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Which Neoboard Should You Be Chatting On?

by xox_cloud_xox


Also by lil_red_raider

Do you ever dream of finding people on Neopets who like the very same things that you do? Do you find yourself wishing that you had friends who you could chat to for *hours*? Well, you're in luck! The Neoboards have hundreds of people chatting on them daily, and they're just waiting for you to come and join them! Only one problem remains: what board should you chat on?! At this very moment there are 30 boards on the Neoboard Index - and that isn't even including the Premium boards if you're a Premium member! So many choices can easily leave you feeling confused... Luckily for you, Ellen and I are here to quiz you to find out which popular Neoboard you belong to!

Read the following questions and write down the letter that corresponds with your answer to find out which Neoboard you should be chatting on!

1. You spend most of your time on Neopets...

a) Attempting to collect avatars, occasionally playing games and trying to make your lookup and pets pretty!

b) Restocking and saving your Neopoints for training your pet and obtaining that perfect Battledome set!

c) Doing everything Neopets has to offer! You love playing games, coding lookups, reading through the editorial and the Neopian Times...

d) Wandering aimlessly... You're a bit new to Neopets and you don't know what to do! All this talk of Meepits is getting you confused!

2. You like people who...

a) Chat *a lot*, are quite entertaining and occasionally come off as attention seekers.

b) Use a lot of sarcasm, have running jokes and like using their wit.

c) Are honest, give good advice and constructive criticism.

d) I still don't get it... what are Meepits?? Why do they want to rule Neopia?!

3. You spend all your hard-earned Neopoints on...

a) Anything that will get you an avatar, or you save up your pennies to use as collateral (which will also help get you an avatar).

b) Cool weapons or codestones, neggs, and potions that will increase your pet's stats.

c) Creating your dream pets, wise investments, your gallery, or you prefer to save them up because you're never quite sure what to spend them on.

d) Neopoints? What are those? Where can I get some?!

4. If you were lucky enough to receive a Fountain Faerie Quest, you would use it to create...

a) A Pea Chia or any kind of Buzz!

b) An intimidating pet that is sure to scare the dung out of your opponents.

c) Something *awesome* and unique, like a Maraquan Cybunny or a Chocolate Gnorbu.

d) Anything Faerie! Maybe... possibly... you haven't quite checked out all of the colors yet!

5. Your favourite games on Neopets are...

a) Carnival of Terror, Petpet Rescue and Meerca Chase!

b) Restocking and Battledoming are games, right...?

c) A variety of games! You play certain games for Neopoints each day as well as your favourites. :)

d) You've clicked on the "games" link before and you've tried out a few games - you don't have any favourites just yet!

6. How do you generally chat with people?

a) You like personal jokes and fast paced conversation - it has to be funny and entertaining! You don't mind a little drama every now and then either. ;)

b) You tend to be a little sarcastic at times and prefer to be up front. You like having a laugh and enjoy being the wittiest person around!

c) You like giving advice and try to be as nice as possible!

d) You like to talk about all the latest things that are happening and maybe make up a little story about yourself sometimes... Of course you're that movie star! :o

7. What is your best personality trait?

a) Your sense of humour.

b) Your intelligence.

c) Your kind nature.

d) Your fun-loving attitude!

8. What is your favourite smiley?

a) :* :D ~(8_o)~ ^_^ *codestone* - all of them!!

b) *chia*

c) You tend not to use many smilies when you chat.

d) Are they those cool little picture things?!

9. You would describe your knowledge of Neopets as...

a) Quite extensive when it comes to games and avatars!

b) Okay - you know a lot about Battledoming and making Neopoints!

c) Very extensive - you follow all the plots, know all the rules, are very familiar with all the editorials...

d) Pretty limited. You have no idea who (or what) "Sloth" is and you're still finding your way around the site.

10. What you'd really like to improve on your account is...

a) Your number of avatars and trophies!

b) Your pet's stats and your BD set!

c) Completing your gallery and creating your dream pets!

d) Um... get some Neopoints?

The Results:

Mostly As: You should be chatting in the Avatars/Neosignatures Chat (the AC). You like chatting a lot, collecting avatars and being entertained! There are many different boards on the AC, have a look around and found out what interests you. :) Just remember to be yourself and be an active part of the conversation - you'll be making friends in no time!

Mostly Bs: You should be chatting in the Battledome Chat (the BD Chat). You love battling, making Neopoints and have a quick sense of humour. The BD Chat is the perfect place for you to buy the perfect Battledome set and get some great one and two player battling tips! Put that wit of yours to good use and speak your mind, but don't be that annoying mean person, and try not to troll the boards too often. ;)

Mostly Cs: You should be chatting in the Help Chat (the HC). The Help Chat is a great place where you can share your knowledge about Neopets with other players! Your wisdom and your kind personality are great assets to bring to the HC :) There are also some great established players that chat in the HC, so be friendly and kind, and get to know your peers! Don't forget to be nice to those newbies with their questions either - remember that we were all there once... ;)

Mostly Ds: You should be chatting on the Newbies Board (the Newbie Chat). You're a little new to Neopets and want to have some fun! At the Newbie Chat you can meet lots of people who love to talk for hours and don't care about how "good" you are at playing Neopets. Your fun and adventurous personality will fit in well at the Newbie Chat, so go enjoy yourself and make some new friends!

One of the things that makes Neopets so great is its users! Chatting on the Neoboards can be a fun experience and allows you to share your passions with fellow players. :) Whether you're procrastinating from restocking, or obtaining that elusive avatar – chatting on the Neoboards is a great way to enjoy yourself, make new friends and pass the time! No matter where you chat, remember to always be yourself and have as much fun as possible. :)

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