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Celebrity Yooyuball

by monv18hao


Also by angel02148

Even though, obviously, the yooyuball players are already super famous for their skill and teamwork in yooyuball, it would be interesting to see what would happen if we took some of the most well-known Neopians and got them to play Yooyuball against each other.

Below are some possible team captains for all 18 teams, and what they would bring to this awesome sport.

Altador - King Altador

Ah, King Altador. Being the king of the host nation and all, it really is difficult to not pull him down for a tournament. All of Altador will be looking at him and hoping for a chance to finally taking the Cup! However, it would be a lie if I said he doesn't feel that there was no pressure riding on him. There is a lot riding on him, and there will be more banners and flags in the crowd saying, "Go, Altador, Go!"

Strengths: He is a great warrior, meaning he has great skills and knows and understands strategy. As well, you need lots of rest if you want to be focused during a game, and King Altador has that. After all, he was asleep for a long time.

Weaknesses: King Altador relies heavily on his advisers. However, out on the field, there really is no one to help him except his teammates.

Brightvale - King Hagan

If you were to take all the smartest Neopians you could think of and rank them, King Hagan will definitely be somewhere in the top 5. He is loved by all (or most) of Brightvale, and they are all cheering him on as he uses his wits to outplay all the other teams. Perhaps he will lose some knowledge after the tournament, and the next time you visit him, he will think your words of wisdom are very spectacular.

Strengths: He is super intelligent. Usually when you tell him your words of wisdom, chances are he already knew it. This would help him out on the field - he would know where to position everyone to give them the best chances of winning and scoring goals.

Weaknesses: He isn't as active as his teammates would hope he was; after all, he does his time studying and reading.

Darigan Citadel - Lord Darigan

All right, what is there to say about Lord Darigan? He is a Lord... and he lives in Darigan Citadel. It's hard to say what he can do to this game, as he is quite unpredictable. He is at peace with Meridell for the time being, so hopefully he shows great sportsmanship and plays hard during the Cup. However, Darigan Citadel's game against Meridell would be another story. Would they still be at peace with one another, or is another battle going to break open during their time competing against one another?

Strengths: He has something to prove, while make him work harder than the rest. After losing the Meridell war, he wants to win. Plus, with him losing the Meridell war, people might not take him seriously, so he would have an advantage because the opponent might not give their a hundred percent during the game.

Weaknesses: After losing the battle against Meridell, it is obvious he isn't great with strategy and winning. Therefore, he would have to heavily rely on his teammates for extra help.

Faerieland - Queen Fyora

Everyone knows our favorite pink faerie queen, Fyora. There is not a faerie who wouldn't want to see her lead Faerieland to a win, not even Jhudora! She is so well liked that even Illusen and Jhuidah are cheering on Faerieland instead of Meridell and Mystery Island respectively. Upon realizing she was going to play in the Altador Cup, she only had one question in mind, "Is magic allowed?"

Strengths: She has ruled Faerieland for such a long time, so her influence is huge. People would look up to her, and she is very powerful. She also has a lot of experience, which is heavily required in a game like Yooyuball.

Weaknesses: She can't get help from her magic this time around, and she is on her own. Magic is forbidden in the game of yooyuball.

Haunted Woods - Brain Tree

Haunted Woods has a lot of amazing Neopians that could contribute a lot to this game, but why the Brain Tree and not someone such as the Esophagor, Edna or Sophie? This is because the Brain Tree doesn't like food as much as all the others. Sophie makes stews, the Esophagor is hungry 24/7, and Edna is always looking for food for her newest recipe. All right, perhaps trees can't just get up and walk around a playing field, but this one can! In honour of the Altador Cup, the Brain Tree decided to get fake legs, so he can run around and play yooyuball like any other Neopian can. Come on, who wouldn't want to see the Brain Tree run around handling a yooyuball with fake legs?

Strengths: He has a large brain, which can easily be used to figure out what the opponent's next move is. He can well be the strategist of the team too, telling teammates how to move in order to score quickly. Strategy + Psychic Powers = Win for Haunted Woods.

Weaknesses: Because he can easily guess what opponents are thinking, he thinks outside the box and how a smart Neopian would play. However, he won't be able to guess what his opponent is thinking if they are more naive and aren't strategists. For example, if the opponent was thinking it through in his/her head, she/he should maneuver to the left, but instead, they move to the right. It is these kinds of situations that the Brain Tree won't be able to grasp.

Kiko Lake - Kavi

For many Neopians around the world, many would look at this and think, "Who in the Neopia is Kavi?" However, for Kikos all over Neopia, Kavi is no stranger. Kavi is the orange Kiko who goes Inner Tube Racing on Kiko Lake every so often. On the field, she would be another cute bouncing Kiko trying to steal the ball from her opponents. She probably has many fans from all over Neopia, who watch her lead her team to take home the Cup, some of which thank her for helping them get that super "Tubular Kiko Racing" trophy.

