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Double Agent

by jessiemarie89


The Zafara Double Agent - a mysterious, quiet young girl. No one knows her well. Except for me. After many years of being her friend, I can predict her every move, even though there are still many things about her that I have yet to learn. She tells me almost everything. Almost. There are some things that she'll never inform anyone else of. Probably private things, which she should keep to herself. Her privacy needs to be respected, and no one else needs to get into it. But, most likely, it will never be the same for another.

     She keeps to herself. No one knows her real name; she goes by Lydia when she talks with others, which is not often. I call her Liddie. She is a backstabber. She'll spend months, even years, getting you to trust her, making you think that you know her. But then she'll turn around and do the worst possible thing to you. It'll hurt. It'll sting. But stay strong, and you may end up like me; her best friend, her confidante. A word of advice - never trust Liddie. Not until she trusts you. I promise, you'll know when she truly does. She may seem like she's told you every one of her deepest, darkest secrets, but it's almost always a lie. Because that's what Liddie is. A lie.

     She is cunning. Clever. And a good liar. She can trick you into anything. No matter how clever or cunning you are yourself, you'll always be fooled by her 'sincere' ways. Even I, with my extensive knowledge of Liddie, am sometimes tricked into the most ridiculous things. She seems to be an innocent little Zafara, with big, sad eyes that plead for your help. But really, it is all a hoax, always for her amusement or benefit. I completely understand that she enjoys it. But what I don't understand is why. There is nothing in it for her, other than that sense of gleefulness you feel after getting away with something that you never should have done.

     Liddie has dark black hair, always in a tangle atop her head. She refuses to put it up for some reason, even if it looks like a mess. Her eyes are a dark blue, some describe it as "royal blue", but I always refer to it as dark blue. They're the closest you can get to the color; it's a shade of it that will probably never be found again, so unique and beautiful, especially when they light up in joy. They attract the attention of many. Her eyes are always one of the many things that convinces people that she is simply an innocent, radiant little girl, not the liar she really is. Her skin looks pale, although Liddie is in good health, but still a shade of peach that isn't too normal. It's just part of Liddie's strange character. Nothing out of the ordinary. At least in my opinion.

     There is always one question that everyone asks. "Why does Lydia do this?" Truthfully, I do not know. The question has even been asked to her before - by me, and by others - but she simply continues to do whatever she was doing before being interrupted. She just doesn't want to answer. So please, do not ask. Ever. Sometimes she'll even get angry, rather than ignoring you. And when that happens, you really don't want to be around her. Liddie can seem like a fiend when she's in a state of anger, much unlike her usual self.

     And although she won't admit it, Liddie has a good side as well. It may not seem like it, but she really does. She has a quality many others do not have - compassion. It's one of her many wonderful traits, and this one is, by far, my favorite. Liddie can be the most loving, caring person you'll ever meet, but only when she wants to be. If you really are her friend, it will show. I can promise you that. And, as far as I know, I am the only one she really likes and trusts.


     When I first met Liddie, I was merely a child. And a perfect target for her. I had been foolish, naive, and easily tricked by Liddie's lies. Although, for some reason, Liddie seemed to like me. But why? I don't know. Probably one of her strange reasons for everything. One that will never be discovered. She even gave me a small pendant to wear, to make me trust her more. What she didn't know then was that I'd treasure it forever. I never took it off. I still am wearing it. And I will never get rid of it. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever owned, this pendant. It's my pride and joy; if I ever lost it, I'd be filled with despair.

     Liddie really enjoyed playing tricks on me, especially because I was surprised every time. Even when the tricks were repeated. I realize that then, I was rather... dimwitted. I wish I wasn't. But it influenced my friendship with Liddie, and for that, I am thankful. I thought that it was funny. Liddie thought that it was amusing to see me laugh. At that time, her pranks were simply for fun; but now, they've caused a lot of trouble. Even injuries. Maybe worse. But I won't get into that too much. Whenever I think about it, it gives me a feeling of sadness, pity, even anger if it is really horrible.

     Honestly? Do I like Liddie? Of course. She's like a sister to me; there when I'm unhappy, and squealing when I'm happy. I would never consider this part of her tricks. I know her too well. I can tell when she's lying about how she feels and when she isn't. And even though I am occasionally fooled, I know that she would never do such a thing to me. But she'll take advantage of others. She'll ask them to help her with things that she could be in trouble for. And yet, they always do that. Because they think of her as a true friend. Which is all a lie. A ploy, you might say, for attention, for happiness, for nothing. She really never does get much out of this, other than a feeling of smugness at the fact that she has tricked someone yet again.

     As we began to get to know each other a bit better, Liddie began to play fewer and fewer tricks on me. I became less and less gullible. We both liked it that way. Now, we were almost inseparable. I was always by her side, with her chattering in my ear. I realized how fun it was to watch her fool someone, even though I knew that it was wrong. It was cruel. But as I spent more and more time with Liddie, the less bad this seemed. I even began to do it myself, on occasion. I wasn't a great liar, like Liddie was, but I tricked enough people to satisfy myself. I found it quite amusing, even if others were hurt, emotionally or physically. I know that it's a terrible thing to do. I almost regret it. But it almost gave me a sense of being Liddie herself, which made me sort of... proud, in a way.

     Before I knew it, we were all grown up. Liddie and I both went our separate ways, to do whatever we would do. But before long, we would find each other again, whether it was fate or just ourselves. Throughout the rest of our lives, until now, we haven't been able to keep ourselves apart from each other. Whatever may be bringing us together, I know that Liddie is my friend, and will be as long as I live. But if, somehow, we are pulled apart, I will never forget her. Ever. And even when she hurts people who are meant to be her friend, when she ruins their lives, I'm there with her. I support everything she does, no matter how terrible and hurtful. That's what friends are for, right? I'd say so.

     And who am I, you ask? Well, that... that, you'll never know.

The End

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