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10 New Trophies To Spice Up Your Lookup

by penury


Also by pafc_will

Is the Game Trophies section of your user lookup up to par? So you’re going to sit there and tell me that it’s not a desolate, barren, trophyless wasteland where even the meepits fear to tread due to the lingering stench of utter failure? I thought so... Well, for those of you who would like to remove this little embarrassment on your user lookup, the solution is simple: fill this wasteland with air fresheners trophies! Whether you are just starting out as a trophy hunter, or you have been trying for extended period of time to no avail, this guide will reveal to you the tricks and tips you have been missing that will allow you to turn a difficult trophy into an easily attainable one.

The Neopian Lottery

Now this game involves no skill. None at all! It's all about patience and playing the odds. To win this trophy, all you need to do is pick your favourite twenty sets of six numbers between 1 and 30, or if you don't have that many favourite numbers picking them at random is fine. It's best to write these numbers down and stick them next your computer so you can use the same numbers every day. If you use the same twenty sets of numbers every day, eventually your patience will be rewarded and your numbers will come up! Not only will you have a new trophy on your lookup, there is a nice jackpot that goes along with it. Enjoy!


A simple card game that I'm sure most of you have played at some point in real life. Many, myself included, regard cheat as one of the easiest game trophies to get on Neopets. The objective of the game is to be the first player to play all your cards, only playing cards one higher or lower than the value of the card on the top of the pile. If you are unable to play a "legal" move... It's time to cheat! And just hope that your dim-witted opponents don't notice, because if they do you have to pick up the whole pile! Be wary of cheating behaviour from your opposition also as if you correctly accuse them you are given a Neopoint reward! Spiffy, no? There are seven rounds in Cheat and the prizes are as follows:

Round 1 - Little Timmy Battlecard

Round 2 - Branston Battlecard

Round 3 - Bronze Trophy

Round 4 - Brucey B Battlecard

Round 5 - Silver Trophy

Round 6 - Kalora Battlecard

Round 7 - Gold Trophy

Cheat your way to victory!!!

Imperial Exam

Who knew word games could be fun? Imperial Exam is a very simple game; all you need is one finger and the ability to spell (or a dictionary!). The most important tips I can give to getting a trophy in this game is playing on easy mode (as there is no differences in the points gain from playing on harder modes) and playing the game over and over. The aim of the game is to allow the pets who give you a correctly spelled word into the Exam and to turn away those who spell incorrectly. You get 5 points for every Neopet who you allowed (correctly) into the exam and 5 points for every Neopet who you turn away for an incorrectly spelled word. There are 5 levels and you have 70 seconds to allow the correct amount of scholars into the exam.

Level 1: 10 scholars. Minimum Score: 50 points

Level 2: 20 scholars. Minimum Score: 150 points

Level 3: 30 scholars. Minimum Score: 300 points

Level 4: 35 scholars. Minimum Score: 475 points

Level 5: 40 scholars. Minimum Score: 675 points

You also get a 200-point bonus for managing to complete all 5 levels, giving the minimum score for completing the game 875 points. Now you might be asking, "If finishing the game doesn't give me a trophy, where do I get the points I need from?" Remember I mentioned that you get 5 points for every "scholar" who misspells a word? Well, these stupid Neopets are your saviours! To achieve a trophy-worthy score, you have to get lucky and be plagued with plenty of idiots who cannot spell in order to give you a much higher score.

The controls of the game are some of the simplest in all the game room; there are only two keys you need to use. The up arrow key is used to allow a Neopet entrance to the exam when they spell a word right and the down arrow key is used to turn away a Neopets who spells their word incorrectly. You must be careful, though, as the keys are very close together and you can sometimes get them mixed up.

My final tips are:

Practise often – Learn the words that the Neopets will use in the game. There is a limited selection, meaning after a while you become very familiar and can spot the "familiar" mistakes made.

Remember your spelling rules. Like 'i' before 'e' and remember there are always exceptions to the rules.

Watch up for tricky mistakes; often words will be misspelled simply by adding in an extra letter like: "betweeen" or "untill". It is easy to miss these and lose a precious life.

Be patient, it might take many games before you get the lucky one, which will give you a high score

Don't rush. Play the game at your own pace. Even if at the start you run out of time on the later levels, slowly you will improve and be much quicker. This stops you from losing your lives too early, which can be very frustrating.