Strengths: Her skill in Inner Tube Racing helps her maneuver her way past opponents and score goals. Also, no one can resist watching a cute bouncing Kiko handle a yooyuball, that is, until she scores in YOUR goal.

Weaknesses: She has many Kiko enemies, as seen in the game "Tubular Kiko Racing", and they could possibly interfere with her game if they were in the audience, as Kavi is probably so used to being on the lookout for them, that she won't notice her opponent right behind her.

Kreludor - Gargarox

Gargarox Isafuhlarg. Part time chef and gormball player. Gargarox has created many famous concoctions such as the yummy Cosmic Cheese Stars and Orange Rambus. He has great culinary skills and a long experience with sports. His food provides plenty of energy for him and his team so he will always be up and pumped when it comes to playing Yooyuball in the Altador Cup.

Strengths: Gargarox will always have lots of energy in him and his team when playing the Altador Cup. Whether it is playing Yooyuball or taking a break and help slinging slushies or just plain screaming at the top of his lungs, he will do it all.

Weaknesses: Too much energy for the Grundo and he might break down in the middle of playing yooyuball. Better be careful, Gargarox!

Krawk Island - Cap'n Threelegs

Cap'n Threelegs is one of a kind in Krawk Island, being able as an instructor to help Neopets all over the world level up and get stronger and better. He is someone you should take seriously, as he DOES teach others how to become strong. Who knows? If Krawk Island ends up winning, there might be dubloons falling from the sky to gift Neopians all around Neopia!

Strengths: He is behind the scenes training numerous Neopets, which ultimately makes him just as strong as the ones he trains. Also, no one knows what he can do on the field, so the opponent might think too highly of or look down upon him.

Weaknesses: For all Neopets that he has trained, they will know what his best moves are, and can use them against him. This will make him change his way of battling if he wants to win.

Lost Desert - Brucey B

There is no one better to lead the Lost Desert than its very own finder, Brucey B. Even though he walks with a somewhat wobble, he can bring a lot to the game. Brucey B would be a Neopian that would have fans from not only the Lost Desert, but from all around Neopia. I mean, who doesn't like Brucey B besides the Neopians who lost to him in championships? With Brucey B on the field, we are sure to see many fake lucky coins out in the audience.

Strengths: As an explorer, he is strong and competitive and won't back down from a challenge. If no harsh weather can get him down when he was exploring, there is NOTHING that will make him upset during games.

Weaknesses: His lucky coin has yet to fail him, and he relies on it to do things he never could do before. However, lucky streaks will have an end, and this might be it for Brucey B.

Maraqua - Kelpbeard

After defeating Captain Scarblade, Kelpbeard came back ready to do it again when Maraqua goes head to head with Krawk Island. However, he was very disappointed when he heard Captain Scarblade wasn't the captain of team Krawk Island. This upset many Maraqua supporters too, as they were ready to watch as Kelpbeard defeat Scarblade one more time! However, he is still competing, hoping that somewhere in the middle, Scarblade decides to come back and try and get his revenge!

Strengths: After defeating Captain Scarblade, he has proven himself to be a great warrior. Similar to King Altador, this proves him to be a great strategist and competitor. He is a force to be careful of.

Weaknesses: He doesn't trust anything to do with the surface world, and that might cause him to lose. Being cautious is great, but being too cautious is a weakness, and opponents might use it against him.

Meridell - King Skarl

King Skarl playing Yooyuball? The only question here would be if he is willing to do it or not. King Skarl would bring some amazing entertainment to this sport, probably complaining half the time about how he hasn't run so much in the past year. Another quarter of his time out in the field, he would be saying that the goal that went in the net was unfair, thinking of numerous different excuses. Hopefully, for the other quarter of his time, he is actually trying to help his team out and make it into the finals. No doubt he would make an excellent goalie, as he can imagine the yooyu to be the face of Lord Darigan and block it all the time.

Strengths: Great at complaining. If he were to complain throughout games, he just might be able to annoy his opponents to the max and make them miss the ball. Just hope his own teammates get used to it and not let his annoyance distract them from scoring goals.

Weaknesses: He is a slow runner, especially if he didn't have enough food for lunch. If there was a banana peel on the field, he would be the most probable out of everyone to slip on it.

Moltara - Roxton Colchester III

Who would be better to represent Moltara than the one and only Roxton? As one of the founders of Moltara, along with Clara, he would have a big Moltaran fan base. He's just one of many Neopia's finest adventurers, and when he walks though that door and onto the playing field, there's no doubt that the crowd will go wild. Roxton would bring a lot to the field, including enthusiasm, leadership, sportsmanship, and above all, a heart all set to bring home the Cup!

Strengths: Roxton has a positive attitude and is very upbeat. Even if the opponent scores, he tries to maintain optimism in the team. Also, he is an adventurer, so running for long periods of time won't worn him out!

