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A Report on Hubrid Nox: Zafara style!

by chocolate_lover67


Hubrid Nox is one of the evilest villains in Neopia, and for our project on the evil things of the world, we chose to write about him. This report was written by Zo and Zafare, the Zafaras from Miss Bruceton's fourth period class. We've arranged this essay into four parts: A brief biography, life habits, appearance in pop culture, and fashion sense, with comments put into parentheses. For your convenience, we've also put our name by our comment, to minimize confusion.

Part I: A brief Biography

Hubrid Nox is this Chia who lives in a tower in the Haunted Woods. He appears to be very evil (and even has an evil laugh to go with it that sounds a bit like this: MWA HA HA HA HA!) and tries to raise armies of undead so he can take over the world. He seems to be pretty stereotypical, not unlike Sloth, and they both have cliche plots that involve blowing things up and having huge armies. Oh, and neither of them have succeeded yet. Hubrid Nox, as revealed in Neopia magazine this week, loves cheesecake and is best friends with the Quiggle from the Coconut Shy. He hates the Spider Grundo and Balthazar after they embarrassed him at the Annual Haunted Woods Villain Convention. Plus, there's the whole spell casting thing from Neoquest II (which will be explained further in the "Appearance in Pop Culture" section). He also uses tons of hair gel and his Grooming Parlor bill totals to almost half a million neopoints a month!

(Zo: Ew, how on Neopia could anyone like Cheesecake? It's just gross!

Zafare: I bet Hubrid Nox and Sloth would get along well... Maybe they'd try to take over Neopia together!

Zo: But wouldn't that be bad?

Zafare: That would mean less cheesecake.)

Part II: Life Habits

Like mentioned before, Hubrid Nox lives in the Haunted Woods. He has a big tower, and other than the fact that he's a supervillain bent on taking over Neopia, he probably lives the same way we do, only with ghosts and undead things and hair gel. He also has a habit of going up to random Neopets and making them sick. We, Zo and Zafare, went and looked through a whole bunch of Neovian press magazines and newspapers (courtesy of Zafare's brother, Drizlm) and found out that Hubrid used to have this servant guy named MAGAX but then MAGAX realized that Hubrid had lost his marbles, so he dedicated his life to stopping the Chia from taking over the world. Their little fight thing is so famous, they have a game all to themselves: MAGAX: Destroyer II. Apparently you can get an avatar from it, so it's pretty popular among the populace.

(Zafare: I've actually gotten that avatar! It wasn't too hard, but it was boring seeing all those undead... things flying at you all the time. Hubrid Nox, too, he was pretty creepy. He even disguised himself as a Cybunny.

Zo: I bet he lost his marbles because of too much cheesecake...

Zafare: Could you be any more obsessed?

Zo: I'm just saying! Gosh... )

Part III: Appearance in Pop Culture

Like all villains, Hubrid Nox is portrayed in a bunch of books and games. He appears in MAGAX: Destroyer II, but also in Neoquest II, in his little tower with nine floors. He was put under a spell by Edna the Witch (who's also a Zafara!) when she used him as a power source for her spell. He's an optional boss, but he drops equipment and you get good experience from fighting him, so many Neopians venture into his tower and brave the horrors, just for the stuff. He's very tedious, though, because he keeps healing himself and he slows you down a lot. On the bright side, he doesn't do so much damage. What's scarier than Hubrid Nox himself are the Hands of Nox, a bunch of wizard-like Chias that haunt his tower and try to kill adventurers. The Hands are really dangerous to Mipsy, the Acara, because she has low hit points. But that's kinda irrelevant.

(Zo: I've always had good luck with Corrode potions, though I ended up using sixteen of them.

Zafare: Sometimes I just step around him. Nine floors? Really?

Zo: You get good equipment, though!

Zafare: And then you get killed by his Hands on the way back.

Zo: True... )

Part IV: Fashion Sense

While many would think this part is completely irrelevant, we beg to differ. All supervillains need to have a signature fashion style. Jhudora has her purple and green thing, Sloth has a sludgy-greenish robe thing with a huge hairdo, and Masila has her brooch and earrings. Naturally, Hubrid would have a villain costume too, and guess what his is? That's right: A high-necked cape with lots of hair gel (see Part I). His fashion sense would make anyone cringe, especially the Uni at the clothing store at the Bazaar. Should you analyze his cloak, his head is practically overshadowed by the height and it makes him appear Korbat-like. His ruffled shirt, to be blunt, is very prissy. Unless you live in Neovia, all of Neopia would agree: Hubrid Nox needs an extreme makeover. However, his cape was on sale at the NC Mall a few months ago, meaning that although Neopians look down on his fashion sense, there are still those wannabes who model their wardrobe after him. This is very hard to believe for some Neopets (see comments below).

(Zafare: His shirt is pink. Pink, on a villain, ruins the effect.

Zo: The ruffles makes him look like Aqua, my prissy sister.

Zafare: Since when does Aqua have ruffled shirts?

Zo: She doesn't; I just thought it would be an appropriate comment.

Zafare: But still, why would anyone want Hubrid Nox's cape?

Zo: Not only is it ugly, I'm fairly sure it's a fire hazard too.

Zafare: How do you know?

Zo: I don't, I made it up.)

So in conclusion, Hubrid Nox is one evil (and fashion-challenged) Chia who will someday take over Neopia with his army of undead. Until then, we hope that MAGAX (and Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm) will be able to stop him.

(Zafare: Don't forget his bad clothing.

Zo: And the cheesecake. Ugh...

Zafare: Right. Let me re-type that.)

In conclusion, Hubrid Nox is one evil (and fashion-challenged) Chia who will someday take over Neopia with his army of undead, bad fashion, and cheesecake. Until then, we hope that MAGAX (and Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm) will be able to stop him. Thank you for reading our report!

Teacher's comments: This report was very well planned out. The word choice could be slightly better (too many of the word "thing"). However, it is completely unrelated to the topic assigned, which was to describe a beloved petpet.

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