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Which Uncommon Faerie Are You?

by lollypopxz


Now, be honest. We’ve all heard the likes of Fyora, Jhudora, Illusen, the Space Faerie, the Fountain Faerie and what not, but how many of you have heard much of the Grey Faerie, the Battle Faerie, the Snow Faerie, or the Soup Faerie?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the former mentioned faeries (except maybe the Fountain Faerie, who has yet to give me a Fountain Faerie Quest ... *hint hint*). In fact, I love them. Without them, I would not have certain avatars. I like collecting avatars. Did you know that? I’m not very good at games so I hardly have any game avatars. It’s a shame, really. Oh, oops, I seem to be getting off topic. Moving along, what I mean to say is – the other faeries should be given their fifteen minutes of fame too. Why should the more popular faeries always be given the spotlight, attention and admiration? It is not fair, not fair at all.

This brings us to the subject at hand. In an attempt to spread the word about the less common faeries, here is a quiz I have strung together after some not very intensive research (don’t blame me – there’s not much information about them).

1) What is your favourite colour combination?

a. Grey – a world of monochrome *sigh*

b. Violet, Green and Yellow – power and vigour

c. Cyan and White – cold and icy

d. Pink, Blue and Red – homely warmth

2) Which is your preferred element?

a. Wind

b. Fire

c. Water

d. Earth

3) Who is your favourite villain?

a. Bringer of Night – demigod of death and destruction

b. Commander Garoo – chief commander of Dr. Sloth’s army

c. Pant Devil – he likes items

d. Jelly Chia – edible?

4) What is your favourite board?

a. I don’t like to talk to other people.

b. Battledome – Anyone up for a good fight?

c. Quests – Get the item before time runs out!

d. Help – Willing to help everybody

5) What is your favourite shop?

a. Kadaotery – look at those sad little faces.

b. Illustrious Armoury – we must be prepared for war

c. Igloo Garage Sale – cheap items!

d. The Soup Kitchen – giving to the needy

6) Which is your favourite world?

a. Kiko Lake – nobody can disturb me here.

b. Altador – the heart of tournaments!

c. Terror Mountain – brrr, freezing

d. Neopia Central – Money Tree and Soup Kitchen!

7) What is your favourite type of game?

a. I don’t play games.

b. Altador Cup and anything with action

c. Quests and puzzle games

d. Ones that rescue Neopians in need (Petpets, Grundos, Lunara)

8) How do you earn Neopoints?

a. I don’t have any Neopoints so I guess random events.

b. Games

c. Key Quest/Restocking

d. Dailies

9) What is your favourite type of Neopet?

a. Grundo – they have been through a lot

b. Grarrl – they are very fierce

c. Bori – they live in burrows

d. Kacheek – mild and kind

10) What is your favourite Paint Brush?

a. Grey Paint Brush/Relic Paint Brush

b. Pirate Paint Brush/Royal Paint Brush

c. Snow Paint Brush/Maraquan Paint Brush

d. Plushie Paint Brush/Baby Paint Brush

11) What is your favourite avatar?

a. Grey Wocky - *sigh*

b. Battle Faerie - Valiant Avatar

c. Taelia the Snow Faerie

d. Soup Faerie

Add up your score! *drumrolls*

Mostly As: Baelia the Grey Faerie

*sigh* Your world is full of doom and gloom and you see the world in grey, much like Baelia the Grey Faerie. Her wings were removed, her use of magic was completely destroyed and she was imprisoned by a Dark Faerie. Most of the time, you find yourself lonesome and depressed. Perhaps you feel hopeless and helpless in this world and like to keep to yourself away from intruding eyes and questions. You can relate to Grundos who have been through a lot of trauma under Dr. Sloth rule. Although you are perfectly content with your own company, it wouldn’t hurt to venture onto the neoboards sometimes and meet a few new people. Except if the meepits are out ...

Mostly Bs: Aethia the Battle Faerie

RARGH! You are like Aethia the Battle Faerie, strong and valiant and the defender of good. You wear powerful colours to express your ardent passion and aura. You love anything to do with war and battle and are always excited for a good fight. You are always the first in line to the Altador Cup and walk away victorious. Not only that, your user lookup displays an array of trophies won from your many triumphs. Taking great pride in equality and fair place, you are a terrifying yet admirable opponent and a desirable comrade. You can seem fierce at times but really, you’re just a sweetheart inside and every one of your many friends will agree.

Mostly Cs: Taelia the Snow Faerie

Brrr! Why are you living in such a cold place? Because the mountains have many hidden secrets that can be found nowhere else in Neopia, of course! You are a temperate Neopian who enjoys creating strange and obscure things, not unlike Taelia the Snow Faerie. You are always in need of new items for Coltzan knows what! Although you are fairly nice, you are not always so generous with your Neopoints. You are always hovering around the Igloo Garage Sale and the Almost Abandoned Attic waiting for the next restock in hopes of finding a decent bargain and you wouldn’t say no to a delicious slushie or a popsicle!

Mostly Ds: The Soup Faerie

Nobody can be sweeter nor kinder than you. Similar to the Soup Faerie, you are a friendly and warm-hearted person who delights in helping out your fellow Neopians. You are constantly lurking around the Help Boards and Quest Boards answering the endless stream of questions that comes up. Or perhaps you are on the Pound Chat putting beautiful pets up for adoption to Neopians who cannot afford their dream pet or just randomly gifting strangers with pretty items or donating to the Money Tree. As they say, Neopian Karma does exist and your good deeds will reward you one day.

And that brings us to the end of our quiz. I hope you had fun and remember, if you ever have the time, have a chat with the poor Grey Faerie, have a friendly (or rather, not so friendly) fight with the Battle Faerie, do a quest for the Snow Faerie and donate some Neopoints to the Money Tree in honour of the Soup Faerie who works at the Soup Kitchen tirelessly day after day.

So, er, I'm off to poke the Fountain Faerie because she hasn't given me a Quest yet and plan Neopian domination. Cheers!

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