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Neggs, Paint Brushes, and Morphing Potions. Oh My!

by nascar19nfl


I have been living under a rock.

Considering I am on Neopets 24/7, if you mention such a little thing as a morphing potion I would know what you are talking about. Right?


From playing Key Quest (which is a terrific way to collect neopoints and fine items), I accumulated quite a few Neggs. Maybe I should go to the Ice Caves and meet with the lovely Negg Faerie. While browsing around and checking out what merchandise was for sale at the Neopian Neggery, I discovered the mesmerizing Kaleideonegg. Intrigued by its colorful pattern and sheer mystery, I did some curious research...

Hmm. It seems to have magical powers, aye. Change color, change stats, change gender, CHANGE SPECIES? No way! I have never heard such a thing! It sounds so risky I have to have it.

But I am so indecisive I first must head on over to the trusty Neoboards in hopes that a fellow Neopian will give me some valuable advice. I post my own topic explaining my Kaleideonegg dilemmas. Sitting and waiting for a reply felt like an eternity. I need some reassurance. Finally a friendly Neopian speaks up to offer me some words of wisdom. I am hoping that this person is going to tell me that they fed their own pet a Kaleideonegg and it turned their pet rainbow or turned them in to a limited edition species. That sounds good. But, no. Urgh. Selling the neggs is more profitable than turning them into tokens, huh? I did not listen.

Okie dokie, then. I will need 52 tokens for this wonder of a negg that is tempting me so. So I cash in all my neggs (which I was very reluctant to do for I like to hoard). Oh goodness. I am four tokens short. I search the handy dandy Shop Wizard for a Lemon Swirly negg which will conveniently trade in for four tokens. Perfect. I go back to the Neggery and hold my breath as I purchase a Kaleideonegg. I hope this is not going to be a waste. Feeling a little unsettled in my stomach, I nervously feed the negg to my lovely sketch Grarrl, thinking maybe it’ll just change color. He has already been painted Christmas once before. What is the Kaleideonegg capable of? I am getting more anxious as the seconds pass. What if it changes my pet’s species into the same species as one of his brothers? Would I want to spend 80,000 neopoints on another Kaleideonegg and take the risk all over again? I wait for the results...

RED?! Are you kidding me? All that trouble I went through and my pet only gains one level and gets turned boring old red. Argh. How could this happen? I would rather him had turn into a girl! I need to buy a special paint brush to make him stylish again. I decided on a golden paint brush but nobody at the Trading Post would respond fast enough to my offers even though I would give them what they wished for. (I am very impatient.) Something HAS to be done and fast. This is very serious. Maybe I will go find a color morphing potion to use on him. Of course a starry Grarrl morphing potion will turn my Grarrl starry. Or so I thought. Little did I know, with morphing potions you can CHOOSE exactly what species and color you want to turn your pet into. How insane is that?

Yeesh. I wish I had known I could have that much control over my pet’s fate instead of trying my luck with a silly Kaleideonegg. So easy. And here silly old me has thought all this time that morphing potions and paint brushes had the same results. HA! Well, I always did wonder why morphing potions were so much more costly than paint brushes...

So now, my next dilemma. What should I morph my precious pet into? I do not want to spend too many neopoints. If there is anything I really like to hoard, it is my hard earned neopoints. I have always wanted a cute little Kiko with their adorable bandages. Hehe. But even the cheapest potion was a little out of my comfort range. Besides, I do not want to buy a morphing potion from the Mystery Island Trading Post because I cannot take the wait for a response. I know I will inevitably second guess myself every minute my offer is sitting. So what morphing potion is cheap enough to be in a shop? I check through the possible species changes and check the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central to see what paint brush colors are compatible with the species I decide on. Okay. Too much to think about right now.

Back to browsing species. Wow. Ogrins sure are little cuties. And WOW! I can get a Green Ogrin Morphing Potion for under 40,000 neopoints. Sounds pretty good to me.

So now my old Grarrl is a cute little Ogrin. But he is too plain for my taste. Rainbow Pool research! Oooh! Ogrins sure do look good painted Rainbow. But again, Rainbow paint brushes would have to be traded. Crud. Cloud is cute, too! But my adorable JubJub is painted cloud. Customizing my pets is a serious business and they all must be perfect and unique. Purple looks AWESOME! It is my favorite color. Drat. A purple paint brush runs for more neopoints than I am willing to spend right now. I can afford it but I am still too impatient to wait at the Trading Post. Well, Christmas looks good on my new Ogrin, too. And I know those paint brushes are dirt cheap and can be bought quickly and efficiently in a user’s shop. I think a Christmas paint brush will be just fine for now until I am ready to spend a little more neopoints.

I still can not believe I have changed my pet’s species. I never dreamed it possible. He is still the same tomfletcher14 I know and love, just looking a little different. Much better than abandoning him to the pound to obtain a different species of pet. Morphing potions have changed my life. PS. I do not recommend Kaleideoneggs...

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