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It's Trading Time!

by amy1992192



Want to trade, but not sure how to do it successfully? Wondering why your offers are constantly being rejected or why not a single soul bids on your seemingly attractive lots?

Now, I will not pretend to be an expert, but with some years of experience under my belt and many successful trades, I can hope to offer you eager Neopians some advice. I have put this advice into several categories below:

Firstly, you may wonder why no one is offering on your trades. Here may be a few reasons why:

When your trade says cheap and it is clearly not, (e.g. putting together various non-junk-like junk and saying “1000 NP. :D”) will probably not attract any offers, unless of course, they are newbies or clueless about the TP.

When you just put “Best offer. ;)”, with or without a smiley, Neopians may check your account for some clues on what to offer, especially your shop (if you have one). Beware! If your items are significantly over-priced, chances are, they are unlikely to offer (for fear of unreasonable demand!)

If you have too many of the same item in a trade, it may discourage people from offering. Note, though, this is mostly applicable to cheap items/ food lots.

You may sound too demanding, and this can put people off or intimidate them from offering.

So, what can you learn from this?

Be reasonable – no need for an explanation.

Try and present an attractive package, for example, grouping items that fall under the same category (ice creams!), similar colours (it’s pretty), or even offer items at a lower price if they buy in bulk (1 for 100 NP; 2 for 260 NP!) or something to that extent. I am sure you get the gist, so be wise in putting up lots.

Take note of number 3 of the previous section – offer a variety of items!

Try to sound friendly or cordial in your wishlist to encourage others to bid on your lots, though this may attract low offers. Do not fret; there is a 'Reject this offer' button if the offer is not to your liking!

And of course, for those who aspire to get their offers accepted, here are a few general pointers:

Items: If you suspect the lot is in high demand, offer the requested amount of NP (assuming it is reasonable) and do NOT offer a junk item. Offering a decent one will definitely increase your chance of acceptance. Or, offer more than one, at least one being a non-junk item.

Be reasonable – keep the trader’s requests in mind, and do not offer much lower than asked for. They will not accidentally accept!

If the person seems friendly enough, you can even try haggling. This is recommended only if you think you stand a chance or if it is proposed by the trader himself; otherwise the trader may ignore you.

Do not beg; you stand a high chance of getting ignored or blocked.

And be patient! Neopets has players worldwide, with differing time zones, so do not always expect an immediate response.

As for those who are still a tad clueless about the Trading Post...

Always check the prices using the Shop Wizard (for buyable items) and the Trading Post (for unbuyable items) for estimated prices of items.

Items tend to cost more when they come in a set, like the various maps, because the costs include the hassle of having to gather it piece by piece. Whether you want to offer is entirely up to whether you are willing to invest the time.

If the trade says “FREEEE”, more often than not, it is not. They are just trying to attract offers, so don’t get your hopes up!

Be careful when offering; do not be impulsive. Just because the lot looks attractive and the trader claims it is lower than the prevailing price does not mean you should offer without checking.

And lastly, some TP lingo:

1. OBO – or best offer. That means you may get the lot at a lower price than what it is worth if you are the highest bidder, or vice versa!

2. Overpay in ETS/ HTS – Overpay with Easy-To-Sell or Hard-To-Sell items if you do not wish to bid neopoints.

3. Firm – the trader will not accept any lower than the stated amount.

4. Auto – you will get the lot immediately if you offer this amount (assuming you are the highest bidder), but the trader will accept lower.

5. K – (e.g. 100k) This means a 1000, like kilograms or kilometers, so 100k is the same as 100,000 neopoints.

6. Pure – (e.g. 100k pure) the trader will only accept the stated amount in neopoints, which means NO items except the one that is mandatory when offering on a lot.

7. Haggle – you can bargain with the trader via neomail until the two of you reach a compromise. The rule of being reasonable in your offer applies! Of course, be as polite as possible.

8. Reseller – if the trader says he does not accept this, it means he is looking for a price closest to the prevailing price in Neopia. However, some traders do accept lower offers if you are a collector of that item, but take all that is in a wishlist with a pinch of salt.

Sooo... the main take-away from this guide is, be reasonable. If you are not, you will neither get any offers nor get any offers accepted. And always be cordial and polite when refusing neomailed offers, because after all, we should all be friendly Neopians. :)

Well, that’s it, folks. My quick guide to the Trading Post ends here. I hope you find it useful! Have fun, always be polite and remember; the best way to get the items you desire is to work for it. All the best with buying and selling!

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