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The KGLF's Guide to HANNAH and the Kreludor Caves

by fleurdust





Initialising .. .. ..


Press your right hand, paw, or hoof to the screen to undergo clearance checking.

If you're not certain you have clearance, please leave now as the process has the slight possibility of causing your eyeballs to explode.


Assuming your eyeballs have not exploded, please continue with the training program.


You have been chosen by the Kreludan Grundo Liberation Front for your logical abilities and knowledge of the Kreludor mining policies to extract precious gems from the moon's surface and strike a mighty blow at the heart of our Unnamed Nemesis' plans for Kreludan Oppression.

Using our Heroic Antigravity-eNabled Neuro-enhanced Artificial Hypermobility unit (or HANNAH unit) you will navigate the mines, avoiding the S750 Kreludan Defender Robots that have been strategically placed by our Nemesis to cripple us, and return safely to the surface with the gems in tow.

This document has been produced to prepare you for your incredibly vital mission. Should you fail, our Nemesis will continue his terrible and fearsome work against our Liberating Efforts. Please read it carefully before embarking on your quest.


The HANNAH unit has four basic movements; move left, move right, jump and crouch. Assuming it has enough fuel, you can also make use of the unit's Antigravity system (fondly termed 'Rocket Boots' by its creators) to propel itself upwards while jumping, or slow its descent when in freefall. You must use the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN keys on your control pad to make the unit move. Be warned that in some levels of the mines, extremely precise movement will be required of the unit in order to navigate safely.


Though the unit is a non-organic entity, it can be disabled by a variety of hazards within the mines. Be on the lookout for these and be ready to use your full manoeuvring capabilities to avoid them.

Ice Spikes

Touching an ice spike will instantly disable the unit by piercing its outer armour. Avoid at all costs. Prolonged use of Rocket Boots will often be necessary to avoid these.

S750 Kreludan Defender Robots

No one is quite sure where these things came from... one theory is that they might once have been Space Techos, kidnapped by our Nemesis and cybernetically enhanced with huge quantities of metal armour. They are extremely tough but not very bright. Their programming allows them to move backwards and forwards on a limited plane; they cannot jump or climb over any obstacle. If they come into contact with HANNAH, they will act with extreme speed to reach into its control panel and punch in the Override code to disable the unit.

Contact must be avoided; even the slightest touch is enough to activate the Robots' disabling grasp. Recommend sneaking behind and/or use of Rocket Boots to float above.

Mine Shafts

Many of the mines that you enter with HANNAH will have vertical shafts that are too high for the unit to safely float down without assistance. A yellow warning light will flash on the unit if the drop is too far, and you must engage the Rocket Boots (press the UP key) in order to slow descent and land the unit safely.


These are the main aim of your mission! You will find a certain number of chests on each level of the mines, containing the gems which we require to fund our cause. Without collecting all of the chests, you will be unable to move HANNAH to the next mine level. At the top right of your display screen, the required number of chests will be displayed. Once HANNAH has collected all of these gem chests, the door to the next level will open and the unit will be able to pass through.


You will notice on the display screen two bars measuring the amount of Fuel and Oxygen left for the unit. Rocket Fuel is required to make use of the unit's Rocket Boots, and Oxygen is needed to convert into energy to power the movement of HANNAH. Try not to let either meter run down completely. With no fuel, you will find it difficult to navigate the mines successfully, as many levels include jumps that are too far for HANNAH to make unaided. With no Oxygen, the unit will be unable to move and will thus be automatically disabled.

You will find fuel and oxygen canisters scattered throughout the mines - we are not sure how they got there, but they appear to work just fine for our purposes, and as they say, never look a gift Uni in the mouth.


You may come across sealed entranceways to some passages of the mines, which require an Access Key. The coloured lock will show you which Key is required for the door you wish to gain access to, and you will find the required Key somewhere on the same level as the door. The unit is programmed to make use of the Keys automatically, so simply guide HANNAH to the Key and then to the door and it will do the rest.

At this point, there appears to be a weak spot in the defences of our Nemesis which makes the gathering of Access Keys much easier. Press 'K' on your control pad to grant HANNAH one of each of the Access Keys for the mine level you are on - extremely helpful in the more puzzling levels of the mines.


On the level maps (included in the following document) you may see areas which seem to be cut off from the rest of the mines. Our Nemesis, being Extremely Naughty and Evil, has managed to disguise certain passageways of the mines with Holographic Walls. However, after careful consideration of all the levels of the mine, we have managed to identify the characteristics of a hologram wall, so you will be able to safely guide HANNAH into the hidden areas.

Take careful note of the appearance of all the walls of the mines. Solid walls are textured with icy spikes - do not try to pass through these walls! It will simply waste the unit's oxygen. Hologram walls were quite lazily put together by our Nemesis, and so you will notice that the surface is quite smooth, with none of the usual spiked pattern. These are walls which the HANNAH unit will be able to pass through unharmed.


Remember that HANNAH is an artificially intelligent unit, and will automatically perform many tasks that are in its programming. For example, it will reach out to pick up gem chests, keys or fuel and oxygen canisters if it passes close enough to a platform they are on, without having to actually walk over the item.

You will begin your mission with a limit of three times the unit may be disabled before you must return to the surface for repairs. However, throughout the mines you can pick up Repair Kits which take the form of small, pinkish hearts. These will often be carefully hidden so that our Nemesis cannot sabotage our efforts in the mines, so be careful when seeking them out. Once you have collected a Repair Kit, you will be unable to return and collect the same one if HANNAH is later disabled on the same level - unlike fuel and oxygen canisters, chests and keys, they are a one-time pick up.

The fuel in your Rocket Boots is one of the most important things; try to conserve it! Use it only in short bursts. You will find the unit will lose momentum if it collides with anything while in the air, and it may be best to land and then jump again, engaging the boots when the unit is at the height of its jump to provide the most power. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting precious fuel.

In particular, take great care on levels of the mine where ice spikes line the top of the passages. It is very easy to collide the unit with these because of the low gravity. Use the Rocket Boots sparingly with quick taps of the UP key to guide the unit through safely.

You may come across more Oxygen or Fuel canisters than you really require. In many levels, you will find the need to return the unit to a previous point in order to navigate it fully, so it can be worth leaving a canister untouched while you collect chests or keys in another location, before returning to pick up the canister when you need it.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of the training programme. You should now be properly equipped to guide the HANNAH through the mines and find all the gems we require. Good luck on your mission, Kreludan Brother, and we here at the Liberation Front wish you all the luck in the ...

.. .. ..

... No! Our Nemesis has breached the station! Quick, Brothers, to the escape tunnel! I only hope we have already collected enough gems to bribe the Guardbots on the way out ...



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