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Altador Cup Five Interview

by laylah_9__30


Greetings, fellow Altador Cup fanatics! Your fearless reporters, griffingirl and Nazzie, managed to sneak into the VIP section of the Altador Colosseum and interview some yooyuball players in between matches. We asked them all the following sixteen questions, and picked our favorite answers to submit to the times. Happy reading!

Your favorite reporters,

griffingirl and Nazzie

---What are your favorite and least favorite yooyus to play with?

Derbi Azar (LD)- I LOVE fire yooyus, and I'm usually pretty good with Darigan yooyus as well. My least favorite is faerie, no contest.

Zo Junior (HW)- Clockwork. It's an extra challenge, because not only do they move slower, you have to score before they explode!

Zayle Sufhaux (KI)- Mutant. They take a little time to get used to, but I love how unpredictable they are.

Keetra Deile (VP)- Regular. Why? Easy points! My least favorite is Darigan.

---How did you get started in yooyuball?

Tandrak Shaye (DC)- I always loved sports, and I played just about every single one my school offered. Then I heard about yooyuball, and I thought it sounded awesome, so I went to a weekend clinic in Meridell. I guess I played really well, because one of the scouts there offered me a contract.

Lamelle Turow (LD)- I'm still not quite sure how it happened... Growing up, I was really quiet, and I hated sports. Then, my owner took me to see a match in ACI [Altador Cup One], and I thought it was the coolest thing imaginable. I begged her to let me learn how to play it, and I joined the neighborhood team, the majority of which is playing professionally now: Meela Kitah, Holbie Pinnock, Poke Cellers, we all used to play together after neoschool.

---What did you want to be when you were younger?

Mirsha Grelinek (SK)- I wanted to work at the weapons shop in Shenkuu... or maybe be a professional riverboarder. I used to love boarding, but I never have time now, what with training.

Scrap Taggert (TY)- I wanted to be Sabre-X... I thought he was so cool when I was little, fearlessly guarding the omelette.

Reb Weemalot (Brightvale)- I was actually training to be a castle guard before I got drafted onto Brightvale's team.

Timu (Altador)- I was going to be an astronomer... or run the food shop.

Coco Metrone (KD)- I knew I would do something with sports, like anti-gravity soccer. The fact that I now play yooyuball for a living is no surprise.

---If you had to join another team, what would it be?

Fenny Vail (RI)- Krawk Island has a really great team... or maybe Kreludor. I've always wanted to play in an anti-gravity chamber!

Zax Bennett (MT)- I would quit! I love my team, and I can't imagine playing for someone else.

Lamelle Turow (LD)- I'd kind of like to join a team like Faerieland, or Altador... I'd really make a difference, and maybe give them a fighting chance!

Tormo 'The Terror' Frein (DC)- One of the top four powerhouses: the Lost Desert, Krawk Island, Roo Island, or Shenkuu. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Krawk Island. I would love to play with the great Dash.

Orie Dinelle (Brightvale)- The Lost Desert is a good, solid team, and their team captain is very well regarded. I'd probably join them if I was ever forced to leave Brightvale.

---Describe yourself in a word.

Keetra Deile (VP)- Stressed.

Elbin Krowe (TY)- Sweaty. Tyrannia is so hot compared to Terror Mountain!

Antola Maeir (SK)- Competitive.

Fenny Vail (RI)- Fun-loving!

Bertie Shurtz (MI)- Friendly, when not on the field.

Vere Polnicek (MT)- Optimistic!

Yoris Obbles (MD)- Dedicated.

Derbi Azar (LD)- Super excited... to win the Cup!

Derlyn Fonnett (KD)- A good leader. Yeah, I know that's three words.

Babolino (Faerieland)- Cheerful!

Tandrak Shaye (DC)- I'm ridiculously serious about yooyuball. Oh, one word? Serious.

Squeaky Tressif (Brightvale)- Fair.

Winberto Seliz (Altador)- Team player... There isn't a one-word alternative for that, is there?

---What is your favorite Altador Cup memory, besides ranking well?

Kep Bonnefie (DC)- The team was going around to neoschools during the off-season, promoting exercise and nutrition. We walked into one in Neopia Central, and the only thing I could hear was Shaye's name being squealed by a bunch of female pets. I think all of them were pink or purple; it was kind of strange.

Tormo 'The Terror' Frein (DC)- If you've ever heard of Shaye fever, that was where it started.

Zayle Sufhaux (KI)- The entire Krawk Island Team was waiting in the locker room for Dasher's replacement to show up, feeling kind of depressed since Ol' Dash wasn't going to be there anymore. Then the door opens, and in walks Dash in full uniform, ready to play! So, we're not quite sure what's going on, if he was going to be in the stands or what, but then he says, “Ye scurvy dogs, you can't get rid of me that easily!” We all just started cheering...