Imperial Exam isn't one of the easiest trophies on this guide to get, but it's very possible (with or without a dictionary).

Site Contest

Now this trophy suggestion might sound just a tiny bit general, but bear with me... Everyone has a talent in a certain area and the various site contests allow you to show off your skills. These include, but are not limited to: Caption Contest, Poetry Gallery, Art Gallery, Storytelling, Random Contest, Gallery Spotlight, User Lookup Spotlight, the Customization Spotlight and of course the Neopian Times! Getting a trophy in one of these contests brings a real sense of achievement and also your creative work will exist on the site for all to see and admire (which is an ego boost in anyone's book). I feel that the most important thing is patience, persistence and obviously some aptitude for the type of contest you're entering. Good luck unleashing your creative side!

Jhudora / Illusen's Quests

This section gives you two trophies for the price of one! You can't ask for more than that now, unless you get all greedy and want three for the price of one... The main key to succeeding getting these trophies is timing and speedy fingers. Before you start trying for them, you must:

1. Have access to the Shop Wizard

2. Have less than 50 items in your inventory

3. Have more than enough Neopoints on hand to buy the item for the quest.

If you check the High Score tables right now, it's likely to be full of impossibly high scores that look unattainable, but don't despair just yet; there is a simple strategy to achieving a high score and (hopefully) a shiny trophy! This can only be achieved if you start at the very start of the month (when high score tables are reset). Make sure you are starting at quest level 1 (this stops the items the faeries ask for getting too expensive before you reach a trophy score) and have the quest page and shop wizard open in separate windows or tabs so you can be super speedy at getting the item. The faster you complete the quest the more points you get, with a max score of 2000 if you managed to complete a quest in zero seconds (which is not possible, unless you have some kind of time stopping super power). The final trick to getting a trophy is all about dedication; there is a 12 hour limit between each quest you can complete so in order to be in with a chance to get a trophy you need to be able to get onto Neopets twice a day 12 hours apart for as many days throughout the month as possible. These trophies are simple and easy to get, but nothing is free in this world and they will take some effort and time management to fit into your life. Also, as a final note, neither of the faeries will like you doing quests for the other, so you will have to attempt each trophy in a different month.


Welcome to a game that pits your intellect against that of the Darigan citadel dungeon. The game is played on an unobstructed (at least for the levels you will have to worry about for all trophies) '10 by 10' grid. Initially (tournaments 1-10) in the centre of the grid you will find two Meridell tiles (yours) and two Darigan tiles (belonging to your opponent). Your goal is to build on these initial two pieces, one tile per turn, alternating between you and your opponent, until you have achieved a continuous line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) of five of your pieces (while at the same time preventing your opponent from achieving this first). In order to make this an easy trophy, you must show persistence by moving through the first 11 tournaments and the 8 levels each that they contain. The initial medal and bronze trophy are achieved in tournament 1, following levels 4 and 8 respectively. Silver and gold will be within reach much later in tournament 11 (where each board begins without the original 4 tiles that we have gotten so used to in every game preceding), after levels 4 and 8 respectively. Not all opponents you go up against will be experts (a vast majority of them won't); however, as the game progresses, you will notice the opponents you defeated so easily in past levels have begun to think for themselves!! There are a few strategies out there that allow for an easy win each time (with mild modification). It will be up to you to determine what strategy works for you (naturally, you will also eventually have to think for yourself... eventually).


So you're on a quest to get a Nequest trophy, eh? Not all are cut out for this game, so here are a few prerequisites before you even start to think about going for these two trophies (Neoquest 1 and 2, duh). First and foremost, you must be prepared the medical condition known as "mouse clicking induced carpal tunnel syndrome"; if you are a not a fan of clicking, then turn back now (lots and lots of clicking). Second, let's just say sanity isn't an asset in this case, as it turns out those who a bit off their rocker tend to be rewarded in Neoquest. The trophies are awarded on your level of insanity (be prepared to develop an appropriate laugh for each of these difficulties): normal will award you bronze, evil a silver, and naturally, insane will give you the highly coveted gold. Most important is third and deals with keeping you sane after you have finished playing Neoquest and wish to move on with your life - your level of patience, on a scale from one to 10, MUST BE OVER 9000!!! Patience is key in Neoquest, as you will be investing a considerable chunk of your life achieving these trophies. Willingness to immerse yourself into the game and associate with your characters is valued far more than actual skill. Happy hunting!!

