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How to Take Care of Your Pets

by _catharie_


You have adopted at least one neopet, right? Everybody who has a real pet knows that you have to take care of it, and neopets are just like regular pets; you have to not only feed them but also play with them. You have to make them feel really good with you and comfortable in their neohome. And I will show you how to make them happy, and how to keep them happy.

The first step of our guide - questions

First question- Why?

Because you don't want to see them sad. It looks really bad. Really, will a lookup with sad neopets look good? And you don't wanna make your almost-real pets feel bad.

In my opinion it is better to abandon neopets if you won't take care of them, because I'm sure that someone good will take them.

Second question - How?

It is really simple if you just wanna make them happier. Just buy the cheapest toys, books, food and furniture. I know you don't want to feed them every day and play with them, but you have to. Maybe not every day, maybe every two days, but really, take care of them.

TIP: Don't adopt four pets if you know that you won't take care of them all.

Third question - When?

Every day is the best if you are going to be a really good owner, but it is ok to feed them every two or three days. Playing? I think it is easier, because toys won't disappear if you use them, but neopets can break their toys. Grooming is important too, especially if you have a Cybunny, Wocky or Usul, and of course other pets that need a lot of care...

Second step - what you should do

To take good care, you have to do more than just feeding and playing with them. Grooming is important too. Don't forget about books and school supplies; even if there is no neoschool, neopets should know a lot. Looks like a lot of work, but it isn't so hard. To keep them happy, you should buy them a petpet, and it is good for neopets to have some armour, because there are a lot of dangerous villains all around Neopia! But petpets, armour and school supplies are things you have to buy once. Remember to buy food every day, and new toys and books sometimes too.

Third step - feeding

The most important thing.

There is a lot of food to get daily, for example giant omelette or giant jelly... Oh, but giant jelly don't exist; it is only an idea for TNT... Anyway, if you have less than 3000 neopoints, you can go to the Soup Faerie, and she will feed your pets for free.

But sometimes free food isn't enough for neopets, so I made list of 10 cheap, but delicious foods.

1. Fish - they are really delicious, healthy and cheap. For example, Eyefish, or Landfish, Tanglepus and Large Giant Squids.

2. Can of Prune Juice, Musho Mushy Peas, Baked Beans, Homemade Gooseberry Jam, Homemade Marmalade, Tin of Olives, Tin of Sardines, there are the things you should have every time. They won't get rotten if you will just put them into inventory for a loooong time, but they are always delicious.

3. Chocolate Faerie Cake, Plain Faerie Cake, Illusen's Cream Cookies, these are examples of sweets you can use as reward for your neopets.

4. Bitten Green Apple (They are already bitten, and may contain a Wriggling Grub!), Wild Coconut, Green Cabbage, Green Grapes, Stack of Slightly Used Carrots, because vegetables and fruits are important for every neopet too!

5. Mystery Island Chocolate Milk, Groggy Grog Nogg, Pretty Fizzy Fruit Drink, because your neopets can get thirsty!

6. Tarlas Mystery Meal, Lupe Snack Pack, Bag of Slymook Food

7. Brown Sauce, Citadel Stew Spice, Semolina

8. Neo Crackers, Neoflakes Cake, Mashed Potato With Gravy

9. Sprout Borovan, Ultimate Bulls Eye II Shish Kabob, Tasty Bag of Mutant Grundo Marshmallows

10. Crispies, Fajita Chips, Eggy Weggs

If you already know what you can buy, go fast to the marketplace or food shop and buy them, before someone else gets them first!

Fourth step - playing with neopets

Yes, I will make list of cheap but funny toys too.

Every neopet always wants to play with you or other neopets! A young, small Baby Korbat as well as an old Royal Lupe who remembers every single year of still growing up on the Neopets site.

Remember to play with your neopets a lot!

Now, another list.

1. Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank - Your neopet wants to have some money only for herself/himself! This piggy bank costs only ONE NEOPOINT but your neopet can put lots of money here!

2. Kookia Playset - Good choice not only for Kookia's biggest fans!

3. Kassegat Jig Saw Puzzle - Who doesn't like Jig Saws?

4. Destruct-O-Match Playing Cards - If your pets like the Destruct-O-Match game, then they would be really happy if you would buy them these cards!

