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How to Reach Your Neopoint Goals By Playing Games

by kagamiko


"My goals are expensive, but I can only earn Neopoints playing games! I feel like I'm never going to reach my goals, so I keep on giving them up. I need help staying motivated!"

Now how many times has that thought crossed your mind? Far too many times like it has for me? Calm down, there is help to find. I am here to list three simple steps for you to follow that will make it easier for you to save those elusive Neopoints and reach your goal.

First of all you need to

Define your goals.

What are your goals exactly? You need to know how much you will need to save, or else saving will be boring and monotone. You will not be able to notice any progress as you will only see a number, not a percentage of a sum. Below are some examples of goals you might have.

Do you want to become a millionaire?

Do you want to paint a certain pet a rare colour?

Do you want your active to be HSD 150?

Do you want a jelly themed gallery?

Once you know your goal you can easily calculate how much Neopoints it will take for you to reach it.

That sum right there is your Neopoint goal, the amount you will need to save up! Easy-peasy!

But is the answer to your prayers to only know your goals?

Of course not, you also have to

Know yourself.

There is nothing more important than to know your own average Neopoint limit per day. You might want to earn 50k a day, and you can do so on a good day when you have all the time in the world to play games, but that's not happening every day. Perhaps life, or your own patience only lets you have enough time to earn 30k a day? Then that is your average neopoint limit. In most cases it is better to set your daily Neopoint goal to a lower number, to make sure you always meet your own requirements. If you don't you might become discouraged and quit.

Also, those days when you do have the time to earn 50k you will feel awesome for outdoing yourself! ;)

Now you know how much you can earn every day, but for how long will you have to do it? It's time to make a


Perhaps your goal is to paint your darling pet Baby, and on an average day you make 30k. To calculate for how long you will need to save up, all you have to do is divide the cost for your goal, 600.000 with your daily goal of 30.000. The result will be 20. That means it will take you 20 days to earn the Neopoints needed.

Now it is important not to lose hope! 20 days might seem like forever, but trust me, you will reach your goal much faster than that in the end.

Remember how you could earn 50k on good days? Every time you have the chance to earn those extra 20k you will shorten the amount of time needed before you have enough to buy your Baby Paint Brush. Take every chance you can doing that!

Also, on some days you might have extra luck playing Key Quest, doing your dailies or browsing around the site, resulting in a unexpected Paint Brush, codestone or other valuable item. Sell them. They often fetch a lot of Neopoints, resulting in the time needed to save being reduced by a week or two in a matter of minutes.

There you have it! If you try this out for a week, you will actually notice how much easier it is to earn Neopoints, and how much further along the road leading to your goal you have come. Seeing the progress you have made is the best motivator that exists out there. Right now you may not believe that you will ever be able to earn 1 million Neopoints, but once you have reach half of that you will know it is not impossible to do it again. (And once you have reached 1 million, it's even easier to double that sum and make it two!)

So next, I would like to answer some questions you might have.

Can I have two goals that requires neopoints at the same time?

Can you? Of course you can! But you will have to define how the two goals diverge from one another, or you will only make it more difficult for yourself. The simplest way to do so is to ask yourself if the two goals must be reached at the same time, or if you'd prefer to finish one before the other.

If it's the first of the two, the process is very simple. Just add the cost of the two goals you have, and you will get your new goal!

If it is the latter of the two, the process is still simple, you just need to pay more attention to what you are doing. Maybe you'd like to divide the earnings into two fractions, for example, 20k for goal one and 10k for goal two per day. If that is the case then I suggest you create and save a document on your computer where you keep a tally on how much you have saved for goal one and two respectively.

I earn my designated Neopoints per day, but I can't keep from spending them on clothes, training, books and the like! What should I do?

This is among the worst things you can do, since you will feel you haven't come any closer to your goal, even if you have spent hours trying to get there. I strongly recommend you to practise discipline, discipline and discipline to help prevent this. Sit down and earn the money you are supposed to earn every day, and deposit them in the bank afterwards. If you feel like buying something now, you have to earn the Neopoints required yet again. This helps you save Neopoints in two ways actually, as it will not only prevent you from wasting your daily earnings, but it will stop you from buying unnecessary stuff. If you've already spent a good while playing games you probably won't sit down for another hour just so that you can spend Neopoints on something useless that you only barely feel like buying.

The 25th of the month just passed, and I can't earn any Neopoints on my favorite games any longer. Help?

This is truly awful, and I dread this day every month. I suggest you search for a guide that lets you know what score you need to send to receive 1000 Neopoints based on the new ratio. Then try all the games you have played before, and see if you might be able to reach that score. Next, try every Sponsor Game available. They are often very easy to play. Once you have done that try playing every other game listed. After doing this you will not only have received a big bonus to your Neopoints for that day, you will also know what games to play for the next month.

Well, that's it from me. I hope my list will help you a lot in the future, and I thank you for reading it. Good luck reaching your goals!

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