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Dazzlefyre's Book Reports

by dragonfur77


Hello, Neopia! I am Dazzlefyre, and at the time of writing, I am a yellow Grundo. I'm a lab pet, as well as a poet and a book-lover. The Neopian Times always excites me with every coming issue, and I've always wanted to get in. So, I thought of a genius idea: Book reports! Yup, it's somewhat overdone, but it's an idea. So I don't get more off topic than this, I present to you: Dazzlefyre's Book Reports!

Poems of Brightvale

This is one of my favorite books. It has many poems either about Brightvale, or written by Brightvalians. There are some interesting must-reads in here, including Motes: the Battledome Pets, and True Knowledge. There are poems for all ages, and I can guarantee that everyone who reads it will like it. It will only disappear when you've read all the poems in the book, so don't skip over any! ;) There are also rumors about a sequel coming out soon, so if you read this and liked it, keep an eye on the news.

Discover Xweetoks

I'd bet the first thing that came into your mind was, 'But you're a Grundo!' The thing is, I was originally a Xweetok! I often read this book, to remember what it was like. Anyway, this book is all about Xweetoks, and any person who loves Xweetoks or wants to adopt one into their family should have it. A lesser known fact that is included in this book is that many Xweetoks live on Mystery Island! This is a cheap book that most Neopians could afford, and since Xweetoks are growing more popular by the day, I'm sure any Neopet would like to read this. :) Oh, and this is also good for pets who know that there will be a Xweetok coming into their home soon.

Gruslen Pop-Up Book

This book is a great read for younger Neopets! Gruslens pop out at the reader, a new picture as you turn the page. It also includes a story about a young Gruslen's life, and like most books aimed at younger Neopians, it is a happy story. It's also good for older Neopians who either want to look back at their past, or to read to younger brothers or sisters. If you're just starting to read, I'd suggest this one-- It's cheap, too! But just a warning, if you start liking this book too much, you will ask to get painted orange/spotted and have a Gruslen as your permanent Petpet.

I Love Games

This vaguely named book is a story about everyone's favorite gaming Blumaroo-- AAA! It's a heartwarming story of how he became Neopia's game master, and I've actually seen it turn video game-loving Neopets into that and bookworms! I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I'll just say that a lot goes on in this book. It may take up to a week to finish it, or even a month! Not all Neopians would spend their money on this book, but you may have it from the Daily Dare that finished in the Month of Running this year, but otherwise you can buy it for about 5000 neopoints. I'd suggest this mainly for older Neopets. After reading this book, you may have the desire to play games.

Shades of Grey

This is an interesting story... That's really all I can say without ruining it all. It's a relatively short book with two interesting characters: A grey Chomby who is sad all the time, and a white Kyrii who is happy all the time. This is a really good story that shows many examples of character improvement. No matter how it sounds to you, it actually has a happy ending! It's somewhat expensive, but it's a good read. You might want to save up for this one; it's worth reading.

Fireplace Tales

This book could also very well be called 'Campfire Tales'. This book has a nice mix of short stories, everywhere from mysteries to horror stories to... Well, it pretty much includes every single genre you can think of. I've actually brought this book on camping trips with me, so I could read all the awesome stories by the campfire. It was actually a big hit, so now I buy this book before every trip that there's going to be a campfire at. Or a fireplace, of course. I'd suggest this book for older Neopians, because of the horror stories-- My only 'baby' sibling acts like she's at least ten, so... yeah. It's a cheaper book, so most could afford it.

101 Negg Recipes

This is a great book for the chefs who have an overload of neggs to cook with. I actually bought this book a while ago, and tried to cook. It gives pretty detailed instructions, so nearly anyone can use it. Needless to say, I did a good job cooking that Purple Negg with the Scary Soup. Heheh. It's also nice because it keeps you from spending too many neopoints! So if you want to become a master chef someday, just keep playing Island Chef Academy... And read this book, all the way through. Just a warning, it sometimes will poof in the middle of when someone's reading it. Luckily, it's cheap.

Glitter 101

Like the description says, this book is all about glitter. It's actually quite interesting, and I'd say it's good for all ages. But Neopians, watch out-- This book also includes glitter stickers with it! Try not to let the younger Neopets get too many of those out. Oh, and a tip for you, the book will only disappear when you take the sticker sheet out. The book will poof, and you can keep the sheet. This book was enjoyable, and it was relatively cheap, too!

Grarrl Mythology

This book is chock-full of adventure stories, passed down from generations of Grarrls! Includes interesting stories that include Hygrar, the four-headed Grarrl, and many Grarrl champions. I'd suggest this mainly for older readers, because there is a small amount of things that I don't think younger Neopets should read about. But if they want to become a Battledome champion, or plainly ARE a Grarrl, I'd say go ahead. It's cheap enough, so go to your local bookstore and buy!

And I don't think there's anything else I need to say! Goodbye, Neopia, and happy reading!

~Dazzlefyre: Lab Rat, Poet, Bookworm

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