Weaknesses: He tends to be somewhat overconfident at times. This just may be the downfall of his team.

Mystery Island - Tiki Tack Tombola Man

In Mystery Island, Neopians all over the world are reminded about the good deeds the Tiki Tack Tombola Man does, as he offers a free play at his game of Tombola each day, giving away faeries, codestones, neopoints, and other interesting foods. You never know, if Mystery Island were to win, he might give out free prizes whether you win or not for the next month or so! Also, he would be the type to play goalie. You never know, with this man on the field, people watching might have their Tombola T-shirts on, cheering for Mystery Island every time they score a goal.

Strengths: His size makes him great to play a goalie. He would be able to block goals without a problem. Also, he has a large fan club who keep him motivated, and who also wear the elusive Tombola T-shirt every time he is on the field.

Weaknesses: If anyone has played Tombola before, they would realize that sometimes, even if you don't win, he awards you with neopoints just because he feels sorry for you. Well, in this case, he might feel sorry for the other team because they are losing badly, and thus let in some goals. This might help the other team catch up and eventually win the game.

Roo Island - King Roo

*bounce bounce bounce* King Roo, the founder of the well-known game Dice-A-Roo. He founded this game when he was sitting in his throne room totally bored. Everyone knows this game involves luck and King Roo is the Blumaroo who has it!

Strengths: Luck can be a big factor in the game of Yooyuball. Let's just hope that the odds of King Roo and his team winning are great in number.

Weaknesses: He is very dependent on luck. Therefore, he might not try as hard as he would if luck did not play a factor. Luck will definitely be his downfall in the Altador Cup. After all, it is luck.

Terror Mountain - Snowager

RAWRRRRR! Hopefully the Snowager won't be blasting any of our fellow fans in the crowd. He's all ready to go and wants to take home (in this case, his cavern) the Cup! The only thing about this big guy being on the field is the concern of whether or not the colosseum will still be full with cheering fans, as the Snowager does send a chill through some Neopians' backs. Also, the Snowager still has to have his regular sleeping hours, so no games for Terror Mountain can be scheduled then. This makes him a very, very special player on the field. Who else could flex their yooyuball schedule just because they need their sleep?

Strengths: He can strike terror and fear into people with one look in the eye. Would be easy to steal the ball while the opponent is still struck by the sheer size of the Snowager.

Weaknesses: Well, he IS a worm made out of ice, and it IS very hot in Altador, especially during Altador Cup season. He might melt and be pulled out of the tournament for a while to heal, which leaves it four players versus five players in favor of the opponent.

Shenkuu - Bonju

Ah, good old Chef Bonju. He finally decided to put down his spatula and get active! What better way to get active than participating in the annual Altador Cup? No one knew how to get Bonju's very own avatar until three years after its release, which means he is very secretive. He doesn't want anyone to know about his secrets! This would go to yooyuball too, he would play strategically, and no one would know what his next move would be until he makes it.

Strengths: As previously stated, no one would know what he is going to do until he does it.

Weaknesses: If someone from the crowd shouts out a famous Bonju recipe, our Great Chef might very well get distracted and hand the ball over to the opposite team.

Tyrannia - Lair Beast

Ah, the great majestic ol' Lair Beast. Will he ever come out of that cave of his? Indeed, he will! You may not know this, but he's been brushing up on his Yooyuball skills these past few years of the Altador Cup. All the players on the other teams SHOULD be intimidated by him because of his great, loud shriek. Be careful!

Strengths: His loud calls will deafen the ears of the other players on the other teams so they should definitely watch out for him! Also, not many people know what he looks like, and they just might be stunned at the face of the Lair Beast.

Weaknesses: I'm sure his teammates have great hearing too, so if the opponents have to stop playing to plug their ears, so will his teammates, and also the crowd.

Virtupets - Dr. Sloth

Ah, Dr. Sloth. No doubt he would bring a lot of controversy to the game. He has always been the evil mastermind behind everything; it would be interesting to see how active and fit he is on the field. One thing is for sure - when he is up against Terror Mountain, many Neopians will be watching as the two people they fear the most, the Snowager and Dr. Sloth, battle it out to win the game for their world.

Strengths: Just like the Snowager, he brings fear and terror to many Neopians. Probably not as much as the Snowager, but enough to perhaps scare the referee and give the team free points or call "no goal" on the other team.

Weaknesses: He is a bad strategist and makes dumb moves. Why? Because if he was a good strategist and made intelligent, he would be able to enslave many neopians, but how many has he enslaved so far? None. That's right. None. Zip. Zero.


All in all, if there were to really be a Celebrity Yooyuball Tournament, there would be no saying who would win and who will lose, as all teams are equally strong. At least, their captains are. However, our professional yooyuball teams are the ones to really look up to, and thank them for the opportunity to play annually in this heated event.

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