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Hannah and the Kreludor Caves: Exclusive Interview

by fyora123123


As many Neopians learned in the news recently, Hannah the Usul is back and ready for adventure. I managed to secure an exclusive interview time slot with our favorite explorer, who sheds light on why she wanted to explore the lands beyond Neopia.

Me: So, Hannah, what made you want to return to the spotlight?

Hannah: It wasn’t simply a desire; it was a need. Even after I’d explored all of Krawk Island and Terror Mountain, I knew there was more out there. Besides, Kreludor has always been a neglected land, and I wanted to help get it the publicity it deserved.

Me: What was it like, being in space?

Hannah: It was totally cool, even better than – and don’t tell Armin I said this – the Ice Caves. It’s a very different environment than anything on the planet Neopia, which means different treasures to collect! It was very exhilarating, because of the whole oxygen thing. Kreludor doesn’t have an atmosphere like Neopia does, so any time I was outside of the base I had to wear a bulky helmet as well as a spacesuit to protect myself from the harsh climate. I didn’t mind the helmet too much, actually – the desperate need for oxygen spiked the whole experience with adrenaline. I couldn’t tell you how many times I ducked into that airlock with only a little air left in my tank – and how many times I was caught outside without any oxygen left. Not fun.

Me: Will Armin be making an appearance in the new game?

Hannah: Nope, sadly. When I told him about my plans to explore Neopia’s moon, he said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” He’s opted to stay on Terror Mountain and keep the icy skeleton population in check.

Me: I’m sure future explorers will thank him for that. What would you say you miss most about the Ice and Pirate Caves?

Hannah: It would have to be the swimming. There’s no water on Kreludor, because there’s no atmosphere. Nothing compares to diving into ice cold water to break open a treasure chest. Even though the moon has the same limited oxygen, I would prefer it not being a full-time thing. Grabbing a new tank of compressed air isn’t the same as popping into an air pocket to take in desperate breaths, either.

Me: Perhaps a Maraquan expedition is in the future?

Hannah (laughing): I doubt it. I may like getting wet, but not that wet.

Me: Is there anything in the Kreludor Caves that makes up for the lack of water?

Hannah: I really like the unpredictability of it, although I think that will wear off as I continue exploring. It sure came as a shock to me when I accidently fell through my first secret area. Turns out they’re not marked in any way, shape, or form in the new caves!

Me: I’ll keep that useful tidbit in mind the next time I go spelunking. Do you have any tips for readers eager to explore Kreludor?

Hannah: I have quite a few! The problem with being the first explorer of any place is that there’s no one to tell you what not to do. I would encourage future explorers to bring lots and lots of oxygen. It runs out more slowly than fuel does, but you don’t know you need it until you really need it. Also, you should try not to use more fuel than necessary. Any veteran of the Pirate or Ice Caves can tell you that a good jump can take you pretty far; you don’t need to use your rocket boots with every jump. Another good way to preserve fuel: as soon as you know you’re going to have a safe landing, cut the gas and descend normally.

Me: What about the bad guys? Surely every new set of caves has its own set of villains.

Hannah: Of course! It wouldn’t be “Hannah and the (insert cave name here) Caves” without a bad guy. All you’re up against in the Kreludor Caves is an army of giant robots, who are in charge of the mining and aren’t too happy that someone’s taking their treasure.

Me: They sure sound tough! Can they be defeated?

Hannah: Not by any means I can see. I really wish I had an Armin for these guys, because I can’t walk into them any more than I can the icy skeletons. I would advise treating them like Snow Beasts and just jump over them. If you’re a beginner, use the rocket boots a little to be safe. And remember, to jump over it, you need to be farther away than you think!

Me: Are there any other new features in the Kreludor Caves?

Hannah: There are quite a few, besides the fuel and oxygen tanks. For one, if you fall from too great a height, you’ll splatter on the rocks below. Make sure you slow your descent with your rocket boots. Also, there are new doors you have to open, besides the main level door. They’re blue, pink, and yellow, and each of these has a corresponding key that you need to open it. I can’t seem to find any boulders in these caves, either, so there’s no way to destroy the spikes. You have to be extra careful.

Me: What do you plan to do, now that you’ve finished exploring the Kreludor Caves?

Hannah: I think I’m going to take a little time off. Finding all fifteen caves worth of treasure was hard work! Besides, I should let everyone else explore this one before I go and find a new set of caves. I think I might revisit my wardrobe adventure, and expand my closet a little. The makers of my wardrobe adventure designed my space suit, by the way. I think they did a fabulous job.

Me: Well, it looks like we’re running out of time here. Any last words for readers, Hannah?

Hannah: To all you fellow spelunkers out there, keep doing what you do. At some point, I’m going to retire from this business, and we’re going to need a whole new generation of explores to take over.

It seems that Hannah is as eager as ever to do some exploring! Don’t forget that as long as this is the new game challenge, you can try to beat AAA and Abigail’s scores in Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, although it seems neither of them is as good as she is. This concludes our exclusive interview with Hannah the Usul.

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