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A Xweetok's Wishes

by kumathejuma


A little striped Xweetok named Veeloa lay on her bed in her Neohome, a book open in front of her. At the moment, she was reading Adventure Bound Xweetok. It was a very interesting book about a Xweetok named Felene who made her own adventures. The Xweetok wished that she could make her own adventures, too.

     "Maybe I can," Veeloa said, closing the book and smiling to herself. "I mean, Felene did. Why can't I?"

     She rushed downstairs, her purple dress fluttering and her sapphire eyes glistening with hope. Maybe, just maybe, she could have an adventure. How exciting that would be!

     "Hi, Vee," her owner, Kuma, said with a smile. "What are you doing today?"

     "I'm going to go on an adventure, Kuma!" Veeloa cried, grinning back. "I'll find my own adventures, just like the Xweetok in my favourite book did."

     "Well, be careful." Kuma smiled to herself.

     "An adventure?" Veeloa's striped Uni sister, Uxonna, snorted. "Why, that's preposterous! Just think: has anything exciting been happening lately, little sister?"

     "Well, no," Veeloa admitted. "But nothing exciting happened to Felene until she went out and made her own fun. We're just alike, Uxonna."

     "Humph. Well, count me out," Uxonna scoffed. "After all, I am not a foolish Uni. I know all that's out there is just clouds and such. What adventure could someone possibly make in Faerieland?"

     "Well, there have been some pretty exciting things that have happened here in the past," Veeloa corrected. "Just you watch. It'll be so cool."

     The Uni just snorted and went off to polish her hooves and groom her mane. But Veeloa grabbed some breakfast and her backpack, and shoved a torch in the backpack.

     "I'll be back before dinnertime," Veeloa promised to Kuma.

     "Well then, you'd better pack some lunch, Vee Vee." Uxonna's hooves clopped back into the kitchen. "What would you like? Omelettes, perhaps? Or maybe a Turkey Dinner -- oh wait, that's for me. Well, omelettes or soup."

     "Uxonna," Kuma said in a firm tone, "let your sister have the Turkey Dinner if she wishes to eat it."

     "Fine," Uxonna huffed, shoving the Turkey Dinner inside her sister's backpack.

     "Thank you, Kuma and Uxonna," Veeloa said with a happy grin, setting off on her adventure. "Bye! I'll see you both later."

     About 20 minutes later, Veeloa sat down, devastated. Nothing good was happening. She pulled out her book she'd packed and read it. Eyes blurred, she stuffed it back into her backpack. This was hopeless.

     Uxonna was right, Veeloa thought pessimistically. No good can come from a foolish Xweetok. Besides, nothing like what happened years ago will ever happen again. Never.

     "Hey there," a voice said gently. Veeloa looked up to see a kind-looking faerie Xweetok smiling at her. "What's the matter, young one? You look sad."

     "I was going to try to go on a cool adventure, like in my book." Veeloa held up her book for the faerie Xweetok to see. "But it didn't work out... at all."

     "That's not good to hear," the faerie Xweetok replied, frowning. She sat next to Veeloa. "Tell me, what is your name?"


     "Okay, Veeloa, I'll tell you what..." The faerie Xweetok held out a package. "Could you please take this to Lady Fyora? That should suit your needs just fine, I should think."

     "Really? Me?" Veeloa's tiny spark of hope roared inside her. This was her chance to make something of herself.

     The faerie Xweetok nodded. "Well, I'd better be going. Good luck, Veeloa!"

     "Wait, what's your name?" Veeloa asked.

     But the faerie Xweetok had already flown away.

     Veeloa held the package in her arms and hopped on the springy clouds. She had to deliver this package, no matter what obstacles were in her way. She hopped up to the Faerie Palace and smiled.

     Here we go, Veeloa thought.

     She ran inside, and said, "Ms. Fyora! Ms. Fyora! I have a package for you!"

     There was no response for several minutes. Veeloa looked around, and tried once again. "Ms. Fyora? Hello? Anybody here?"

     "Me," a voice said from behind her. Veeloa spun around and gasped. It was the faerie Xweetok again!

     "You again?" Veeloa was confused. "But... you told me to deliver it. Did you not trust I would do what you ordered?"

     "Faerieland, no." The faerie Xweetok laughed. "I just wanted to see how long it would take you to find Queen Fyora."

     "Well, she isn't here." Veeloa sat down, distraught.

     "Look," the faerie Xweetok sighed. "She isn't here all the time. You must know of her day job!"

