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A Basic Guide to the Employment Agency

by alt1981black


If you're fairly new to Neopia, as many of you might be, you might have noticed certain things on pet lookups that might seem mysterious. If you've viewed the lookup of your pet, or anyone else's pet, you might have noticed, in the lower left side of the details for that pet, a purple envelope on a cloud with something next to it that might very likely read like this:

Jobs Completed: 0

Jobs Failed: 0

Job Rank: Intern

So, what is this all about, you might be wondering? You had no idea there were jobs in Neopia, did you? You mean to say, there's really jobs to do in Neopia? What sorts of jobs are they, anyway? Where are they found, and how does one do them? That's where this little guide might come in handy. I'll help you figure out the basics of how the Neopian Employment Agency is set up in this useful little guide. With that said, let's get started!

First, where is the Employment Agency located? After withdrawing some Neopoints from the bank, if you go to the map of Neopia, click on the pretty floating cloud that leads you to Faerieland. Then, go to Faerie City. From here, you'll see the Employment Agency. Enter, and from here you can get a job from the job list for your pet to do.

But wait a minute! Let's not jump to conclusions. Time to slow down and understand how all of this works. New jobs are posted every 10 minutes of the hour, on the 9th minute. As an example, if it's 3:30 PM, new jobs will be posted at 3:39 PM. Practice your clicking skills, you'll need them in order to get a job! They go very quickly, and you need to click on the jobs as fast as possible in order to get one.

So, it's 3:39 PM, and you've managed to get yourself a job. Hooray! So, how do you do the job? Pay very close attention to certain details; it will help you to succeed in completing your job. Note the time required to complete the job, most importantly! Also be sure to remember how many items you'll need in order to finish that job. Some jobs require you to get so many items in 2 minutes, others might require so many items in 4 minutes, and so on.

As I mentioned before, make very certain that you have some Neopoints on hand so you can complete your job in time! A good amount to have on hand is around 5,000 NP; it might be sufficient. Now, onto the next step in completing your job. Time to visit the Shop Wizard! Let's say your job is to get 5 Red Apples in 3 minutes. Type in Red Apple in the search box, and wait for a list of shops to appear. From there, look for a shop that carries as close an amount to the number of Red Apples that you need as possible. Then, go to that shop and buy those apples. Hurry now! If one shop only has so many apples, do another quick search until you finally have all the apples that you'll need in order to finish the job.

Ok, you have all the apples. Time to take them back to the Employment Agency! Check in and hand in the Red Apples, and that's all you have to do! You'll get some Neopoints as a reward for a hard day's work, and then you can stick around and try to get another job, or you can take your earnings to the bank, if you like, or maybe even treat your pet to a well earned treat for doing such a good job. It's entirely up to you! As the saying goes, you've earned your keep!

Are all the jobs worth doing? Not always. Sometimes you'll be underpaid for certain jobs, so it's best to choose your jobs wisely. However, since the jobs often go like hotcakes down the mouth of a very hungry Skeith, it's best to go with the flow and hope for the best! You'll still be paid for completing the job, in any case, though some jobs will not pay out as well as others. It's all a part of the process, however. Once you've finished your first job, the words next to the envelope on your pet's lookup will read like this:

Jobs Completed: 1

Jobs Failed: 0

Job Rank: Beginner

By the way, you might have visited the chat boards and discovered something called job coupons. What are job coupons? Long ago, there used to be colourful envelopes you could find in Neopia that look very much like that purple envelope on your pet's lookup page. That envelope is actually one of the job coupons that were once very common. Nowadays, you can only find them in user shops, but most of these will be very expensive, and for the high prices of these job coupons, I'd say it might be much better to stick with the basic jobs, the jobs that don't require a job coupon in order to complete. However, you can also win job coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale. It's the only other place outside of user shops where you can get them now.

And keep this in mind as well: don't be discouraged if you should fail to complete a job on time, either. It happens to the best of us. Remember, not everything you do can end in success, and there's no penalty if you fail a job. Just try again! As you continue to complete jobs, you'll move up the ranks. By the way, you can only do 5 jobs every day, so keep that in mind as you learn the ropes of working in Neopia. It's good to have a limit to the number of jobs that you can do everyday, so you won't go broke too easily! Do your best, and have fun, too, for fun is what it's all about! Good luck!

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