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The Food Guide: Slushies!

by jackrusselterriers


Hello and welcome to The Food Guide, bringing you info on all of Neopia’s finest foods and drinks! Today, our spotlight is on the famous Terror Mountain treat: Slushies! Originating in Terror Mountain, the flavors of this delicious slush drink have spread to accommodate the tastes of neopets from every part of Neopia!

Today, slushies are available in the Happy Valley area of Terror Mountain. Walk into the cozy slushie shop and head to the nice Eyrie manning the counter. Most of the flavors are readily available; slushie machines are running constantly in the back room, so the Eyrie says.

There are so many flavors that the slushie comes in. There are plenty of gourmet kinds out there, but they are super-expensive and there is always the chance your pet won’t like the flavor. Of course, there are a few that you should avoid altogether; the Tar slushie, the Sludgy slushie, Pebble Dash slushie, the Secret Sloth slushie, Oil and Nuts slushie, Stone and Sludge slushie, Toxic Sloth slushie, and the Wormy slushie. Actually, the wormy slushie can do wonders for your Pteri! For your (other) pet’s sake, stay as far away from these slushies as possible. When choosing a fruit slushie, read the description! Not all pets will love the Sniddberry slushie and may prefer the Jumbleberry slushie, though.

I tried out a few different flavors with my Aisha, Karianava. Karianava is very picky when it comes to her food and always analyzes the quality of her meal out loud (annoying and sometimes (in this case) helpful).

Here are the ones I tried:

1. Cheops Slushie

Each fruit is carefully picked and blended to make sure none of the poisonous leaves go into the mixture.

2. Tchea Fruit Slushie

The blue bits of this slushie taste like banana, and the yellow bits taste like blueberry.

3. Cloud Slushie

How they managed to make this cloud-coloured I will never know...

1. Karianava: This slushie is EPIC! I was pretty scared to drink it because the fruit has poisonous leaves, but it’s DELICIOUS. Of course, unless I’m mistaken, this is a Lost Desert slushie (a slushie made for the tastes of Lost Desert Neopians but still made in Happy Valley), which is my home, so I’m quite partial to it.

Price: About 300 NP.

2. Karianava: I think this slushie is great! It’s the perfect combination between banana and blueberry, although I was quite skeptical at first. I mean, how do they get the blue parts to taste like banana and the yellow parts to taste like blueberry? The world may never know...

Price: About 750, but be prepared to pay 1000 NP.

3. Karianava: All it tastes like is weird water! Not my favorite AT ALL, but it was still pretty good. The weirdness sort of brings out that water taste. I kept in mind that this is pretty much condensed cloud in a cup with unflavored slushie mix. All it is is water, right?

Price: About 1000.

I tried the next slushies- Karianava was too bloated to try more.

Cheesy Pizza Slushie

Pieces of cheese and tomato pizza were blended together to make this interesting slushie.

Umm... I’m sure all of you fans of pizza out there would love this... but for a pizza-hater like me, BLECH. Very cheesy with hints of tomato sauce and teeny bits of crust dotting the center. I highly suggest this as a meal, not a frozen dessert. Note: be sure to drink it fast; the ice bits will water down the flavor!

Price: About 2000 NP.

Freshly Cut Grass Slushie

Mmm, smells like freshly cut grass.

I don’t think anyone except a Kau would like this slushie. I did try it, and I can tell you straight up that it tastes like lawn mower. I even think I found a few bugs in there that actually survived the blending machine.

Price: Varies. Not sold in stores, can’t be found on the search- super rare. Can only be found in trades and auctions. Rarity 99.

Disco Slushie

This tropical flavoured slushie will have you smiling with all of its bright colours.

By far my favorite. Tropical and fun, you’ll want to party all night long with your pet! I’m still wondering how the flowers are in one piece...

Price: Worth 700 NP.

Toxic Sloth Slushie

Specifically brewed to help with your mind control training.

Yes, I told you to avoid it, but I had to try it... but I chickened out. It says in the description that it helps with your mind control training... so maybe it’s a mind control slushie to take over your mind so Dr. Sloth can TAKE OVER NEOPIA! MUAHAHAHAHA- I mean, how terrible!

Price: Worth 1200 NP.

And let’s finish off with an impossible combination:


This slushie will have you feeling hot and cold all over!

How is this even possible? I scalded my tongue and then eased the pain in one sip! What a combination! There’s not a lot of distinct flavor, though.

Price: 1000 NP.

Now on to gourmet slushies- the perfect way to pamper your pet!

Here are the top three slushie delicacies:

The Cherry Lemonade Slushie

About 300 crates of these were ordered to the Light Faerie’s tower last week... she must have had a lot of money to spare!

A perfect combination of cherry and lemons, this slushie is super-expensive. Your pets will definitely appreciate you spending hundreds of thousands of neopoints on them. That’s right- this slushie is 350,000 neopoints! (Maybe just a lemon slushie will suffice...)

The Stramberry Slushie

Delicious on a hot summers day and made with over twelve fresh Stramberries in every glass.

This slushie isn’t rare or expensive, but it is a great slushie! There’s 12 handpicked stramberries in every glass. Even though it isn’t rare, just look at that fancy glass! It’s so pretty and fancy and oohh! Gotta love it! And only at the great price of 1200 NP!

The Ergy Slushie!

It takes the juice of about 40 Ergy fruits to make this slushie, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see many around.

Definitely the most rare and most expensive slushie neopoints can buy! For 5,000,000 neopoints your pet can suck down an Ergy slushie, packed with the nutrients and flavor of 40 of the rare Ergy fruits. Mostly considered as a collector’s item. Again, maybe picking up a Jumbleberry slushie while passing through Happy Valley will be just as good (and better for your budget). I’m not saying it isn’t delicious, though!

And that’s it for today’s spotlight on the epic Slushie! Remember, don’t slush and yooyu and never forget that SLOTH WILL TAKE OVER NEOPIA! MUAHAHA- I mean, Sloth will be defeated, eventually!

Author’s note ~ all prices were accurate at the time this article was written. And if you are reading this, thank you. This is my first ever publication! Also, just mentioning that I in no way support Sloth. Maybe.

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