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Top 10 Yummiest Furniture Pieces

by a_l2n_l2n_a


In Neopia, there are always two things your pets need: a home and food. So, why can't they, literally, have both? Chocolate, jelly and any furniture made out of real food is becoming a new trend in both new and classic neohomes these days. Which is good, because starving pets with cheap owners can, and I do not recommend doing this, nibble on their own expensive decor without their owners noticing. And, let's face it, all of our pets have done it at least once if we have any food-related furniture in our homes. Or maybe it wasn't our pets; perhaps it was their petpets. Anyway, to acknowledge the sorrows of owners who have experienced such events and to make up for the late arrival during the Chocolate Ball, here's my Top 10 Yummiest Furniture Pieces. Bon Appetit!

10.) Popcorn Garland

Estimated value: 2,490 NP

Item description: Makes a yummy decoration to your Neohome during the holidays.

Why is it yummy?: To kick off the list, we have a holiday decor special, the popcorn garland. Everyone loves popcorn, right? Especially if they're popped over an open fire on a cold winter day. In addition to being super tasty, it's also practical. If you're watching a Christmas movie and are too cold to go into the kitchen to make real popcorn, look no further than your own decor for a quick, lightly-buttered movie snack!

9.) Gingerbread Snowflake Sculpture

Estimated value: 3,000 NP

Item description: This sculpture almost looks good enough to eat!

Why is it yummy?: Another holiday item, a snowflake sculpture formed entirely out of real gingerbread. With three red gumdrops down the middle and drizzled with light-green icing, this sculpture, as the description states, looks good enough to eat. But if you are an art collector waiting for this item to be worth 1,000,000 NP, I recommend that you please restrain your pets and yourself from doing so.

8.) Jelly Rug

Estimated value: 9,000 NP

Item description: Make a feature of that empty floor space with this rug made entirely from jelly.

Why is it yummy?: A rug made of jelly? Why didn't TNT think of this before? It is ingeniously crafted of pure lemon jelly and makes a bold statement in any room, be it a bedroom, a bathroom, or even a closet would look positively bright with this rug! Being made of lemon jelly, which is edible, of course, you don't have to worry about your baby pets choking on this stuff if they nibble on it because it's so soft, you don't even have to chew it!

7.) Kau Toast Sculpture

Estimated value: 56,000 NP

Item description: This pretty sculpture is made entirely from toast!

Why is it yummy?: By far, one of the most popular breakfast items is toast. And this sculpture is no exception. Forgot to eat breakfast? Easy! Simply snap a piece off and nibble it on your way to wherever it is you're going. Having a party on such short notice? No prob! Place small tables around the sculpture with butter and other things people might like on toast, and offer pieces of it as an appetizer. At 56k, it's kinda pricey, but it'll be well worth it if your party's a hit.

6.) Miso Soup Bath

Estimated value: 300,000 NP

Item description: Not everyone wants to smell like a flower.

Why is it yummy?: Miso Soup is the most popular flavor of soup in Shenkuu. The aroma, the health benefits, and, of course, the lip-smacking taste! So why bathe in chicken broth, white onions, mushrooms, and chopped-up tofu? Surprisingly, the ingredients do make for a good bath! However, it costs 300k and cannot be found in any store at this time. Keep refreshing at the Furniture Store, and you're bound to find it.

5.) Tomato Soup Fountain

Estimated value: 59,000 NP

Item description: This fountain is perfect for large gatherings.

Why is it yummy?: With the best flavor of soup at your, and several other guests' disposal, the Soup Faerie had better watch her back! You have all the tomato soup you could ever want, so you could open up your own pound! One that's nicer that the real one, of course. Albeit a tad more expensive than the Toast Kau Sculpture, this fountain can really feed many starving pets!

4.) Mushroom Soup Lamp

Estimated value: 900 NP

Item description: Every time you turn on this lamp the room will be filled with the smell of warm soup.

Why is it yummy?: Mm, who doesn't like the smell of warm soup? Warm, mushroom soup at that. I wouldn't be surprised if the Soup Faerie uses this lamp in her own bedroom; the smell is very calming and therapeutic, and it provides a generous amount of light for even a very large room. It's quite cheap, too; at only 900 NP, this lamp is a definite steal!

3.) Silver Chocolate Fountain

Estimated value: 5,500 NP

Item description: A basic chocolate fountain to go in your Neohome.

Why is it yummy?: "A basic chocolate fountain to go in your Neohome?" Jeez, TNT isn't giving this beauty enough credit! With scrumptious milk chocolate flowing down for you and your pets and guests, this is undoubtedly the best food-related guest pleaser on the market! You can put your mug of hot water underneath it and make instant gourmet hot cocoa, or put strawberries and marshmallows on sticks and have one giant fondue party. And costing at only over 5k, it's an inexpensive one.

2.) Smelly Cheese Bean Bag

Estimated value: 8,000 NP

Item description: Now you really can wallow in a big cheesy paradise!

Why is it yummy?: Who doesn't like cheese? It's tasty and it has so many uses, like eating (obviously), luring unwanted pests into traps, and now, for sitting in. Sitting in a bean bag made entirely out of cheddar cheese is very relaxing after a tough day trying to beat AAA's game score. It is recommended, however, that you put this chair in a secluded location, as you would not want to stink up the whole place with the smell. And because of the increase of lactose-intolerant pets, the price has increased to 8k.

1.) Autumn Harvest Basket

Estimated value: 3,000 NP

Item description: A basket full of harvest favourites is a great gift or decoration.

Why is it yummy?: We all CANNOT do without fruit in our diets, so why not put this in the kitchen for anyone to snack on or in the center of the dining room table as a centerpiece? Filled with red and yellow apples and wheat, this basket makes a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for a loved one or a neighbor. And at 3k, it's an elegant, inexpensive item that's great for any occasion.

Well, there you have it. The yummiest furniture ever to hit the Neopian market. Whether you want to make a room of yours pop with color or feed your pets and guests, you won't find better items than the ones on this very list.

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