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Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part Five

by pretsel_is_back



     The word echoed throughout the battleground. I slowly opened one eye, and saw the dark faeries whipping their heads around to look. I could hardly see above their heads, but I could see a cloud of pink smoke erupt in front of Jhudora. She took a staggered step backwards, as the cloud began to fade, and gasped.

     The Faerie Queen now stood before her, her hands ignited with pink orbs of energy.

     “Jhudora.” Fyora glared at the dark faerie. “This time, you have gone too far!”

     “Pah!” Jhudora laughed. “You’ve always thought you were strong, but really, you’re weak!”

     She grinned.

     “And I think I know why...”

     “Don’t go there,” Fyora warned.

     “It’s because of how OLD you are...”

     “Don’t go there!” Fyora repeated.

     “Should I say, maybe, you’re NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS old?”

     “Oh,” Fyora said, her eyes turning red in anger. “You WENT there!”

     Fyora released a dozen sparks of pink energy at the dark faerie. Jhudora defended herself with a wall of dark purple, and the pink sparks harmlessly bounced off. She released a powerful wave of purple and green, right at the queen. Fyora dodged.

     “Wow,” Jhudora taunted. “You move pretty swift for an old coot!”

     “You can’t say much,” Fyora retorted. “You’re 800 years of age!”

     Jhudora gasped.

     “Oh no, you didn’t!”

     I had to say, this was the most interesting cat fight I’d ever seen!

     Unfortunately, the dark faeries had lost interest in the fight, and turned back toward us. Johnny, who now stood beside me, gave me a desperate look.

     “What do we do now?!” he asked, panicked.

     I gulped.

     “I don’t know!”

     This may seem obvious, but yes, I panicked. I shot a flame at the dark faeries, but they remained unaffected. I gulped.

     “Well, we’re toast,” I said to myself.

     “Really inspirational there, Flamethrower,” Kendall said sarcastically.

     “Put a Woollen Sock in it!” I retorted.

     Suddenly, I heard a noise. I cannot describe exactly how it sounded; it sounded a little like... fluttering wings and heroic music.

     I looked up at the sky in remark. The others soon followed, and gasped. On the horizon, where the sun now shone proudly above, we saw a whole cluster of faeries, ready to fight. Earth faeries, fire faeries, all of them flew across the mid-morning sky.

     Then I saw Jamie, leading the fleet of Earth Faeries, with her green wings flapping wildly behind her. And riding on her back, I saw a familiar face.

     “KATHRYN!” I said, my eyes welling up with emotion, as she and Jamie landing in front of us. The Kyrii slid off of Jamie’s back, grinning.

     The other fleets soon touched down, as well; each one ready in a battle stance. I couldn’t count how many, but they numbered over hundreds of thousands.

     With newfound confidence, I spluttered a few flames at the Dark Faeries in front of me. They staggered backwards from the heat, and I fled to the Fire Faerie fleet. Soon the other five joined their clan, and the real battle began.

     Together with the other Fire Faeries, I unleashed dozens of fireballs against the dark faeries. Half of them fainted from the blast. The remaining half spewed a dark cloud at us. Fire collided into it, and they both disappeared.

     Maurice and the Water Faeries raised their arms in perfect unison. The remaining water from the Rainbow Pool towered over them, as they arched it over their heads and washed it over the surrounding dark faeries. The Dark Faeries, which were now half-submerged, were then incased with ice.

     Johnny stood with the Light Faeries, as they released a blinding light over the Dark Faeries. While they were stunned, they shot a beam of light at them. Dozens more fainted.

     Monica faced off against a few dark faeries by herself, thrashing them with her dark slashes, but soon they began to outnumber her. Fortunately, Kendall and the Air Faeries stepped in to help, and released a huge whirlwind to knock the Dark Faeries off of their feet.

     Finally, the Earth Faeries finished Jhudora’s army off with a group move. The earth rumbled underneath the remaining Dark Faeries, and they all tumbled down. Then the Earth Faeries tied their limbs to the ground with vines, and their enemies couldn’t move.

     “Yes!” Fyora exclaimed. This is what she had wanted to happen the whole time!

     She turned to face Jhudora.

     “You’re not so tough now, eh?”

     “We’ll see about that!” Jhudora shouted.

     Jhudora released a GIGANTIC beam of dark purple right at Fyora. The queen knew she could only counter it with an equally powerful pink beam. The two beams met with each other, and continued to try and force each other back.

     “Our powers are too evenly matched!” Fyora exclaimed.