Grarrl Keno

Most other trophies allow you to recuperate any losses by offering a prize of sorts, be it neopoints or an item; this is not one of those trophies... Your maximum bet in Grarrl Keno is represented 50NP + 2 for every day you have been playing Neopets. In order to begin going for this trophy, you must determine what score you wish to attain (do this by observing the high score table). Once you have found your target score, divide it by your maximum bet, the answer will be your required payout. Your next step will be to select your eggs (probably at random) and search for your target payout in the prize chart (shown bellow the game board as # Matches: 'payout' × bet) hopefully you are able to match (if not then go over) your payout. The probability of matching the exact number you need generally increases with a lower number of eggs selected. The trick to attaining this trophy is: having a high maximum bet (young accounts have a lower chance), having a willingness to spend a considerable amount (it's a very expensive trophy), persistence (don't you dare give up!!), and luck (always a factor). Break an EGG... Get it? because "break a leg" is another way of saying "good luck" and the game involves eggs... I'm sorry... Terrible jokes aside, good luck getting another awesome trophy.

Bruno's Backyard Breakaway

Bruno's Backyard Breakaway is a game consisting of a set number of levels along with set maximum score. Anyone who is able to perform each level flawlessly in this game will, as a result, achieve a maximum score (along with a gold trophy)!! 'Bruno's Backyard Breakaway' is one of the easiest "maxium score games" and has thus earned its rightful place on this guide. Now then, the question remains: how do we get a maximum score? Keep in mind that this is your run of the mill adventure game, the goal is to navigate our hero (Bruno) through various levels of "run – jump - climb" while avoiding the village townsfolk (as well as the rocks of admiration they throw in your general direction), and collect all the elusively clever potions, and you should be fine. Each level you will begin and end at a distinguishable cave; it is important to collect every potion for each level and deposit them all at once into the cave to achieve the maximum score (if you bring the potions to the cave separately you will get fewer points for them). The maximum/gold trophy score for this game is 5180 points; if you find yourself within reach of this score but are still having trouble, typing the code "lookoutbruno" will get you another life for an extra edge.

MAGAX: Destroyer II

I hold this game in such high regard that I have decided (for no relevant reason) to present to you my guide entirely in limerick form... shall we begin?

If towards the achievement of a flash game trophy you have aspired,

MAGAX: Destroyer II holds one that is easily acquired.

A maximum score is set;

however, it can be increased so you can bet -

that a high level of patience will be required.

There are a set number of levels (10) to this game,

containing enemies all who shoot flames!!

Cybunnies (4 shots, 20 points per kill) are one of the few,

whose tactics undoubtedly will surprise you

as apparently they and Hubrid Nox (invulnerable) are one and the same!!

While Cybunnies have transformed into the Nox state,

I advise you to please stay away.

Hubrid Nox can't be shot,

his attacks are ineffective, annoying, and hot,

your time to attack will come – he'll become a Cybunny again

in time anyway.

Scorchios (1 shot, 10 points per kill) are next on my list.

They are an enemy to attack from long distance, I insist.

Destroying them all in a level will allow you to move on;

do so without thinking and it soon on you it will dawn –

that your chance at a trophy has been missed!

Due to the set number of enemies thus far,

your score will be tied with every other "MAGAX: Destroyer II" star.

What will set you apart

is the unlimited supply of JubJubs (1 shot, 1 point per kill) that at random depart

scattered throughout every level.

Finding enough of them might be tricky;

however, you must persist to increase your score efficiently.

It will take a long time

hopefully by now your patience is refined.

And the pay off is worth it (only if you get lucky)!

Leave one Scorchio alive,

in order to remain on a level to search for the JubJub hive.

You have been prepared as best one can be by a limericks, I believe;

just one last thing before we leave:

typing "xagam" (one use per game) will allow you to survive.

If you're going to have a tedious time searching for all those JubJubs, then there's no reason why the guide shouldn't be interesting, right?

So by this point you should be well on your way to having 10 brand spanking new trophies in your position!! Practice will make perfect and if it doesn’t, then experience will refine performance... Trophies are a representation of accomplishment and are thus defined for a reason. While we have attempted to give you an upper hand with this guide, we can only attempt to equip you with what you will need to succeed... The rest falls to you, good luck!

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