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Advanced Mini-Game Strategies

by mastertrainer9750


There are some more in depth strategies to several of the Key Quest Mini-Games that can be looked into at greater detail. If there is a particular Mini-Game that you don't like because you cannot figure out how to do it, then this is the guide for you. Almost guaranteed to at the very least make YOU think you are getting better.

This week we will be looking at three Mini-Games in more detail and they are Neogarden Grow, Spyder Scare, and Nova Matcher. Next week there will be further discussion about many of the other Key Quest Mini-Games. Hopefully you will gain enough insight from these three to help improve your skill at Mini-Games.

The first of these Mini-Games to be discussed will of course be Neogarden Grow. This is the Mini-Game where you have to grow four plants and pick them before your opponent has the opportunity to pick theirs. I am going to assume you know the basics... you don't? Okay, let me explain. There are four little mounds of dirt and you start with your watering can already equipped. Place your can over the mounds and water. Simple, right? Next, grab your clippers after each mound has been watered twice and you will be able to trim your flowers. Four trims and you win the Mini-Game!

Advanced Neogarden Grow Strategy: Okay, now we probably all know already how good our internet connection is and how fast our computer is. Assuming you have a decent processor in your computer, then this is the strategy for you. To start with, we are going to call each mound from left to right mound 1, mound 2, mound 3, and mound 4. Did you know that you can water two of those mounds at once if you can get your placement down? Here is how to do it.

To water mound 1 and mound 2 at the same time, place the corner of your watering can just to the right of the crest on mound 2. By just a little, I mean it should be right on top of that bump next to the top of mound 2. Simple, right? Good. To water both, just don't move the mouse; simply click when the time comes and you will water again.

To water mound 3 and mound 4, you are basically going to rinse and repeat. This double watering is a little trickier; however, I am confident that with some practice you will be able to do it in time at all. Just remember not to move the mouse once you start watering the first time as this can move the watering can.

The next Mini-Game we will be discussing is Spyder Scare. This simple game is probably not as scary as you have led yourself to believe. The main thing is this. In a Two Player Key Quest game, if you know what you are doing, then this game is your bread and butter. Allow me to explain.

Advanced Spyder Scare Strategy: Okay, now simply put, you have your items to collect in green, your power up orbs in silver blue (speed up) and dark purple (freeze opponent) and now the way to go about winning this game is to simply freeze your opponent. If you notice your opponent is eying a path to a purple orb, then beat him to it, OR if there is an item to collect between him and the orb, let him go a moment before yourself; that way he is stuck collecting that item and you can collect the orb. This not only prevents you from getting frozen in the game, but it also freezes him!

When you find yourself on the losing end of this strategy, it is never fun. Hopefully it happened right away and you will still have time to recover; however, if you manage to pull off freezing your opponent, try to keep in mind that time is of the essence. Closer items means more collects so get to them first. Grab a silver orb to make collect times faster. Above all, stay aware of your opponent, as an unfrozen opponent could mean a frozen you!

The final Mini-Game to be discussed this week is Nova Matcher. This simple game asks you to click on a nova, then click on a nova that matches it. Every time the board clears, it refills, and there are four of each type of nova. There are eight different kinds of novas and 32 total per board.

Advanced Nova Matcher Strategy: Okay, simply put, this game is all about your speed with your mouse. Click pairs that are side by side for quick combos and keep racking up your score. Your opponent is going to, nine times out of ten, go for the bright colors. Unless you are amazingly fast, start with the dull colors that are close together, then aim for the bright. I have noticed a 4-12 point difference in doing this strategy over going for bright colors first, even when opponent has barely gotten anything. As a final note here, please watch out for the pink novas, as one has a pink aura around it and the other kind has a blue aura around it.


Some closing notes I would like to add is that no matter how a strategy may seem to be foolproof, the best way to test it is to go out and try it for yourself. Don't just take my word for it; apply these strategies, and hopefully you would have gained at least something from everything I have shared today. Even if you already knew this stuff, it never hurts to get a quick reminder. Just remember that Key Quest is for the enjoyment of the Key Quest Player. Play smart, play hard, and play fair! Until next week, may your Key Quest conquests be many!

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