     “No!” Jhudora cried. “Fyora, your time is almost up!”

     And with that being said, Jhudora summoned every last ounce of power she had left, and thrust it forward.


     Fyora fell backwards, and landed onto the ground, motionless. I gasped and ran to her rescue.

     She has to get up! The fate of the world depends on it! This can’t just be over! Tears streamed down my face as I neared the queen, as she lay unconscious on the grass.

     “No,” I whispered, agonizing our defeat.

     Suddenly, Fyora opened her eyes, winked at me, and then closed them again. I understood what she was trying to do.

     “Oh no,” I said, following along to Fyora’s plan. “You have defeated the Faerie Queen! Oh, what are we to do?”

     “You need to work on acting,” Jamie mumbled to herself.

     Jhudora flashed a smile of triumph.

     “Yes, I have! Ha hah, YES! I am the most powerful faerie in Neopia!”

     She tried to raise her arms in agreement, but they wouldn’t move. She glanced down and saw they were in handcuffs, placed there by Jamie.

     “Wait, what...?”

     “Gotcha, Jhudora!” Fyora said, sitting up from her fainted position.

     “But how...?”

     Jhudora was on the verge of tears as Two Fire Faeries dragged her away.

     “I was so close! Where did I go wrong??”

     “You went wrong the minute you shouted my age!” Fyora yelled, as the Fire Faeries took to the skies, dragging their Dark Faerie prisoner behind them.

     As soon as Jhudora was out of sight, everyone cheered. I hugged Kathryn, smiling for what seemed to be the first time in ages. Kathryn hesitated a moment, then hugged back, laughing.

     Fyora silenced the crowd.

     “I’d just like to recognize some of the true heroes during this time of need.”

     She grinned at me.

     “Please give a round of applause to the Chosen Neopets!”

     The faeries all cheered and clapped as we walked up. Each one of us took a bow.

     At that very moment, I didn’t care about anything that bothered me. So what if I have creepy visions at night? So what if I was the leader? So what if my owner was an Earth Faerie? All that mattered was that the war was finally over, thanks to us.


     A few days later, back at the pound, there was celebration going on in my dorm. Maurice, Johnny, and Kendall came over to celebrate Kathryn’s homecoming with us. We had balloons and streamers (and even some cake I found at the Money Tree!) in our little room, and no one was in a bad mood.

     “Come on, guys,” Kathryn said. “You didn’t have to do this.”

     “Yes we do!” Monica replied. “You’re part of the family, remember?”

     Kathryn grinned. Her grin vanished when she took a whiff of the terrible smell that hung in the air.

     “Augh, what IS that?” she cried.

     “Old Birthday Cake,” I admitted, blushing.

     Let’s just say her face was greener than usual after I said that.

     “Let’s sing Happy Birthday!” Monica beamed, as she twirled around in her Long Orange Dress.

     “It isn’t Kathryn’s birthday!” Johnny laughed.

     “Well,” said Monica, “Let’s sing her a Happy Homecoming song!”

     We all nodded, and began to sing:

     “Happy homecoming to you! Happy homecoming to you! We hope you like really old cake, and bad singing, too!”

     We all busted out laughing.

     Just then, a knock was heard at the door. Monica bounced over to it, and opened it. Jamie walked in, carrying a present wrapped in green wrapper.

     “Jamie!” I exclaimed. “Dr. Death let you get her a gift!”

     “Since I’m working at the pound now, I might as well help celebrate upcoming events!” she said, grinning.

     “She works here now?” Maurice asked.

     “Well, it took a little convincing...”


     “Help! Get me down from this tree!” Dr Death yelled.

     “AAAAHHH! No, bad squirrel! Help!!”


     “But it was all worth it in the end,” I finished, smiling.

     Jamie smiled. She gave Kathryn the present.

     “Happy early birthday, Kathryn!”

     Kathryn ripped open the present, and gasped. In the midst of the tissue paper, was a pair of Shell Faerie Wings. She slipped them on over her shoulders.

     “They look beautiful,” Monica said, mesmerized.

     Suddenly, the wings moved! They flapped inward and out, just like a real pair of wings would! Kathryn squealed with glee and hugged my old owner.

     “Oh, I’ve always wanted a pair of these! Thank you!” Kathryn exclaimed.

     “Anytime, kiddo,” Jamie told her.

     I grinned as she turned to walk out of the dormitory. And, for a moment, I thought I saw the outline of her wings folded up underneath her jacket.

     Then again, I might just be seeing things.

The End

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