She had not told her that all that had happened was completely by accident. So, she had done wrong. Now, according to karma she was going to be punished for that.

     The orb of energy that had been created by Illusen and Jhudora spun out of control at last, towards the spot that Elizabeth was currently at. Under normal circumstances, the staff wouldn't break. However, the orb had been created by two of the most powerful faeries in existence, and all of that power hit the gem, which was the center of the staff, the very reason that it worked. So, the gem cracked.

     The moment it cracked, a stream of blue light escaped from the staff, brightly lighting them all, and then it faded. Illusen and Jhudora just stopped and stared. They had no idea what to do. Jhudora would have scampered if Fyora had not appeared. She had seen the blue light, and knew that it must have come from the staff.

     "What's happened?" she said.

     That was the wrong thing to say. At that moment, all three of the other faeries began shouting at once so that nothing was comprehensible to Fyora. Illusen and Jhudora continued accusing each other, while Elizabeth told the truth about what really happened at that place.

     In the end, Fyora said that Illusen and Jhudora both would have to pay up for the staff, a difficult task considering the fact that it was near priceless. There was no chance of fixing the staff, but Elizabeth continued on with her business.

     She still healed pets for free. Even now, if you go to the Springs, you will still see her trying to heal neopets, with the broken staff. It sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't.

     As for Illusen and Jhudora, they started asking for items and giving quests to Neopians so that, bit by bit they could pay up for the staff they broke. They still have a long way to go, however.

     At this point, Number Five stopped speaking.

     "Well, that's it," he concluded.

     "So let me get this straight. You believe this entire story is real."

     "Of course."

     This time, Master Vex did smack the old Lupe along the head. He knew he shouldn't have expected any more from someone who ranted about Jelly World. He went back to his cabin, and ordered the end of the story telling contest. Cellblock was back on.

     After a while, he shook his head constantly. That story couldn't have been real.

The End

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