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Codestones: The Ultimate Guide!

by 2cutepanda


Codestones! Who hasn't seen them?! Codestones are magical items used to train your neopets!

History of Codestones:

Codestones are won from random events, and even from Tombola. Codestones are used to train your neopets. Exchanging your codestones for training can help your neopet gain levels. If you do not have codestones, you can always use dubloons, but these can only be used on Krawk Island.

Q. How many types of Codestones are there?

A. There are 10 codestones that can be used to train your pet. (Main, Zei, Orn, Har, Bri, Mau, Tai-Kai, Lu, Vo, and Eo). The higher level that your neopet is, the more codestones you will need to train them. The price of codestones is slightly low, except for the Eo Codestone, which is selling for around 10,000 NP.

Q. What about... Red Codestones?

A. Yes, there are Red Codestones. They can be made by visiting Techo Mountain on Mystery Island. You must have the required 10 regular codestones that it says for you to receive. This is not one of each 10 of the regular codestones; sometimes, it can be mixed-up. Such as, 2 Main, 3 Eo, 1 Bri, 2 Tai-Kai, and 2 Orn. Since the price of regular codestones is low (except for Eo), I would suggest stocking up on all the codestones, that way you can have all of them and when prices increase, you can sell them to make a profit.

Q. What are Red Codestones used for?

A. Red Codestones are used to train your neopet above level 250. Up until level 250, you can train your neopets using regular codestones at the Training School on Mystery Island.

Q. How much on average do regular and red Codestones cost?

A. The price of codestones can vary, but if there is not a war going on, the prices of regular codestones tend to stay low. The prices of red codestones, however, are higher priced than regular codestones. The regular codestones currently could range anywhere from 4,000 NP to 5,000 NP. One or two codestones, such as the Bri Codestone, are worth less than 4,000 NP and some, such as the Eo Codestone, are worth more than 5,000 NP. Red Codestones usually range from 60,000 NP to 85,000 NP.

Q. Do you have to train your pets with Codestones?

A. Of course not; codestones are not the only currency that you could use to train your pets. On Mystery Island, you must use codestones to train your pets at the Training School. On Krawk Island, you must use dubloons to train your pets. Both options are some what pricey, but it is worth it to train your neopets.

Q. What are the types of Red Codestones?

A. There are six types of red codestones (Cui, Sho, Kew, Mag, Zed, and Vux). Their prices vary. The lowest priced one could sell for as low as 30,000 NP; the highest selling one could go for 85,000+ NP.

Q. How many codestones does it take to train my pet?

A. It all depends on what level your pet currently is. If your pet is level 20 or under, it takes one codestone. Levels 21-40, it takes 2 codestones. Levels 41-80, it takes 3 codestones. Levels 81-100, it takes 4 codestones. Levels 101-120, it takes 5 codestones. Levels 121-150, it takes 6 codestones. Levels 151-200, it takes 7 codestones. Levels 201-250, it takes 8 codestones. For level 250 or greater, it takes red codestones.

Q. Are codestones used just for training?

A. No, they are not. You can use them for collecting (a very expensive collection), or just to buy than re-sell to make a profit.

Q. Where are all the places you can find codestones?

A. There are many ways that you can get codestones. You can win them from playing games, such as Tombola, or from random events. You can also buy them off of other members, from searching using the shop wizard or the trading post. Certainly these are not all the places you can get them from, but those are the bigger places where you can get codestones.

Q. What's the total of all codestones I must use to reach level 250?

A. You will need a total of 1291 codestones to complete training up to Level 251. This may sound like quite a lot, but it really is not. If you level up a level every week, it will take you 251 weeks to get to level 251. (Keep in mind my numbers may be slightly off for the total calculation.) That means playing games to win neopoints, and then going to spend all of it on codestones. You may happen to get lucky and win a lot of neopoints at a certain game (example: coconut shy, you can win up to 500,000 NP, but that's only if you can explode a coconut, and that's extremely rare).

Q. Since it will take a lot of neopoints... Where will I get them all?

A. The best way to win neopoints is to simply play games! Try out some games, and find which ones you are good at, and which ones you can't seem to get the hang of. The ones that you are good at, play and send scores. You can send up to three a day, but sometimes they have special months that they pick where you can send a lot more scores than three. For example, if you have three games you are really good at and get the maximum score that you can, and it meets their requirements to get 1,000 NP, then you could make up to 9,000 NP a day. That means, per week, you could make up to 63,000 NP.

Words for Thought

REMEMBER! Don't always check the shop wizard first. I would suggest going to the trading post and searching "codestone" (without the quotations), and you should find a lot; sometimes you can even find collections at very low prices.

Don't fall for tricks! Do research on the item, not through the shop wizard, but try researching other places, or asking other members of neopets for prices they paid. Don't pay too much for an item!

This is my very first article! I hope you liked it! If you have comments or questions, please Neomail me! =)

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