5. Toy Spacerocked Slingshot - WARNING: Your neopet can throw a rock on you or on other pets.

6. Paint Your Own Sandan Set - Great choice for every creative neopet.

7. Earth Faerie Bubble Bouncy Ball or/and Fungus Ball Ball

8. Wooden Bowling Set - Bowling is awesome!

9. Sorcerers Skirmish Home Version - Teach your neopets how to play strategy games here and now!

10. Dr Sloth Bucket And Spade Set - Build your own sand castle!

Fifth step - grooming

Because every neopet won't look pretty without grooming.

Especially if your neopet is a Wocky, Xweetok, Cybunny, Usul, JubJub, Uni, Peophin or Gnorbu, maybe you don't know it, but they need grooming! As always, I made a list, but this list is other.

Brushes - Green Short Hair Brush and Green Long Hair Brush. I think everyone should have them in their inventory. They are important if you want to keep your neopet's fur shiny. I think brushing neopets once at week is enough to make them feel good, but the neopets that I wrote before need to be brushed every four or five days.

Shampoos - Uni Shampoo, it isn't only for Unis, it is cheap and really good. There are cheaper shampoos, but they are really bad... I think every neopet should use it every two weeks or so.

Soap - Tropical Flower Plant Soap, Honey Soap, Peophin Fragrant Soap - There are examples of good and cheap soaps that you can get everywhere around Neopia. If your neopets are Baby, I recommend Hypoallergenic Hand Soap.

Towel - Every neopet should have their own towel; it can be a towel named... Towel.

Toothpaste and toothbrush - Just like towels, every neopet should have their own toothbrush. The cheaper ones are Festive Holiday Toothbrush, Striped Toothbrush, Yellow Yurble Toothbrush, and Red Aisha Toothbrush. The cheapest toothpaste is Mint Flavoured Toothpaste, but if you want to use something else, try Yellow Yurble Toothpaste or Vanilla Mint Toothpaste. For every neopet that needs something... special: Mutant Tentacle Toothpaste.

Sixth step - books and school supplies

We don't want to keep our pets... just stupid. Even if there is nothing like Neoschool now, we should buy our neopets some supplies and teach them about Neopia and other important things for them.

You should buy new books sometimes, just because your pets want to know more about Neopia. Maybe one of your neopets likes reading - remember to buy some new books as a reward for her/him.

I already know good articles about school supplies for neopets - A Confused Neopian's Guide to Buying Neoschool Items by kittygirl5170 and Your Complete Guide to Back-to-Neoschool Shopping by rain_n_thunder (this is a good guide, if you don't want to spend a lot of neopoints).

Seventh step - the petpet

A Petpet doesn't need a lot of care, and you don't have to take care of it, because it is your Neopet's pet!

For girls:

  • Hopso
  • Angelpuss
  • Snow Kookith
  • Eizzil

For boys:

  • Greeble
  • Cobrall
  • Spyder
  • Splyke

There are examples of cheap, but awesome petpets!

Eight step - Battledome!

You don't really need to buy these, but I recommend it. Because while your pet is exploring Virtupets, a bad neopet/robot can attack it!

And, if you want to fight in the Battledome, I think you should have better weapons!


1 NP: Perfectly Flat Rock Shield, Small Metal Shield, Stone Shield, Sturdy Blue Shield, Warriors Round Shield, Wooden Blocking Shield

5-10 NP: Heavy Blocking Shield, Clay Shield, Large Metal Shield

30-50 NP: Basic Shield of Flight, Heavy Round Shield, Omelette Shield, Dung Shield, Sir Cheekalot Trials Shield

50-100 NP: Peanut Butter and Jam Shield, Sir Cheekalot Training Shield, Garlic Shield, Pumpkin Shield


1-500 NP: Altadorian Initiate Sword, Sword of Knowledge, Candy Cane Sword, Clay Sword


1-500 NP: Evil Snowball, Peach Snowball, Poison Snowball, Wet Snowball, Yellow Snowball, Brown Snowball, Jhudora's Snowball, Ugly Snowball, Exploding Snowball, Extra Evil Snowball, Icy Eye Snowball, Tortured Snowball, Icy Snowball, Sticky Snowball


Now... Just take a good care!

And thanks for reading! ~_catharie_

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