     It dawned on Veeloa. Of course!

     "Oh, duh!" Veeloa giggled. “The Hidden Tower.“

     The faerie Xweetok nodded. "Very good, Veeloa. Well, I shall leave you be. Goodbye!"

     "Wait, you never told me your-"

     Again, it was too late.

     Veeloa dashed to the Hidden Tower. At least she had no time limit. Finally, she arrived. She ran inside and saw the Faerie Queen, Fyora, at the counter.

     "Welcome, young Xweetok!" Fyora said in a mighty voice. "I am Fyora, also known as the Faerie Queen. What can I help you with today?"

     "Well, this faerie Xweetok told me to give you this package," Veeloa said simply. Fyora's eyes seemed to have flames in them.

     "I told Felene to bring it to me," Fyora muttered. "Oh, her laziness sometimes gets on my last nerve."

     Veeloa nearly dropped the package.

     "Fe... Felene?!" Veeloa cried. "You mean-"

     "Yes, young one," Fyora said with a smile. "Felene. The one from the book"

     Of course, Veeloa thought.

     "I knew something was up with her," Veeloa said. "But in the book, she was red."

     "Pets change," Fyora pointed out. "You see, Felene is one of my workers. I made the Fountain Faerie turn her faerie. That's how all of my workers come to be faerie."

     "You don't say," Veeloa gasped in awe. Then she looked at the package. "Oh! Well, surely you'd still like to have this." She set it on Fyora's desk.

     "Thank you, Xweetok," Fyora said, smiling as she took the package. As she opened it, she asked, "What is your name?"

     "Veeloa," Veeloa replied. Then she remembered her manners. "Oh, um, Ms. Fyora, ma'am."

     "No need to address me so formally," Fyora said. "'Fyora' will do. Oh -- this is what I've been needing."

     Fyora held up a Faerie Paint Brush.

     "The Fountain Faerie is tired of painting all my workers,“ Fyora explained. “I figured I could hand-paint them for my sister."

     "Well, I should go," Veeloa said, picking up her backpack and strapping it to her shoulders. "It was nice to meet you, Fyora."

     "Veeloa, wait," Fyora said.

      Veeloa spun around. "Yes, Fyora?" Veeloa asked.

     "Would you possibly like to become one of my workers?" Fyora offered.

     Veeloa almost dropped to the floor. Just imagine, her being Fyora's servant! What an honour!

     "Yes, yes, of course!" Veeloa said excitedly.

     Fyora smiled. "Okay, then, it's settled." She handed Veeloa the Faerie Paint Brush. "Go ahead, paint yourself."

     Veeloa held the humming, glimmering paint brush with her paws. She then thought about the whole situation and handed the brush back.

     "Thank you for the offer, Fyora." Veeloa smiled, a little regretfully. "But I just can't."

     Fyora sat there, confused.

     "You are refusing my gift?" Fyora asked, a little annoyance in her voice.

     "I am sorry, Fyora. But I have an owner and a sister to go back home to. I can't bail on family." Veeloa sighed. "Besides, you have a faerie Xweetok already -- Felene."

     Fyora sat there, still confused.

     "Very well," she said, understanding. "Your own decisions make your future."

     Veeloa nodded and left for home. She ate the Turkey Dinner on the way there, and as she bit into her turkey, she felt a twinge of regret. How could she have refused the offer like that so carelessly?

     Suddenly, something landed in front of her.

     "Oh hello, Felene." Veeloa smiled.

     "So Queen Fyora told you who I am?" Felene sighed. "It's only fair of her, after my laziness. Veeloa, why the long face?"

     "She made me an offer to work for her," Veeloa sighed. "But I refused."

     "Well, you missed out on your adventure, little Veeloa." Felene shrugged, then fluttered away.

     Veeloa sat there. Felene was absolutely right; this was her adventure. Fyora's words came back into her mind: Your own decisions make your future. Veeloa sat up, marched back to Fyora's Tower, and walked inside.

     "Fyora, I thought things over, and..." Veeloa gathered her courage. "I would like to become your worker after all."

     "I knew you would make the right choice," Fyora said, smiling. "Here you are, Veeloa. May you be a good worker!"

     Veeloa took the paint brush again, but this time, when it was in her paws, she glazed it over herself and turned into a beautiful faerie Xweetok.

     "Thank you, Queen Fyora." Veeloa smiled.

     Fyora returned her smile with a radiant one of her own. "Thank you for being my worker."

     And everything worked out for little Veeloa.

The End

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