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Relic and Woodland Pets, Oh My!

by carrotbreath


Lately many new colours are making their way into Neopia, from a Relic Paint Brush to the more recent Woodland Paint Brush. This all began with a Relic Shoyru, who appeared in the news and set the trend for other neopets. Now the news has featured a Woodland Acara, who is the first species to try out this more natural look, and you thought colours couldn't get more natural than the famous fruit Chias. Traditional Neopians may seem wary to try a new look while others may be head over heels. There are many pros and cons that may help indecisive Neopians make the leap and purchase one of these paint brushes for their neopet.

Instead of rejecting and denying these new colours, why not accept them and use them to your advantage? You can come up with fun stories of how your pet become Woodland or Relic and submit them to the Neopian Times or Storytelling Contest. They don't exactly have to be perfect, as long as you're creative and have fun. Perhaps one of Jhudora's spells got out of hand, or Edna finally did something with her Rainbow Scroll of Negg Charming or one of those various magic items that we help make, but never know exactly what she does with them (you know what I mean). And I'm sure that ever since Stone Paint Brushes became retired you've been saving up those rock jokes, which can easily be applied to Relic pets, or you can assemble a whole new arsenal of puns for Woodland pets.

When you first looked at that Relic Shoyru in the news, many thoughts may have rushed through your head. Perhaps whose gaze placed him in that petrified state, the authority the Shoyru must have by standing on that rock platform, or the prestige that comes with the title "Relic." You may have been dismayed by the idea of lugging around a Relic neopet around Neopia, but don't fret, your neopet may look like a mound of rock but does not get any heavier. Your Relic pet will not be just an average rock, he/she will still require just as much care and attention as any other neopet, even though you may feel silly shampooing your Relic Cybunny. He/She will still need armour in the Battledome, Snowager blasts will still affect them, and clothes will still fit them as well as any other neopet. Although you probably were looking forward to these perks, there may be some things you'd be glad to live without. As anyone would tell you, a rock's favorite type of music is of course: ROCK! But lucky as previously mentioned, your Relic neopet isn't your average rock, therefore he/she won't be whining endlessly about wanting to see Stick N' Stones in the Concert Hall, and save you a trip to Tyrannia.

A brave Acara appeared recently showing the effects of a Woodland paint brush, and Neopians knew that plants weren't only for your neohome anymore. Willing to be subject to Neopia's judgement, alas the Acara was received with mixed emotions. Many users wondered, "What's next?" Others couldn't wait for a visit from Jacko or a lucky zap. Like a Relic pet, you may want or not want a Woodland pet due to misconstrued ideas. Some may be wondering whether their pet may get a serious burn from the lamps in their classic neohome, whether the Brain Tree or Illusen will take pity upon their pet, or the Earth Faerie will take favour. None of these are true; your pet will act and be affected the same way any basic coloured pet would. And if you have ever had difficulties maintaining and caring for a plant, a Woodland pet will never wilt or sprout fruit; don't worry about trimming those leaves, and have you noticed those two holes on the Acara's front paws? Well, be sure to check regularly for petpetpets!

Now that you may still plan on getting one of these new colours, why not plan ahead and scurry to the NC Mall or Clothes Shop for some sort of idea of how you will customize your Neopet to go along with his/her new look? Relic is the new black. You can't go wrong; Relic pets go great with every background. A Grey Day Background now not only goes great with Grey pets, but if you customize your Relic pet just right, this background would be perfect. The same with any other background, whether you would like to support your team during or after the Altador Cup, or place your pet in a peaceful garden setting, the options are limitless. Another crucial decision you'll have to make regarding your Relic pet will be what petpet they would prefer best. Don't immediately jump towards the Rock petpet option and try out various other petpets.

When you look at your Woodland pet, you might rush to buy them every item with Woodland in the title, and eventually dress them up as a Woodland Archer, for example. Although this may look good depending on the species, be sure to first try a more creative approach and experiment to find the ideal look for your pet. Your pet won't only look good in a forest setting. Also remember not to clutter your pet up with too many items in which they might get lost.

Now that I have probably ruined some ideas and plans that you may have planned for your Relic and/or Woodland pet, it's good to say that your pets will still be quite the lookers. Be sure to care for your pets, not saying there's a connection to the rock monsters in Moon Rock Rampage or the Brain Tree, but they can get quite feisty without the proper care. And although I have nagged over and over how colours won't affect how your pet behaves or how it is affected, just be sure not to take your Relic pet to the Rock Quarries, or your Woodland pets to the Haunted Woods or else you'll learn what owners of Camouflage pets have to deal with.

Disclaimer: This article is mostly my opinion, even though I don't myself have a Relic or Woodland pet but hope you enjoy it.

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