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UnaRae's Awful Day

by alt1981black


My name is UnaRae, but everyone calls me Una. I'm a yellow Koi. My owner, Luann, tells me that I'm yellow since I'm like a drop of sunshine. However, even sunshine can be overshadowed by clouds. I recently went through one of those rare overcast days. They rarely ever occur, but when they do happen, they never agree with me. I suppose I'm just a bit too sunny at times!

     That day began when I woke up one morning. I sprang out of bed, as usual, but this morning I tripped over the skateboard that my brother Zadar had forgotten to put away after borrowing it from me. I zoomed through the air and fell flat on my face. I saw stars as I landed. Right then, I knew it was going to be a bad day. I looked up and saw the skateboard, and I scowled as I remembered how it had ended up on the floor.

     I picked up the skateboard and grumbled under my breath, then I put it into my closet and rubbed my aching side. I picked up my tube of toothpaste and toothbrush and went down the hall to the bathroom to clean my teeth. Someone had left the water on and the sink had been plugged. Water was spilling over the sides and onto the floor. I stepped into the puddle, shrieked, and grumbled about carelessness once again. Then I worked to unplug the sink and mop up the water. By then I was late in getting to breakfast, and I hurriedly gulped down a glass of milk and took a green apple with me. The apple had a grub in it. Yuck! I spat out the grub and coughed a bit. That was just awful.

     Since I had been late for breakfast, that meant I was even later in getting off to Neoschool. I was so glad it was the last day for a while, since there would be no Neoschool for a week, due to my family's taking a vacation to visit Mystery Island cousins very soon. The Haunted Woods can be great, but sometimes it has its days! I had a late start in getting to Neoschool, and even worse, I had left my math homework at home! Oops! My math teacher gave me a mild lecture, then said my grade would be lowered when I turned it in next time. Boy, was I mad about that, but I knew it couldn't be helped. I took my seat again and felt my face flush, but after a while, I felt a bit better.

     Things weren't so bad at Neoschool, after the lecture, but after school came one of the worst parts of my day. My friend Smiet, a very nice Ruki, and I decided to visit Faerieland on a whim. I wanted to feel better after my awful morning, so Smiet suggested we visit Faerieland. So we went there to watch Poogle races and have a jolly time. On the way home, we stopped by a strange cloud that was a seething mass of green-purple. Jhudora's Cloud.

     "Want to do a favour for me?" asked Jhudora, smiling innocently enough. Smiet said no thanks, but I said absolutely. "Fetch me a Dung Carpet," announced Jhudora. My stomach twisted at the thought, but I went to Tyrannia to get Jhudora her precious dung carpet.

     The line was long at the shop, and full of noisy Neopians, most of them Tyrannian natives. The shop smelled awful! I found the dung carpet, paid for it, and returned to Jhudora with Smiet, though she was holding her nose all the way there. I unfurled the carpet and smiled at Jhudora. She smiled back, then reached into a box next to her. She handed me a lollipop. I took it, shook my head in disgust, and left. I had to do a lot of work, just to get a lollipop from that faerie? I was fuming. Worse, I was hungry! I was going to be late for dinner, so I decided I might as well eat the lollipop to tide me over a while.

     I unwrapped the lollipop and proceeded to eat it. That was a big mistake! All of a sudden, I felt very sick. I felt my tongue swell up in my mouth, and very soon I was not able to talk! I drooled all over the place, too. Smiet looked at me, then walked home with me, waved, and left. I went inside and burst into tears. It had been such a horrible day! Now, on top of everything, I was sick after eating a lollipop! How much worse could my day possibly get?

     Luann came in after a while, and saw me sitting on the sofa, with tears in my eyes and my tongue hanging out of my mouth. "Una, I hope you're packed and ready to go. Did you eat your dinner? Una? What's wrong, Una?" Luann sat down next to me, and noticed that I was sick. She didn't say another word, only took me by the fin and got me to the Neopian Hospital. A bit later, we were at the pharmacy. I sat on a chair and Luann went to the counter to get my medicine. I leaned my head back and tried not to get too much drool everywhere.

     "Una, here's your medicine! I'm so glad there was a Tongue Shrinker Injection still available. Now, hold still, dear. One poke and you'll be cured!" A poke? I didn't like that idea at all! I fussed at first, but Luann held me down and administered the medicine quickly. I felt my tongue shrink down to normal size, but I was sore from the poke. Then we went back home, and we sat on the sofa. Luann studied my face for a moment. "Now Una, since you're better, tell me how this happened."

     I told my owner the entire story. She listened, a slightly stern expression on her face, but she said nothing until I had finished. Then she told me I should have known better for taking candy from a strange faerie who was known to be crafty and sly. By then I'd had more than enough. I grumbled about how awful my day had been, and I went to my room as soon as I was done grumbling. After slamming the door, I hopped into my bed, pulled the covers over my head, and shut my eyes. I could see the entire day flash before my eyes, and I burned with anger from everything that had happened. The sun sank, and soon it was dark. I felt very sleepy, so I decided to sleep and let the night take my troubles away.

     I fell asleep and slept for a very long time. Then, when I opened my eyes, it was morning. I went into the kitchen, and saw a stack of pancakes at my place. There was also some toast with jam, and even a cup of borovan. How nice! Next to my plate was a note. "We all have bad days, now here's to hoping for a better day," it said. I smiled to myself, and lit into my food with a relish. Never had I had a better breakfast! Well, not in a while, anyhow.

     "Come on, everyone, or we'll miss the ferry!" Luann called out, and my brothers and I grabbed our bags and hurried out the door. It was time to have a great vacation! Even vacations could smooth out the tangles that were caused by one bad day! I had a great time, by the way, and I came home feeling better than ever. We all have bad days, after all.

The End

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