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Top 10 Events In Neopia Since Last 50th Issue

by jackie_3_3_3


Ah yes, a lot has happened since the last 50th issue in the Neopets community. As a way of reminiscing for ones that stuck around since then, here are the top 10 most awesome events that occurred since then on the Neopian Times. This list was put in order by the DATES events happened on. So, read and enjoy the top 10! ^_^

1) Chief Bonju Avatar Solution FINALLY Solved!

Man, the one avatar that possibly drove every avatar collector crazy for three years! Announced way back on August 8th, 2006, this was the only avatar that no one had any idea on how to obtain. Many theories were set and tested with no avail. Finally after years of no success on August 28th, 2009, a fellow Neopian sent a question in the Editorial section of the Neopian Times and was given a clue for all to see!

“Better be quick, this avatar won't last,

If your Neopet doesn't know how to cook,

then they had better learn fast!”

Hours later after this was announced, two Neopians were able to discover the solution first! However, it also took a while before someone leaked out some information for everyone. Since the solution was finally resolved really late into August, everyone was selling and buying the ingredients needed for this avatar for outrageous prices! For those who didn’t have the currency or restocking abilities to get those specific ingredients in time, fear not! This avatar is released in the month of August, so get ready in a few months to obtain the avatar that drove even ME crazy. ^_^

2) Create-A-Draik!?!?

September 9th, 2009 - This was the day that caused a HUGE uproar in the Neopets Community. Draiks, the restricted pets, were actually creatable on Draik Day! Approximately 2,000 Draiks were created around 6:00 am (NST) – 7:00 am (NST). After those times, though, no more could be created after TNT finally realized the situation and fixed the glitch problem. Neopians went wild refreshing like mad for their chance to create one of their own, not knowing if more would come or not and even pounded other pets just to make room for a Draik!

For the ones that actually saved millions of neopoints to acquire these expensive dragons, this was pretty much a letdown. However, for the lucky ones that managed to get their hands on one or more on that day, congrats! People that were there around that day know of the drama this glitch caused and thankfully, TNT decided to not remove the ones that were created. Although there were a lot of mixed emotions with the news here, all and all, congrats on the ones that created their Draiks on this unforgettable day (we probably won’t be seeing any more of this in the near future!) and more congrats for those that saved millions to make their own special Draik the way it was intended. ^_^

3) The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

*sighs happily* Finally that mysterious Blue Grundo Plushie found in the clouds of Faerieland that would just stare sadly upon anyone that happens to pass by now has a purpose. With the new Faerieland makeover on September 16th, 2009, there is now a new daily for all Neopians! This sad but heartwarming plushie will provide different outcomes for you or your pets. Some few examples would include receiving neopoints, receiving random toys (including piñatas!), changing a neopet’s mood, fixing their hunger, winning a nice avatar, or absolutely nothing.

Even though this poor plushie continues to have such a melancholy look on its face, it’s nice to know that lots of citizens are visiting it and hopefully, maybe a smile will appear someday soon with all the people around. ^_^

4) Atlas of the Ancients Plot

Neopia is in danger and it's up to Roxton A. Colchester III and his trusty companions to save the day... but they'll need your help to solve the mystery! The fate of Neopia hangs in the balance. If that weren't enough of an incentive to join the fight, you can also win prizes! Launched on October 15th, 2009, a new plot was released in Neopia and ended on November 24th, 2009. The anticipation before its release was at a higher level than AFTER it came out.

While a lot of veterans didn’t exactly fully enjoy the plot compared to the players that had never experienced a plot, it introduced the brand new world of Moltara! This city of Moltara dwells deep beneath the surface of Neopia, occupied by a colossal system of lava, caves, and magma chambers. It is thanks to the plot that that Moltara was finally discovered and eventually even brought the debut of the Magma Pool! Truly awesome that Neopets can now be painted Magma,thanks to the pool (if only that guard would sleep more...).

5) Happy 10th Anniversary to Neopets!

November 15th, 2009 marked the day of 10 wonderful years of Neopets going live to the world! Ten days before the big birthday, prizes were given out and lot more to come for this special occasion! Also on this day, limited edition neopets were released on the Create-A-Pet at random intervals, chances to get a reward from Coltzan’s Shrine were increased, free training at the Swashbuckling Academy for ALL pets under level 41, new avatar, spinning the Wheel of Excitement for free, and... and... goodness, tons more!