Zax Bennett (MT)- It was the first day of the Cup, and Moltara was playing badly... I mean really badly. The clock was running down on the yooyuball match, and we hadn't scored at all. There were about 20 seconds left on the clock, and I managed to intercept a pass from Salayne [Ritad, Altador], and I just booked it towards the goal, and I scored with five seconds left on the clock. There's just dead silence in the stadium for a second, then people start cheering for Moltara. It was great.

---What player do you most admire and why?

Reb Weemalot (Brightvale)- Dasher Soley. His dedication to his team is inspiring, and he is a symbol of the Altador Cup.

Tandrak Shaye (DC)- Any of the rookies. It's hard your first year, I know. Keep up the good work, guys, you're doing great.

Fenny Vail (RI)- My team's captain, Lilo Blumario. He is always upbeat, always encouraging; I have never heard him say a discouraging word. He's an inspiration to us all.

Bertie Shurtz (MI)- The entire Moltara team. It takes a lot of guts to start playing a new sport in a world-wide competition. I think everyone needs to cut them a little slack: it's their first year! They'll improve, just like the rest of us did. Don't give up, Steampunk Squad!

---What is your favorite support game and why?

Barit Jowes (MQ)- Make Some Noise. I'm a loud person, so it's a good game for me.

Squeaky Tressif (Brightvale)- Shootout showdown. It's great practice for scoring goals on the field in yooyuball.

Scrap Taggert (TY)- Slushie Slinger, of course! * laughs * It's the only game we're good at!

---What is the most difficult part of your job?

Keetra Deile (VP)- Being a team captain is hard. Everyone expects you to know what you're doing all the time, and sometimes I just want to say, 'Guys! I'm just as clueless as you are! Give me a break!' But I don't, because that would probably be bad for morale... that was off the record, right?

Erli Quinnock (KL)- The goalkeeper is the most important part of the team, without a doubt. As a Peophin, I'm not very fast on land, so that presents challenges. Also, changing teams always creates some friction, but I'm on good terms with Brightvale.

Lamelle Turow (LD)- I am the only Liko in the Altador Cup not playing for Kiko Lake, and this can be kind of stressful. Back when I was first looking for a team, when I still lived in Kiko Lake, they were trying to recruit me, and I really didn't want to stay at home and play. I would have accepted it, if nothing else had come along, but then the Lost Desert had a spot open, and their scouts really liked me, so I joined them. I used to live next door to Holbie Pinnock, and we were pretty good friends before I joined the Lost Desert. We haven't talked in years, though.

---What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?

Vonde Cayle (LD)- The Lost Desert is a very strong team overall. We have very good leadership, our team captain Leera Heggle is extremely competent, and all five of us work well together. Also, there isn't one big star on the team- we all contribute fairly equally. Our biggest problem this year is not that we've gotten worse, it is that other teams have gotten better, and are surpassing us.

Derbi Azar (LD)- I agree. Teams like Kreludor and Brightvale, that used to be second-tier, are moving up in the ranks. We've just barely got second place right now, and we're going to have to watch our backs if we want to keep it.

Wan Dirx (HW)- The Haunted Woods have a very strong fan base, and I think that helps a lot. The fans really set the tone for a team's performance, you know? Hearing everyone in the stands cheering for you, and knowing that they're supporting you, is a very powerful feeling... I think that's our biggest strength. Also, we're very scary. Boo.

Reb Weemalot (Brightvale)- We have very good leadership. Squeaky is a great example to us, and to everyone. Brightvale has gained a reputation for dirty play lately, and I think we all need to follow our captain's example. Also, we know we weren't a very good team, so we took steps to solve that. Our training program is a lot more rigorous now, and it's really helped.

Mirsha Grelinek (SK)- Shenkuu trains constantly, and we're very supportive. It's frustrating to fall just short of greatness, as we have for the past two years, but we keep trying and doing our best. We don't let losses phase us, and the entire team is very eager to improve. Weaknesses? Our training program could probably be improved, and I want to talk to Altador about setting up some scrimmages during the off-season.

---When not playing yooyuball, what is your favorite thing to do?

Elbin Krowe (TY)- I love skiing! It's a great workout, and it lets me go back home for a while. I've actually moved to Tyrannia to be close to the team, and let me tell you, the food is awful! I go back to Terror Mountain any time I can.

Timu (Altador)- I have a part-time job as a tour guide at the Hall of Heroes, and I love to cook. I'm serious! Come over sometime, I'll make you the most delicious hummus you've ever tasted.

