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How to Help Bring Your Team to Success

by 7toony


Greetings, everyone! I trust that everyone's been working hard to bring their team to success! I’m just a fellow Neopian speaking about the popular Altador Cup. It’s my third year playing, and I always played for Shenkuu each year. But in this article, I speak to every participant of the cup, regardless of what team. Altador Cup V seems to be the most shocking cup I have ever had! It’s hard to predict what happens.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. Everyone knows that to win the Altador Cup, everyone must WORK TOGETHER. If you joined a team just to get the medal or trophy, you're just hindering your teammates' effort. Each game is a team sport, so just do what you can do yourself. Fulfill your end of the bargain, and maybe it will pay off, as long as your teammates understand as well. Now I'll go over some of my own tips for each game...


The main game of the Altador Cup, which most teams focus on. In my opinion, this is the hardest game to win, because everyone plays this game, whether for the Neopoints or avatar. Play this as much as you can, but without putting off the side games.

1. Know your Yooyuballs. You may have a Yooyuball with which you are most comfortable for scoring, or you may have one that always causes trouble for you. It's best to understand how they travel, and how you can use that to your advantage. For example, the Darigan Yooyuball. It's caused trouble for you before, hasn't it? Since it goes up when you go down and goes down when you go up, you can actually use that to help. This Yooyuball can trick your goalie when you walk north, but the ball goes south.

2. Know your players' strengths and weaknesses. Admit it; you don't pay attention to your players' backgrounds, do you? But I realized that it's important to read over them, because it helps to decide what approach to try on your opponent. It helps if you read over your opponents' strengths and weaknesses, too.

3. Don't be discouraged if your opponent gets a goal! I've heard of some players who restart the game because the opponent scored ONE goal. No one is perfect! Just play your best! It's a team victory, not just for the individual. Helping your team is all you need to do. The more goals, the better!

Slushie Slinger

This is the most tedious game, so most teammates become lazy and skip this game. But that's the problem; if everyone does that, then you’ll be more vulnerable to losing your win for Slushie Slinger. You MUST play it! Just one game that you try hard in is enough.

1. Pay attention to what your customer wants. You get a few extra points for giving them their favorite drink!

2. Watch the distances of the empty cups. Say you have two cups both sliding towards you from different tables. You need to quickly judge which is going to get to your side first. The farthest north the table is, the less distance there is for the table. That may be hard to understand, but the next time you see two cups racing to the ends of the tables, just guess the shorter distance. It will cost you if you guess wrong, so keep practicing at that.

3. Later, focus on speed, not accuracy. This means, although you get extra points for matching the right flavor, you won’t have time for that in the harder levels. You instead should quickly give a slushie to them. That way, you can get more quick points to make up for the bonus points.

Make Some Noise

The perfect side game for button mashers! I don’t have much to say about this game, except that a little luck is involved.

1. Most players play the game until time runs out, but a good player decides when they think they reach their highest score. You won’t be guaranteed your best score if you play all the way to the end. Your fingers will tire out eventually!

2. Those bonus points are important! Get those extra points and press those extra buttons!

Shootout Showdown

What I consider the easiest side game, because it takes less than 15 seconds to get 5 goals if you can play the game fairly well. Charging up your shots is not necessary. The highest score I’ve gotten never gets higher than 1,200 points. Just make your shots quickly and accurately. Timing is critical, because when you shoot, the Jelly Chia may suddenly move over, deflect your shot, and laugh in your face. Okay, not exactly “in your face,” but it’s still best not to let him block the ball.

Final Notes

Now I have some scattered tips to leave you before I close:

Visit the Neoboards to communicate and participate with other fellow teammates. It is a team effort, so it’s great to “see” your teammates play with you. That way, you can check on how much your friends play.

Invite your friends if they didn’t join a team. Just remember: If they don’t like playing these games, you will only cause more harm than good.

Encourage everyone! Even if they don’t support your team, or if they are your opponent of the day, be kind and believe in good sportsmanship!

Practice makes perfect! Okay, maybe it doesn’t. But you can get closer to it! Practicing lets you get better at games and you can gain more points for your team more efficiently!

Don’t feel like anyone can really force you to play! If it’s important, it’s important. No one can change that.

That’s all I have for you. Good luck to all the teams out there! All you teams must understand good sportsmanship. Accept a loss, but let it encourage you to try harder, or at least keep trying hard! That’s what I had to do for two years, and I still will for the third!

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