Possibly the most memorable thing during this event was sending game scores ten times a day all the way until January 4th, 2010! Neopians that took advantage of this had earned MILLIONS of neopoints (and inflation sure did skyrocket!). It took quite a bit of work for Neopians to play games that many times, but it was so worth it and an unforgettable experience! ^_^

6) The Debut of the New Old-Looking Color!

October 25th, 2007 – This was the day when the new awesome color known as Zombie was released in Neopia. Even though it’s quite the color, Neopians were ready for more exciting colors to paint their beloved pets. It took about two years before the news came of a new paint brush appearing randomly from the sky and landing on a few lucky citizens passing by. Later in the news on April 2nd, 2010, the color “Relic” was now available for Shoyrus on their big day! It sure is great to see a new color around for pets that miss that old stone look and want to show off that color everywhere.

Not a big fan of this color, but I’m sure some pets would just BEG their owners to be on a mini pedestal. ^_^

7) Play Games 8 times for the Whole Month! (Not an April fool’s Joke!)

That’s right, almost like the 10x thing during the big birthday for Neopets, Neopians were able to play all flash games 8x starting on April 8th to the end of the month just because TNT was really nice! It helped citizens obtain more neopoints but also caused a bit of inflation in the process.

Gotta love when you have neopoints in the bank, though. ^_^ INTEREST!!!

8) An Unconverted Advantage

“As a reward for some of our loyal users, unconverted Neopets are now immune to color-changing random events! :)”

As quoted on the news on April 16th, 2010, unconverted pets are now hereby immune to random events that would otherwise change their color and appearance. Random events such as Boochi, invisible, or even the torrent of multi-colored water that changes the active pet into ANY random color won’t affect unconverted pets.

Unconverted pets are just as valuable as any Draik and Krawk and any owner should be proud of having the older style look! Thank you, TNT, for at least giving these proud owners a rare pet that can be actively shown on the boards without any worries about that cute but crazy little Boochi!

9) Almost Abandoned Attic

As stated by TNT in the news on May 13th, 2010: We've released something special for our Loyal Users today. We'd tell you where to find it, but we know you guys like a challenge. ;-) Good luck!

This brought up quite a bit of questions like “What is considered Loyal?” or even “Where and what is it!?” In the end, the lucky person that discovered the new perk was awarded with a very nice Draik Egg and they discovered a new shop! This shop is similar to the famous Igloo Garage Sale, except it can restock r90-r99 items. Only users with a 3+ year old account are allowed to visit and shop in the Attic, hopefully restocking on a rare item! There have been reports that Morphing Potions and even Draik Eggs can be restocked here! This shop will really help combat inflation in Neopia if even a little and let more of the loyal users enjoy a new perk besides the Elite Boutique in the NC Mall and the Transfer system at the Neopian Pound.

*tries to get Morphing Potion* D’oh... missed again!


Another year for the most famous event held in the summer in the world of Neopia. The Altador Cup is an annual tournament where representatives from each land in Neopia participate in an intense sporting competition. Neopians cheer for their favorite teams throughout the event and help support them by playing the games for the Cup.

What makes this Altador Cup probably the most memorable is the fact that it will be the first to have 18 teams play with ALL the lands facing against each other, including the newly discovered land of Moltara. In the first Cup, Shenkuu was yet to be a discovered land while the Cups afterward had to “eliminate” one team each year to help even out the Cup: Kreludor, Kiko Lake, and Brightvale. Also included for this Cup for the first time is the debut of Tournament Bye Days, where no matches would be scheduled and provide a break for the teams and for Neopians. ANOTHER big thing to mention is the second debut of the Staff Tournament, where our beloved staff members will also face one another in a thrilling event of skill and the right of bragging.

The AC5 started its first day on May 26th, 2010 and shall end on July 5th, 2010 for the announcement of the winners while the Staff Tournament started on June 10th, 2010 and will also end on July 5th, 2010 for its winner. A lot is to be expected from each individual team as the Cup commences and continues even now as this article is being read (you all should be helping your team right now!).

The Altador Cup is quite the sporting event and I wish every team and staff member out there the best of luck! *wears Mystery Island jersey proudly*


A lot has happened since the last 50th issue and it’s great to look back on what all has been accomplished, discovered, experienced, and even continuing as this article is being read. Who knows what all will happen before the next 50th issue, but just know that as the large community that we are, we will handle them together. We also still need to fear whatever diabolical plans the Meepits have for us!

Note: Just wanted to give a shoutout to my favorite group of people, the MIYPits! =D

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