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Love Your Food

by amunet022


I love my pets, don’t you? I mean, when you spend so much time playing and dressing them, there is an emotional bond that happens between us owners and our adorable pets. But what about the pets that still have that special place in our hearts... and are edible? How did they become edible? Are they often scared for their lives? Do they fear the holidays we love? To answer these questions, I sat down with three of my ‘edible’ pets and asked them all the same questions.

Me: This question to all; how did you become edible?

Pringae (Coconut JubJub): I think I was born this way; I am a native of mystery island, you know...

Pea (Pea Chia): I was zapped. I was a happy, normal Chia and was zapped! It is nice being a useful pet, but I’m still not used to the green... it’s so hard to accessorize!

Snuglly (Mallow Grundo): You handed me over to the Fountain Faerie and requested I become mallow. I’m pretty now! But I miss my legs and arms.

Me: Oh, but you all are so cute!! *clears throat* Are any of you afraid for your lives at all?

Pringae: No, not really, I know you don’t like coconut and I know you’ll protect me from Grarrls.

Pea: Same as Pringae, I know you don’t like peas. I have no fear! Though, I am afraid of being stepped on... or being lost in a mass pile of bouncy balls.

Snuglly: From you, I’m not afraid, but I am afraid of that camping troop of Unis, always wanting to make something called s'mores.

Me: I suppose that leads into holidays? Any you guys love or dislike?

Pringae: I love summertime! They have something called luaus and I’m always the center of attention!

Pea: I’m not too fond of that one holiday when everyone eats stuff... they always include peas. I’m always sad for the peas.

Snuglly: I love Halloween! Get to dress up and have fun! I am terrified of summer because of s'mores and equally dislike winter months.

Me: Why?

Snuglly: They always seem to run out of whipped cream for their hot chocolate.

Me: Thank you all for answering my questions!

After this interview, I realized that most of my ‘edible’ pets are in the form of a fruit or vegetable that I don’t eat. Of course they have wonderful lives! They’re never afraid I’ll eat them. So, to get another perspective, I found a Lime Chia in the pound and asked him about how he got there and what his life has been.

Chia: Oh, it’s not been easy. Owners trade me around a lot, get me confused with lemons and I’ve been chased by multiple WILD pets that want to squeeze me over their food or put me in fancy drinks! The scariest encounter was with a Coconut JubJub who kept chasing me around and saying that Limes must be put into Coconuts so we can be shaken up! I ran for hours! I was so tired that I think I was sweating juice!

Me: So you’ve had a rough life of being traded, squeezed and chased?

Chia: Yes. I think all pets that end up in pounds or being traded just to trade have a hard life. We’re always looking for a loving owner, but I think we ‘edible’ pets tend to be more cautious and shy of our owners first.

Me: That’s understandable! Thank you for letting me interview you.

As you can see, the life of the edible pet is a roller coaster and it really depends on the owner who adopts or trades them. Some pets are amazingly happy being ‘edible’ because they feel that their owner will not let any harm come to them and they are unique. Though, some are sad like my friend I met in the pound because they have not been loved.

For all the edible pets out there, I am creating a suggestion guide to help you obtain an edible pet that would be perfect for you:

1) Find one that is ripe (if fruit or vegetable). Unripe fruits or vegetables can be very hard to fit in with other pets due to their sour or rotten nature. However, I have heard claims that if you take in a rotten ‘edible’, through patience and love, it can become ripe again.

2) After adopting a fruit or veggie pet, please be sure to wash them thoroughly. Don’t worry, they like baths!

3) Seek out a pet you or your other pets will not be tempted to eat. Perhaps you can overcome your urge to nom on your Carrot, but your Cybunny might not!

4) Pay special care to ‘edible’ pets that can melt in water... like Mallow Grundos and Biscuit Pets.

5) Some Onions find it offensive to cry in front of them.

6) If you reside in a warm climate like the Lost Desert or Tyrannia, do not adopt a Chocolate, Custard, or Ice pet. They prefer colder climates.

7) Garlic pets feel useful in the Haunted Woods, but most establishments do not allow the Garlic pets to enter.

8) Pumpkin or Halloween JubJubs are terrified of carving knives. As with any sharp object, please keep them away from your pet (and yourself if you’re not old enough to handle them).

9) Do not put Ice pets in freezers; it makes them lonely.

10) Chokato pets dislike being used as beach balls.

11) While petting a Durian or Thornberry Chia, please use protective hand gear.

12) Please do not confuse Lime Chias with Lemon Chias. Lime Chias are green while Lemon Chias are yellow. Many fruit wars have broken out due to this innocent mistake.

13) Asparagus Chias tend to shy away from owners named Adam and have been known to run away.

14) Please keep your Pea and Grape Chias in a high place at home and carry them while out and about, to keep them from getting stepped on.

15) Jelly pets jiggle; this does not mean they’re fat.

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