Poke Cellars (KL)- I actually run weekend camps for younger pets who want to learn yooyuball. I travel all over, and set up wherever there's room... usually a couple other players come with me, and we teach the kids the basics. It's a ton of fun for them and us, and they learn teamwork and good sportsmanship as well as yooyuball. Derbi Azar goes with me whenever she can, and Reb Weemalot, and I've taken Mirsha Grelinek with me a few times.

Zo Junior (HW)- Three words- Brain tree quests.

---How often/how long do you train?

Lor Benneveldt (MI)- After the Cup, Mystery Island takes until the first of the month of Gathering off, then we start formal training again. I keep up with my exercise program all year, though, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the team does the same.

Bertie Shurtz (MI)- You have to, if you want to stay in shape.

Keetra Deile (VP)- Virtupets never stops training. We've made a pact, though. If we ever place in the top three, we'll take a month off to celebrate. So, who knows? This year, we might get a break.

Orie Dinelle (Brightvale)- I think we are so lucky in Brightvale, since we have Meridell right next door. We start scrimmaging with them around New Years. A month before that, the team starts training together formally. We all get together and work out before that, and I exercise every day.

Antola Maeir (SK)- Training is constant. I never stop. The team starts right after the Cup, and I always do extra after every practice and workout. Shenkuu has a huge amount of potential, and I want to help my team realize and use it.

---What are the perks of being a member of a yooyuball team?

Minae Mitora (TM)- That in and of itself is an advantage. Your team is like family, and you know you have four people you can always count on.

Zayle Sufhaux (KI)- You can always, and I mean always, get a table at the Golden Dubloon. Always.

Derbi Azar (LD)- I know this sounds shallow, but I love the fame! I'm a party pet, I know, but it's so much fun! It keeps life interesting.

Scrap Taggert (TY)- In a word- strength! I used to weight-lift before I got into yooyuball, and I'm stronger now than I ever was before! It's great!

---Does your team have any rivalries or alliances?

Lamelle Turow (LD)- Apparently, the Lost Desert doesn't like Shenkuu, because we placed really close together in the last two Cups. I guess it's not really a problem this year, though.

Derlyn Fonnett (KD)- Kreludor used to have an alliance with the Haunted Woods. It was a while ago, though. I don't know if teams really do alliances anymore.

Kep Bonnefie (DC)- I would just like to put a rumor to rest here: Darigan Citadel does have good relations with Faerieland. * laughs * You should see your faces! I'm just joking, I don't actually know. Layton [Vickles, team captain, Darigan Citadel] might.

---What is your team's claim to fame?

Fenny Vail (RI)- We're the only team to have bells on our uniforms.

Derlyn Fonnett (KD)- We practice in a special gravity chamber so the yooyus don't float away. *laughs* One time, the gravity machine broke in the middle of practice, and one minute I was running, and the next we were all three feet up in the air! We didn't get much practice in that day.

Vonde Cayle (LD)- Our team has never placed below fifth.

Vere Polnicek (MT)- We're the new team!

Zax Bennett (MT)- Have you ever noticed that everything she says ends with an exclamation point?

Vere Polnicek (MT)- * Laughs * It does not!... Whoops.

Babolino (Faerieland)- Traditionally, we take last place. Hey, at least we're famous for something!

Timu (Altador)- Altador is the home team... too bad we don't seem to have a home court advantage.

---What is your team's nickname?

Fenny Vail (RI)- Rooligans or Clowns... mostly people call us the Rooligans.

Mirsha Grelinek (SK)- Ninjas, which are much better than pirates.

Zayle Sufhaux (KI)- Pirates, which are much better than ninjas.

Scrap Taggert (TR)- The Forsaken Five... I think everyone's just jealous they can't beat us at Slushie Slinger.

Babolino (Faerieland)- Faerieland Fighters, because we never give up!

Coco Metrone (KD)- Kreludorks, and we're proud of it!

Yoris Obbles (MD)- Knights, because we are honest, noble, true...

Fiorina (MD)- Don't mind him, he just likes to talk. It's because Meridell is famous for its knights.

Yoris Obbles (MD)- And because we're strong, brave...

Fiorina (MD)- *Sigh*

Vere Polnicek (MT)- Steampunk Squad!

---What advice can you offer aspiring yooyuball players?

Winberto Seliz (Altador)- Practice, Practice, Practice! Not just the stuff you're good at, everything. When you're done practicing that, practice it again, and again, until you can do it in your sleep.

Coco Metrone (KD)- Drink lots of water both during and after practice, and eat right- not too many sweets, lots of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Fiorina (MD)- Don't give up. You're not going to be able to score a goal the first time you pick up a yooyu! Practice makes perfect, and if you're dedicated, you'll get whatever you are trying to learn.

Kep Bonnefie (DC)- Don't ever stay up all night before the first yooyuball match. You will play horribly, and it won't be pretty. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Hope you liked it! Comments and questions are welcome. LD for the win!

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