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Feeding Kadoaties For Beginners

by navigator123


Whether you are trying to get the Kadoatery – Mew! Avatar or simply want to do a good deed, visiting the Kadoatery can be fun and rewarding. I must admit, it is a little addicting as well. What exactly is the Kadoatery? The Kadoatery is where Kadoaties, cute little cat-like petpets, go when their owners are away for the holidays. Here they are taken care of and fed by kind Neopians like you. Although many petpets around Neopia eat anything thing you give them, such as Turmacs, Kadoaties are a bit harder to please. They require certain items, which can range from something as cheap as Neo Crackers that cost around five Neopoints to Happy Anniversary Neggs, which cost around two million Neopoints.

When you first decide to visit the Kadoatery, which is found in the Neopian Plaza right next to the Wishing Well, you may feel a bit intimidated because all you see are very expensive items. Usually unbuyables (items not found by the Shop Wizard and must be obtained through the auction, or trading post) or Happy Anniversary Neggs. What happens is at certain times throughout the day, the Kadoaties get hungry. They ask for specific items, other than expensive items one usually sees, and other Neopians quickly feed them.

You may be asking, “What time do I need to show up at the Kadoatery to ensure I feed them something more affordable?” The answer is simple; go to the Games Neoboard, and find the post entitled “Kadoatery Feeding Times.” Here, you can just simply follow the posts and know what times you need to be at the Kadoatery to see when the Kadoaties will be hungry again. When you first show up at the board, the time posted will look like “main pending @ :32” and you may be wondering what does that means. The word “main” signifies that a large majority of the Kadoaties were fed before and a large amount of them will be hungry again. You may also see the word “mini,” which signifies that only one Kadoatie was fed and another one will be hungry at the designated time. The time listed indicates the minute in Neopian Standard Time in which the Kadoaties will be hungry again. You must also know that the Kadoatery refreshes at 20 seconds past the minute. Although the time may say “main pending @ :32,” you must think that it says “main pending @ :32:20.” This is because it is assumed you have read and understood the rules and know that at the Kadoatery the Kadoaties are hungry 20 seconds past the minute. Since this is only a guide for beginners, I will not go into details on how you can keep track of time yourself.

So you understood the times at which the Kadoaties will be hungry; now it is time to find a method on how you plan on feeding them. There are three methods you can use: inventory feeding, safety deposit box (SDB feeding), and wiz feeding. I personally use wiz feeding because I find it more rewarding, but you can choose which ever method you feel more comfortable with.

Inventory feeding is the simplest method to understand. All you need to do is have the item in your inventory, and when the Kadoaties are hungry, look around to see what items they are asking for and just click on their cage. Simple as that! You may now be wondering, what on Kreludor do Kadoaties eat? There is a very extensive list found on the Kadoatery board in the Games section that you can easily access. There are hundreds upon thousands of items they want. Remember, your inventory should only hold 50 items, so having a majority of those items in your inventory is not possible. If you want to inventory feed, choose 50 items from the list and just hope one of the Kadoaties wants that item when they are hungry.

This then brings me to SDB feeding. Your safety deposit box can hold an endless amount of items. You can purchase all the items you want, or can afford, from the extensive list and safely store it in your safety deposit box. Then, when the Kadoaties are hungry, and you remember what you have stored, you can go to your SDB, find the item, and feed the Kadoatie. Now, to ensure a rapid and successful feed, I suggest you have three tabs open next to each other: The first one being the message board (so you can know the times), followed by the Kadoatery, and finally your safety deposit box. That way, when you are in your safety deposit box, you can remove the item and just tab over to the Kadoatery instead of having to click shops, then Neopia Central, then Neopian Plaza, and finally the Kadoatery.

The final method I want to discuss is wiz feeding, my personal favorite. This requires you to quickly find the item using the Shop Wizard, purchase it, and feed it to the Kadoatie. For this method, I suggest you have three tabs open as well: the board, followed by the Kadoatery, and finally the Shop Wizard, yes, in that order. With this method, you can ensure you can find the item, unless it is an unbuyable, and feed it to the Kadoatie, if you are quick enough. This method requires you to be very fast. This is because some shops have so many graphics causing your computer to crash, and thus leading to a failed Kadoatie feed. Although this has happened to me, not the computer crashing part, for the most part I have not had to deal with it too often.

Here is how I wiz feed. On my Shop Wizard tab, I ensure I have identical to phrase selected, followed by clicking on the search box. This allows the cursor to blink and readily insert the name of the item the Kadoatie wants. I go back to my Kadoatery tab and when the time comes (remember it is 20 seconds past the time listed on the Kadoatery board), I hit refresh and find an item I want to feed followed by: quickly triple clicking the item to select, then hitting ctrl+c, to copy the selected text, then ctrl+tab, to tab over to the Shop Wizard page, then ctrl+v to paste the selected item, followed by enter. Now, this may seem difficult at first and very fast, but with practice you will be able to find an item using the Shop Wizard within 5 seconds. I then quickly click the first shop on the list (hoping it would be the cheapest and also that the shop does not have too many graphics), buy the item, and tab click over to the Kadoatery tab and feed the Kadoatie. Remember, with practice, this will be much faster and more efficient.

Like I said, the Kadoatery is a fun and rewarding experience. You can get a nifty avatar out of it, a shiny trophy, or the sheer pleasure of knowing you fed a petpet in need. Remember, practice makes perfect. So play around with the different methods, stick to one that you like best, and perfect it. Happy feeding.

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