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Affordable Books for Your Intellectual Pets

by 1imagination_2movers


Every owner loves a smart pet, and we all know that books can make them smarter. You can find books all over Neopia! In Faerieland, Neovia, Kreludor, and even just Neopia Central there are great books just waiting to be read! But, just like in the real world, there are good books, bad books, and just downright weird books. But how can you tell which are which? That’s what I’m here for! Just for you I will review six books under 1000 NP for you to buy your pet!

Good Books

1. The End of the Tunnel- Faerieland Bookshop- This was a truly inspiring book. The Light Faerie gives pets an insight of her wisdom and positivism. She shares three touching stories of how she used her powers to prove to three doubtful Neopians that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel.” It is a good book to read to young pets to teach them good habits and virtues, and a good book to give to older pets to have them read for themselves. I highly recommend it. It got my pet, El_Fa_Ba out of a gloom fest a few months ago. I still don’t know what could’ve made her so sad... *shifty eyes* Well, anyways, this book costs only 470 NP. It’s a classic and makes a great gift.

2. The Happy Blumaroo- Magical Bookshop- This book is yet another classic. It is about Bipple the Blue Blumaroo, a young, happy, energetic pet who loves to bounce. But one day, he meets Argo, a Darigan Blumaroo, who challenges him to a bouncing competition. The contest gets fierce, but in the end, Bipple discovers that bouncing, like any activity, isn’t about competing, it’s about having fun! This is a great story to share with Neopians who are very competitive. It will teach them a good lesson while sharing a very nice story. This Neopian classic only costs 674 NP.

Bad Books (In my opinion)

1. Dont Bug Me- Magical Bookshop- This book is about Bernie the Buzz who enters a Battledome Tournament and finds that he is really good. I think this book was bad for a few reasons: 1.) I never really cared for the Battledome. In my opinion, it advertises violence and makes the winner feel good beating up someone/something else. To me that’s just cruel. 2.) I don’t particularly get how Bernie can find his “calling” at the Battledome. Will he be a professional Battledome participant? Is there even such thing? And 3.) It leaves the reader hanging at the end, saying, “And Bernie continued his days fighting at the Battledome.” What does that even mean? Does he become pro? Or does he just continue to fight there with his friends? These are the questions that haunt me... Well, you can see how ridiculous it is yourself by reading the book, if you have nothing better to do. This one costs 956 NP.

2. Repairing Your Ship- Booktastic Books- This book is about what to do when your spaceship breaks down. Ok, right. Well, first of all, let’s hope nobody ever needs to use this book, because that would mean that they are in mortal peril. Then again it is good to be prepared. But this book is just sooo boring that I fell asleep when reading it. All it talked about was parts, and problems, and blah, blah, blah! And it’s not that helpful. I went to Kreludor, broke my spaceship (purposely, just to see if the book works), and attempted to use this book to fix it. It flew five feet off the ground then crashed. Tut tut. I seriously hope that the person who wrote this book knew how bad it is, ’cause if they didn’t... Oh dear. Well, if you really want to be prepared, this book costs 995 NP.

Downright Weird Books (Again, in my opinion)

1. No Need to be Rood- Neovian Printing Press- Well, first of all, rude is spelled wrong. I hope you all noticed that. But it wasn’t that I can’t spell. It’s the actual title. Weird. Second, the book’s catchphrase is “Sometimes it really just isn’t necessary.” What the Meepit is that supposed to mean?! Sometimes? Does that mean at other times it is necessary? Alright... Now who would want to read a book about not being rude? Or in this case, ‘rood’. I mean, that’s why we have parents! Our young pets look up to us and we tell them not to be rude, not a book. Or are they replacing us with books now? Do they want to raise children via books? And what’s with the “rood”? Is that a new form of rudeness or something? I understand that there is a Blumaroo on the cover, but still! I mean c’mon! Well, whatever it is, it’s just weird. But if you want to experience this weirdness close up, this book costs 397 NP. Rood...?

2. Book of Bruce- Magical Bookshop- Wow! This book is really... strange! From the description, it seems as if a Bruce is being hunted. Well, after reading the book, I found out that Brennah the Bruce had something that wasn’t hers and the owner wanted it back. Ok, let’s backtrack. Numero uno: the Book of Bruce? What is it, the Book of Pooh? Not a very original name. Numero dos- Are there hunters in Neopia? If so, I’m scared! I would hide my pets in my Safety Deposit Box! It doesn’t seem a very good book to read to young Neopians. It might scare them. But if you want to share this strange book with your older pets, it costs 913 NP.

Well, there you have it. Six books. Two good. Two bad. And two weird. I hope this has inspired you to go out and read your pets some books. And might I recommend any one of the six I have here, because if you buy them where I have listed and say my name at the counter, you’ll get a discount. ; )

~1imagination_2movers a.k.a. Maggie

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