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To Read or Not To Read? (A Supplement)

by bittersweet52


In a previous article (“Achievement Award Books: To Read or Not To Read?”), reviews were published for four books (Altadorian Archives, When to have Goals Early, Taking the Offensive, and The Goalie) released this year as Achievement Awards for the Altador Cup V Tournament. However, since the writing of that article, further Altador-Cup-related books have been released. To complete the original article, I would like to offer you this supplement.

Due to the magical nature of Neopian books, reading a book to your pet may result in the book disappearing in a puff of magical, coloured smoke. Which is worth more, the price a book could fetch in your shop or that extra intelligence point for your pet? Now that the Altador Cup Tournament has ended and prices have somewhat stabilized, this article can help you to make a better informed decision regarding your remaining Altador Cup books.

The Shop Wizard JubJub was consulted for up to date prices as of the 20th day of Swimming, Y12.

Altador Cup Rule Book

Achieved by: Accumulating a high amount of scores during the Altador Cup; awarded randomly.

Official description: All of the rules for the Altador Cup Tournament are found in this book.

Rating: One flipper up.

Review: A complete, well-organized, highly informative volume on the Altador Cup. A large section is devoted entirely to Yooyuball, but Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown are all treated with respect. Every pet is encouraged to find a copy of Altador Cup Rule Book and read it. However, with a price tag set right around 50,000 NP, it is understandable that many owners will not be able to afford a copy for each pet, and the chances of a Neopian book not going up in smoke after the first read-through are still quite low (the Library Faerie is rumoured to be working hard on laboratory research to combat this phenomenon). Still, if every owner procured at least one copy for one of their pets, and read it together with him or her, there would be a lot less bickering on the Neoboards regarding the Altador Cup Standings each night when the scores are updated during the Altador Cup Tournament. Knowledge is power, and being well-informed could end many arguments for next year's Altador Cup before they have a chance to start.

Altador Cup Magazine

Achieved by: Accumulating a high amount of scores during the Altador Cup; awarded randomly.

Official description: Keep up with all of the latest news with this daily magazine.

Rating: One flipper up.

Review: A highly entertaining publication full of glossy, full-page photographs and insightful articles. Meant to be a daily publication, the magazine was actually canceled by the publishing house soon after the end of the Altador Cup in Y12. This first and only issue of the magazine has thus become a collectors item, and if you've kept it in pristine condition, it can fetch over 120,000 NP in some circles. Even slightly worn copies (thumbed edges, bent corners) can have prices high enough to make them unbuyable in user shops. Although reading and literacy are always highly encouraged by this writer, my gut feeling is that the Altador Cup Magazine will only increase in value as time goes on, and I recommend you keep your copy in a safe place (such as your safe deposit box) and watch the market with a keen eye. If the Neovian Printing Press decides to pick up the magazine, we may all have another chance to peruse the old (and new!) issues. Kat is hoping for this development, although we both understand that investors are hoping the magazine stays permanently canceled.

Altador Cup Through the Ages

Obtained by: Joining a team for the fifth annual Altador Cup Tournament, having participated in the fourth Altador Cup Tournament in Y11.

Official description: Learn the stories both good and bad of the games and the lives of the Altador Cup.

Rating: Two flippers up.

Review: Altador Cup Through the Ages successfully blends historical facts with plain ol' good story-telling. The book does not go into as much detail as the Altador Cup Rule Book, but it does provide a similar amount of information about Yooyuball, and the side games, going over the history of the games, their origins, and when they were introduced into the Altador Cup, as well as how scoring and standings have changed with the addition of new side games. Interspersed throughout the chapters are interesting factoids about Altador itself, as well as famous quotes by your best-loved Yooyuball players past and present.

Intro to Altadorian Verbage

Obtained by: Having two or more correct guesses in Round 2 of the Altador Cup V Staff Tournament.

Official description: Learn to blend in while you are in Altador with this book.

Rating: One flipper up.

Review: Although the information in the pages of Intro to Altadorian Verbage is accurate in every way, the language of Altador is not so different from the common Neopian we all speak each day. As an intelligence boost, the book serves its purpose (and at a reasonable price), but the volume itself is a bit dry and not quite as rewarding as other reads.

Good Sportsmanship

Obtained by: Having four correct guesses in Round 2 of the Altador Cup V Staff Tournament.

Official description: Learn the ways of champions that have good sportsmanship.

Rating: Two flippers up!

Review: By the same author as Taking the Offensive, once again we are regaled with personal anecdotes from past Altador Cup Tournaments, transcripts of one-on-one interviews with the most famous and successful Yooyuball players, and real life examples of how the lessons learned in Yooyuball can apply to every day life. Good Sportsmanship teaches your pet to respect others, to respect themselves, and to live their lives with decency and courtesy towards others. Learn about your favorite Altador Cup players while also learning how to be a good Neopian!

The Taste of Tears

Obtained by: Submitting a guess in the Final Round of the Altador Cup V Staff Tournament.

Official description: A biography of defeat in the Altador Cup.

Rating: One flipper up.

Review: A touching, dramatic story of near victories and slim defeats. There are many lessons to be learned from the stories in The Taste of Tears. The book is set up as a collection of memoirs from two groups of Altador Cup teams: those who fought their way to the top of the Finals only to fall short and end up in second, third, and fourth place; and those underdogs who play their hearts out each year but always end up in the bottom tier. Slightly depressing, with only the faintest glimmer of hope in the stories of the top tier runner-ups. It's a toss up whether you'd be better off selling the book for Neopoints or dowsing the puffs of powder blue smoke with your tears as you finish the last page.

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